Tax Advisors: Why It Is Smart To Shift Your Marketing Strategy Now

According to former CIA Analyst Andrew Bustamonte, nine out of ten people do not take- action when advised to do so. However, “the people who do take- action first gain a competitive edge, a forty percent lead, over those who fail to act first.” Early adopters of new technology tend to be trendsetters and innovators who have early access to new technologies to increase their customer base with more practical solutions. If you are in the business of marketing your expertise or your firms’ expertise, as an innovator you are more likely to try out newer ways to increase your customer base.

While most struggle with old ways of marketing that no longer produces the desired result; early adopters who try new solutions to get ahead in business gain the competitive advantage. It is well-known early adopters are most in tune with what is happening in the world of technology, and they are on the cutting edge, willing to invest the time and budget to try new solutions. Early adopters drive the way for the rest of the industry to find better solutions they need to be more successful in the profession.

Back in 2010, an email came to my desk with an offer to buy Bitcoin at .05, and I did not take action on that opportunity. Today, that same Bitcoin is worth $72,551.40. What I am about to share with you is another opportunity that early adopters have the potential to benefit from. The early adopters who take action will have the advantage over competitors who are searching for ways to market their tax expertise.  I missed an opportunity because of my failure to be an early adopter of something new.

The tax industry, a niche business vertical, is facing the most competitive marketplace in history. As a result, tax advisors are required to raise their visibility, showcase their specialty tax expertise, and cultivate brand awareness to stay competitive.

TaxConnections Marketplace is where talented tax advisors are discovered by high-net-worth individuals, and business executives in small, medium, and large companies worldwide needing a wide range of specialty tax expertise.

TaxConnections Marketplace is implementing artificial intelligence into its platform to enable our AI Brain to search through our tax professional members profiles to identify the advisors with specialty tax expertise our visitors are searching to find around the world.

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and there are technologies emerging that will have a great impact on the tax profession. TaxConnections is working on a conference Thursday, October 24, 2024, about the new technologies, tax, and AI innovations. We are launching our own AI innovations for the world to see. We are making it easier for the world to find your tax expertise online. For this reason alone, you will benefit as an early adopter of our solutions by becoming a Tax Professional Member now in our global tax marketplace.

In the meantime, we want you to know this about AI, “The key factor regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it is a system that does not possess critical thinking or reasoning skills. It generates text or information that stems from a base of information supplied to the system. Any received “input” becomes available for output.”

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Secrets Of The Tax Universe: New Client Acquisition Strategies That Work To Easily Market Your Tax Services Online

This blog post will educate readers on tax professionals who have positioned themselves as having the best opportunity to acquire new clients during this market. Our study of client acquisition strategies and successes has taught us there are two activities that work wonders in growing a business in the tax  profession.

We have watched how firms we have supported have grown from 2 to 20 professionals over the past few years utilizing the strategies we have taught them using our technology platform. The concept is about building trust with an audience interested in tax matters. Tax professionals educating prospective clients through written blog content gain the trust of a steady stream of tax professionals and taxpayers reading what they write. It takes about 5-7 articles to gain a fanbase as they learn more about you through your writing activity. Writing blog posts is the number one way to build a fan base. It takes time to write but it is good to build a loyal fan base this way. If you are a writer, you need an audience interested in reading your tax articles and what you gain as a TaxConnections Member is a great distribution channel of readers of tax articles:

If you write blogs, it is vitally important to have a strong distribution channel of readers, and this is a  great benefit to TaxConnections Members. We discovered many tax professionals have great articles written on their own websites, yet they did not have the distribution channels to reach people interested in reading their articles. Another interesting fact we discovered were the tax professionals who wrote great articles, yet their posts could only be seen by people who paid for subscriptions to these publishers. What benefit is it to writers when readers are blocked from reading an article until they pay the publisher to read a tax professionals article? Tax professionals write to attract clients and TaxConnections benefits our members by ensuring their content is delivered to an interested audience for free. Each week we distribute our members blogs more than 100,000 times to an audience that would otherwise not know about them. We work with our members to distribute any content they have written within the last year. If you have worked hard to build content for readers, you will benefit greatly from our distribution network. Look at our Site Metrics.

Want to know why our site visitors stay longer on each visit and look at more pages on each visit than other major tech sites? The reason is simple…our visitors love to read about tax matters. For those who write about tax matters in a language people can understand; you are knocking your marketing strategy out of the ballpark. The number one secret I discovered working with CFOs for three decades is what most of them privately shared with me through our tax executive search division, ” As a CFO, I need you to find me a tax leader who can explain tax issues in a language I can understand!” This is an absolute true statement working closely with CFOs on highly complex tax executive search assignments.

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Learn Why This Tax Partner Gained Nearly 100,000 Views With TaxConnections Technology

On September 7, 2023, member Peter Scalise reached over 98,000 Views of his professional profile. Learn how Pete Scalise accomplished this reading our blog post about how he attracted so many people through his TaxConnections online professional profile. You can view his professional profile at this link:


What we have built is a technology stack that does the heavy lifting of marketing a firms’ tax services to an audience interested in finding tax expertise. Look at our site metrics for proof visitors stay longer and look at more pages than other major media sites:
The reason we perform better is our visitors have a genuine interest in finding a tax professional and reading tax content. It is that simple! We are the site to find tax experts on one platform; and we are growing because our tax professionals are getting attention.

Our marketing technology focuses on getting tax professionals in front of the clients who need them.
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TaxConnections Member Exceeds 98,000 Views

It is important you are aware of the value of TaxConnections Membership. One of our members, Peter Scalise has been with us for awhile and has utilized our technology marketing system perfectly. Peter Scalise submits blog posts and answers tax questions regularly. Both of these activities increase his visibility online and are proof Peter’s number of views utilizing our technology works to get him noticed with more than 98,000 VIEWS!

When you write blog post we distribute it to our white-listed audience interested in tax matters. Membership ensures you have a wide distribution channel for the services you are selling. Having your blog posts, conferences, seminars and continuing professional education distribute to our tax network is so valuable and affordable! It cost sales than one dollar a day to promote and position yourself on our platform.

If you do not write, you can quickly answer a tax question which is a great way to connect with a steady stream of prospective clients. Everyone submitting a tax question remains anonymous; everyone answering a tax question receives credit. We encourage our members who are asked the same question over and over again to submit the question and answer it; the next time a client asks them a question they have been asked hundreds of times, simply send them the link with the question and answer. In addition, when taxpayers type the same question into the internet browsers our members are appearing with their answers.

These marketing strategies are very effective at drawing a steady stream of prospects towards you. Use our Q&A feature as it is there to promote your specialty tax expertise and make it easier for clients to find you online. It takes 5-7 minutes to answer a tax question.
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Transform A Tax Services Firm Now And Years Into The Future

A Transformative Solution For Marketing Tax Services

New Business Model Increases Firm Revenue, Gives Motivated Employees A BIG Raise, And Outperform Competitors In The Tax, Accounting, Legal Services Profession

How can you change the course of your firms’ success now and years into the future?

This article is dedicated to leaders in tax, accounting, and legal services firms who like to make things happen, leaders who want to effect change in their firm this year and into the future. It is written to educate firm leaders how to operate at a much higher level than competitors in the tax, accounting, and legal services profession. A goal of tax, accounting and legal services leadership should be to become a “destination firm”, the ultimate destination for an employee – a firm people want to work with and stay for a very long time. The key to success is building a destination firm for your tax, accounting, and/or legal professional services. Destination firms are supported by innovative, motivated, engaged, and highly productive employees led by innovative leaders who make things happen!

“ I like things to happen, and if they do not happen, I like to make things happen.”
–  Winston Churchill

Background Information

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Marketing For Tax Professionals

A group of hippos is called a bloat.  Do you know that hippos enter the water and exit the water in the very same spot each time? They do not go far taking the same steps over and over again. They get stuck in the world of doing the same thing over and over again and not making any progress. You must take a different path in your marketing and use a new strategy; one that works in this market!

During our Virtual Tax Summit in November, I made a very enlightening presentation how to rise above your competitors in your marketing strategy. My PowerPoint caught quite a bit of attention since it visibly educates you how to approach marketing tax services from a completely different perspective.

There is a little-known secret few are sharing with you! It is about a significant reduction in the number of people registering to attend webinars, conferences, and online events. Although not being discussed openly, multiple association executives are very concerned about lack of attendance at online events. They believe people are simply too busy to attend online conferences today, but this is not the real cause. TaxConnections understands what the real cause is in marketing tax expertise. It is significant and you must pay attention to what is happening.

The real reason attendance is dropping is attention span is closely linked to boredom. Audiences are avoiding anything deemed boring. When you mention the word taxes, do you notice people get all excited about the topic? Not:) When you learn how to communicate with people in a way that stimulates them, you will attract their attention!

Request a complimentary marketing consultation with me and I will share this valuable deck with you. Reply to

Guaranteed the deck will be a real eye-opener for those who listen!

An Extraordinary Breakthrough For Tax Professionals Selling Tax Services In The Global Marketplace

Almost every significant breakthrough is the result of a courageous break with traditional ways of thinking. ~ Stephen Covey

The market has changed!  You are invited to join a select group of leading-edge innovators. TaxConnections Virtual Tax Summit  launches innovative changes in marketing and selling tax services around the world.  We are seeking Speaker/Sponsors to present their expertise and then sell it on the open market after the event. How we do that you will learn communicating with us about the limited number of  Speaker/Sponsor positions now available.

Why Join As Speaker/ Sponsor

Our Sponsors are at the tip the spear generating increased revenue for their tax expertise. We have created technology for our Sponsors to be positioned first to generate revenue for their expertise. Virtual Tax Summit Sponsors will be known as the first adopters and innovators participating in a new generation of selling tax services.

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Marketing Tax Expertise Online: Accelerate Your Success In The Tax Profession!

We live and breathe strategies that gain attention for tax professionals online. Anyone marketing their tax expertise online can run a check on Google today and discover that when you type in the word “tax professional” you will see 1,330,000,000 Billion results. If you go to LinkedIn and type in “tax professional” you will see 1,890,996 Million results. How do you elevate your tax expertise to the top of the search engines and gain a competitive edge online? We have been testing strategies for years now and have a formula that works for tax professionals.

One of the first lessons we encountered, we learned through our search services division. With all the resources to search online, we knew firsthand all the paywalls that prevented us from finding and connecting with the tax professionals for all the clients who came to us for referrals. A search for you most often requires people to pay a fee for connecting with you online. This was the first obstacle we were determined to overcome for every tax professional’s success. TaxConnections technology was developed so our tax professional members appear on an organic Google search just under LinkedIn. Our tax professional members profiles are linked together on the backend which raises our tax professional members visibility to the top of the search engines together. It is a powerful boost each member receives from day one and they can even gain a powerful link to the TaxConnections site!

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Marketing Tax Services

As the CEO of, I want to invite TaxConnections Members who want to speak to our broadcast partners to contact us about being selected to participate in interviews. We are actively reaching out to tax professional members who want to expand their audience and attract new clients in the months ahead.

What Is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is a global digital marketplace that connects tax professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms, tax services firms of all sized with the clients who need them.

How Tax Professionals Benefit?

TaxConnections ensures the world can find you easily online. You gain back control over your online profile so that your reputation is no longer blocked by other sites who put up paywalls or obstacles that prevent others from finding you. You gain higher visibility increasing your business opportunities online.

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Call To Action: Tax Professionals Band Together And Hedge Your Bets

The Awakening: As a tax professional, you want to find a former tax colleague; or a referral for a client requiring specialty tax expertise; or find a tax professional to hire. You are now having an awakening and realize pay walls prevent people from finding tax professionals they are searching for online. What do you do?

The Problem: The problem is the blocking now being done by other media site you may currently be on that prevents others from finding you online. If you are in a corporate tax department, how will someone find you? How will they know you are looking for a job? If you are in a public accounting firm or a law firm, how will anyone find you if they do not know what firm you are working in right now? You must make it easy for people to find you online. You must be proactive and make it easy for people to find your expertise outside of paywall sites! Inaction is causing you to lose opportunities as people must work harder to find you. You must hedge your bets to raise your visibility online!

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Advertising Tax Services

We are reaching out to TaxConnections Members to refer to business talk show programs. As a TaxConnections CEO, I have developed relationships with business show programs who will interview our members and sponsors. The purpose of this program is to help our members and sponsors get their message out to a steady stream of prospective clients. You must be a member or advertising sponsor to be selected for this business interview. There is no cost to you to be referred to one of these talk show programs.

TaxConnections serves the tax business community by promoting our members to a steady stream of executives in businesses small, medium and large. We deliver our platform directly to the desk of business executives; we promote the content of our members  publications, webinars and events; we spotlight interview members; and direct message to taxpayers all over the world. Our site is supported by Tax Professional Membership Subscription and by organizations marketing their services and products to the tax community nationally and internationally.

Please contact us if you would like to promote and market your services and products under our Sponsor Program. You can also call 858.999.0053 x100 to leave a message and we will get back to you with details on our Sponsor Program.

Marketing Tax Expertise

What Is the Best Marketing Technique for Tax Professionals?

What is the best marketing technique for tax professionals?  If you could only choose one marketing method, what would it be?  This is a common dilemma all tax professionals face: how can I concentrate my marketing efforts on stuff that actually works?

Most tax pros answer this dilemma by saying that referrals are the best marketing method.  Yes, agreed, referrals are the best way to acquire new clients.  The “catch” with referrals is that it’s something that’s outside of our control.  It’s something that someone else does.  Yes, there are ways that we can increase the likelihood, quantity, and quality of referrals—and we absolutely should do those things, as a top priority—but I can’t wake up this morning and control whether or not someone refers me.

In the course of serving thousands of tax clients myself, while also training and supporting over 20,000 of my fellow tax professionals through Pronto Tax School, I’ve noticed one marketing technique that works better than any other for tax professionals seeking to grow your client base and your career.

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