About TaxConnections

What Is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is the leading social media site for tax professionals. With tax professional members from more than 100 countries, we make it easy to connect with a wide range of tax experts and resources around the world.

What Is TaxConnections Value? How Do I Benefit?

TaxConnections makes it easy to find the best tax experts around the world!

Who Are TaxConnections Customers?

TaxConnections customers are:

1) Tax Professionals who want to attract new clients and business opportunities

2) Tax Professionals who want to build recognizable brands

3) Executives in large multinational, medium and small corporations seeking world class tax expertise

4) Individual Taxpayers searching for tax expertise locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

5) Leading providers of tax resources and services

What Type Of Memberships Does TaxConnections Offer?

1) TaxConnections offers free memberships to everyone who wants to browse the site to search for tax expertise.

2) TaxConnections offers two types of Tax Professional Memberships: a) Freemium Membership b) Premium Membership.

What Distinguishes A Tax Professional Freemium Membership From A Tax Professional Premium Membership?

a) Tax Professional Freemium membership includes full page profile, free messaging and free Virtual Tax Office we continually stock with resources for you. (i.e. Mile IQ Free Business Miles Tracker App for our Tax Professional Members).

b) Tax Professional Premium Membership ensure you are higher on our search feature, your tax writing receives worldwide distribution, eligibility to promote webinars to our tax audience, receive special offers from our sponsors and even VIP invitations to special events, free posting of one tax job and much more. Our Tax Professional Premium Members also have easier access to our CEO.

How Do You Upgrade From Freemium Tax Professional Membership To A Premium Tax Professional Membership?

There are easy instructions for upgrading your TaxConnections Membership at this link: Upgrade Membership.

Can Everyone In My Tax Organization Join TaxConnections?

Yes, we encourage every tax professional in your organization to join TaxConnections. In working together, we are able to educate our tax professional members in being the best they can be in the tax profession.

What TaxConnections Features Will Get My Tax Reputation Noticed By Prospective Clients?

We encourage you to use TaxConnections to launch your tax reputation to a world of people searching for tax expertise. With more than 15 Million visitors searching TaxConnections, we are proud to tell you members all over the world are acquiring new clients on our tax professional media site. We recommend you get your professional profile and photo up, answer tax questions, and join our tax blogs platform. Participation is key to your success and these mentioned features will get you there fast!

Is There A Way To Distinguish My Tax Reputation Above All Others?

Yes, we have special sponsorships and private platforms available to get our tax professional members in front of different audiences. Simply request an appointment to discuss your options by contacting or call 858.999.0053.

What Are The Services Available On TaxConnections?

1) Tax Professional Branding And Increased Recognition

2) Attract New Tax Clients And Tax Jobs

3) Learn How To Interact With Congress On Tax Policy

4) Tax Expert On Private Ask Tax Question Platform

5) Find A Tax Professional- Executive Search Services Division

6) Promote Tax Books And Blogs

7) Promote Tax Software And Resources

8) Corporate Tax Compensation Reports

9) Legislative Policy Updates

Our Team

Kat Jennings / CEO

As CEO, Kat Jennings is responsible for the overall operations of This includes day-to-day management decisions and implementing TaxConnections long and short-term business goals. Kat's role includes communicating TaxConnections vision and strategic direction to investors, team members, customers and sponsors; secure working capital and allocating capital resources appropriately; build a company culture of customer centered services ensuring our customer's needs are our top priority; and set performance expectations and goals for the company and each team member.

Chen-Ming Chen / Chief Technology Engineer

Our CTO, Chen-Ming Chen previously held the role of Senior Engineer at the University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA. Chen was responsible for overseeing more than seventy online UCSD systems for six separate University Provosts. He maintained database administration and security for more than one million student records in the UCSD systems. Chen has more than fifteen years of experience in software engineering and security. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information and Decision Systems from San Diego State University, San Diego, California and a Masters in Cyber Security and Information Assurance from National University, San Diego, California. He is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Aittidej "AJ" Tanvilai / Chief Technology Engineer

AJ brings oversees a variety of important development projects at TaxConnections including our development of our Payment Gateway. He is an expert on operating systems and platforms that include Windows, Unix and computer languages that include JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, CSS, PHP, HTML, XML, MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, Python and Prolog. AJ earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and is now working on completing his Masters in Computer Science from UCSD. He is fluent in Thai and English.

Steven Rios / Editor

Steven is responsible for assisting our global members in the distribution of their tax blog content on TaxConnections. He coordinates our members blogs and posts them on TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs. Steven has a BA Degree in Psychology and Philosophy; and a Masters in Philosophy and a Rhetoric and Technical Writing Certificate from San Diego State University in San Diego, CA.

Alejandro Rios / Web & Graphic Designer

Alejandro Rios (no relation to Steven Rios) is our Web/Graphic Designer and responsible for front end design and maintenance. Alejandro's skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Alejandro has a Bachelor's of Science in Web Design from Platts College in San Diego, CA.

Board Advisors

Brian Andreoli Randy Henderson William Richards
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