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Welcome to TaxConnections Inc. ("TaxConnections"), an online resource directory that helps consumers find tax professionals and tax services worldwide. The company is owned and operated by TaxConnections Inc., a Delaware Corporation. Your access to and use of the TaxConnections website, services and products found on our website are subject to the terms and conditions of this Terms and Use Agreement ("Terms of Use").

You may be simply browsing our site as a visitor or registered member on our site. As a result, your use of the TaxConnections site signifies that you have read, understand, acknowledge and agree to be bound by our Terms of Use. It is important to read through our Terms of Use Agreement and agree to them prior to accessing this site. If you do not agree to all of our Terms of Use, please do not access or use this website.

"We will never sell, rent or share your personal information with a 3rd party, especially your email addresses and phone numbers, without your express permission, unless required by law. Never ever!"

TaxConnections may change or modify our Terms of Use which are incorporated herein at any time. Any changes or modifications we make to our Terms of Use shall be effective immediately after they have been posted as indicated by the Last Revision Date as stated above in the upper right hand corner of our Terms of Use Agreement. Your continued use of the TaxConnections website after the Last Revision Date constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use. It is your responsibility to check our Terms of Use for periodic changes, revisions and modifications.

TaxConnections Terms of Use Disclaimer-You Agree To Terms To Use Our Site

TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and tax resources worldwide. TaxConnections also has a website known as that serves as a platform for many of our members who promote their tax expertise. All websites operated by TaxConnections are intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in the TaxConnections website(s) is to be considered as creating a Tax Advisor or Tax Attorney- Client Relationship or any contractual relationship or as rendering professional or legal advice for any specific tax or business matter. Every visitor to TaxConnections or anyone reading any content originating from TaxConnections is responsible for obtaining such advice from their own tax advisor or tax attorney which they must retain on their own. No person or reader should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content on the TaxConnections site(s) without first obtaining matter specific and/or professional advice from a professional they retain. TaxConnections and all of its business websites accept no responsibility for any loss or damage, howsoever incurred, which may result from accessing or reliance on content on the TaxConnections’ website(s), and disclaim, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any or all liability with respect to acts or omissions made by clients or readers on the basis of content on the TaxConnections website(s). If you have any questions on the content on the TaxConnections website(s), please contact Kat Jennings, CEO at

The TaxConnections website(s) may contain links to external websites and external websites may link to TaxConnections websites(s). TaxConnections is not responsible for the content or operation of any such external sites and disclaims all liability, howsoever occurring, in respect of the content or operation of any such external websites.

The content of TaxConnections website(s) are protected under international copyright conventions. Reproduction of reasonable portions of the content of the websites are permitted provided that (i) such reproductions are made available free of charge and for non-commercial purposes, (ii) such reproductions are properly attributed to TaxConnections, (iii) the portion of the website(s) being reproduced is not altered or made available in a manner that modifies the content of the website(s) or presents a portion of the website(s) being reproduced in a false light and (iv) notice is made to the disclaimers included on the website(s). The permission to re-copy does not allow for incorporation of any substantial portion of the website(s) in any work or publication, whether in hard copy, electronic or any other form or for commercial purposes.

Tax Professional Membership Subscriptions
TaxConnections offers a Tax Professional Membership on a subscription basis which is an annual recurring paid subscription rate at $299.95 or a monthly recurring subscription rate at $29.95


The TaxConnections website including all services and products found on our website is available only to the Users of the TaxConnections website who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. By using the TaxConnections website, and any products and services on our website, you represent that you are at least eighteen years of age and otherwise as being able to form legally binding contracts under applicable law.

If you are representing and agreeing to these Terms of Use on behalf of a corporate entity, you represent and warrant that you have the legal authority to bind such corporate entity to our Terms of Use, in which case the terms you, your and user shall refer to such corporate entity. If after your agreement to our Terms of Use TaxConnections finds that you do not have the legal authority to bind such corporate entity, you will be personally responsible for all obligations contained in these Terms of Use. TaxConnections also shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from TaxConnections reliance on any article of information, blog, communication, document, photograph, publication, video, link, event, poll, resume, reference, research or statement reasonably believed by TaxConnections to be accurate, genuine and complete which has originated from TaxConnections and/ or any User or Customer of our website. If you identify any inaccurate information we ask that you contact us immediately so we can investigate the matter at



The Internal Revenue Service regulates what Tax Professionals (i.e. Tax Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, etc.) can tell their clients when they are providing advice on tax matters. The Circular 230 Lists the Rules that must be followed when representing taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS. IRS Rules require that all tax professionals tell the truth when talking to the IRS. They are also required to fully disclose possible penalties that may apply in gray areas when they advise clients to act in some ways that avoid tax. The IRS sets high standards for tax professionals and violations and violations of these rules can result in a reprimand or even disbarment from practice before the IRS. The Circular 230 Notice and Disclaimer are intended to eliminate the taxpayer's excuse that a taxpayer was following the advice of a particular tax advisor. In compliance with the United States Treasury Regulations, please be advised that any tax advice given herein, or any advice given that is an attachment or link to the TaxConnections website is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties or recommending to any person any transaction or tax matter addressed herein. In compliance with any laws and regulations outside of the United States, please be advised that any tax advice given herein, or any advice given that is an attachment or link to the TaxConnections website is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties or recommending to any person any transaction or tax matter addressed herein.

In accordance with Circular 230 Disclosure, we inform you that any U.S. federal tax advice contained in or accompanying this document, unless otherwise specifically stated, is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or matter that is contained in or accompanying this document. General articles that we prepare that provide tax news items or legitimate tax planning opportunities also need to comply with Circular 230. These documents will state that the tax advice was written to support the promotion or marketing of the tax matter, opportunity, or transaction described therein, and will urge individual recipients of the document to seek tax advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.


In order to use the TaxConnections website, you will be required to Register, Login and create an Account. You must agree to represent and warrant to TaxConnections that all information you submit to us when you create your Account is accurate and that you will endeavor to keep your Account information accurate and complete. If TaxConnections identifies or has any reason to believe that your Account information submitted is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or even out of date, we reserve the sole right to suspend or terminate your Account at TaxConnections.

In using the TaxConnections website, you agree to take sole responsibility for all activity that occurs on your Account, whether you personally authorize it or not. You must also agree to keep your Account Information secure, including without limitation your customer login/number, any password, payment methods and shopper PINs. For security purposes, TaxConnections recommends that you change your password at least once every six months for any Account you have with TaxConnections. We require that you notify TaxConnections regarding any breach of security or any unauthorized use of your TaxConnections Account. TaxConnections is not liable for any loss you incur due to any unauthorized use of your Account.

Free Consumer Memberships

Agree to abide by all terms of this agreement when accessing and using this site.

Tax Professionals Purchasing Annually Or Monthly Membership Subscriptions Do So On A Recurring Billing Basis

Tax Professionals purchase membership subscriptions to market their tax expertise on our tax media site. Your access to the TaxConnections Website is valid for the full duration of the length of the membership plan you have selected, (usually this is ongoing until you cancel your membership). You will be automatically re billed under the terms of your subscription annually or monthly recurring billing. If you wish to cancel your recurring billing, please provide us with 5 days advanced notice to cancel. Your account will remain active until the current term has expired (unless you include a membership refund request, in which case your ability to log-in will be immediately terminated).

Special Offers

From time-to-time we offer Special Experimental Introductory Prices for test marketing purposes. Our 100% money back guarantee applies to these offers, as well as any other membership plan. It is important to note that special intro prices will convert to our standard monthly membership with automatic recurring billing at the end of the term of the special introductory period. (You can avoid the recurring billing by cancelling your account prior to the end of the special term period). Special introductory prices apply ONLY to new members and are not intended to be a renewal option for current or previous members. Any special prices ONLY apply if they are offered to you when you first join. No retroactive refunds will be issued between the price you paid any current special offers.

Our Guarantee and Refund Policy

TaxConnections guarantees you will be completely satisfied with our media marketing services. Simply cancel your membership and request your refund within 30 days of joining. (We have members who cancel their memberships and return again later and often, so a simple recurring billing cancellation request is not considered a refund request – unless you stipulate the refund request). Only one refund per member, email, or street address for life, to prevent abuse of our generosity. Our guarantee does not apply to any purchases made from 3rd parties which may have links from our website.


Information posted or made available on the TaxConnections site, including without limitation any responses to tax questions posted on Ask Tax Questions, information provided on Tax Blogs, information provided on video, audio communications or written in Tax Education or on any members profile or offered by any member of our site, and any other comments, opinions, recommendations, answers, analysis, references, reviews, referrals or any related content or information is not intended as tax advice or a tax professional/client relationship. Such information is intended for general informational purposes only and should be used only as a starting point for addressing your tax issues. It is not a substitute for an in-person or telephone consultation with a tax advisor licensed to practice in your jurisdiction about your specific tax issues, and you should not rely upon such tax information.


Anyone visiting the TaxConnections website from any other country other than the country which the servers are located must understand that your communications with us may result in Internet transfers of information across multiple country jurisdictions which we have no jurisdiction over. Your agreement to use the TaxConnections website and your willingness to communicate electronically with us means that you agree to consent to such transfers in information abroad.


When you use the TaxConnections website you agree to abide by the following:

Your use of the TaxConnections website and all services and products related to this website, including all content you submit, will comply with these Terms of Use and all applicable local, state, national and international rules and regulations. You agree not to impersonate another user or any other person or entity, or to submit on behalf of another user or any other person or entity, any information without their express written and/or authorized consent to do so.

You agree not to collect or harvest, or permit anyone else to collect or harvest, any user content or any non-public or personally identifiable information of users on the TaxConnections site.

You agree not to use the TaxConnections website or any products and services found on our website in any manner that is illegal or promotes or encourages illegal activity; promotes, encourages or engages in defamatory, harassing, abusive or otherwise objectionable behavior; promotes, encourages or engages in hate speech, hate crime, terrorism, violence against people, property or intolerance of or against any protected class; promotes, encourages or engages in any spam or unsolicited bulk email, or computer or network hacking or cracking; violates the privacy rights of another; infringes on the intellectual property rights of another user or any other person or entity, or breaches any other duty of confidentiality that you owe to another user or any other person or entity; interferes with the operation of this site or any products or services found on the TaxConnections website; contains or installs any viruses, worms, bugs, Trojan Horses or other code, files or programs designed to or capable of, disrupting, damaging or limiting the functionality of any software or hardware; or contains false or deceptive language or unsubstantiated or comparative claims regarding TaxConnections and all services and products we provide on this website.

You agree not to copy or distribute any profiles, products or services found on this website, except when authorized by TaxConnections.

You agree not to modify or alter any part of the TaxConnections website or any products or services found on our website through any technology or means other than through the TaxConnections website or as TaxConnections may designate.

You agree to back up all of your user content so that you can access and use it when needed. TaxConnections does not warrant that it backs-up any Account or user content. As a result, you agree to accept as risk the loss of any and all of your user content on the TaxConnections website.

You agree that you will not use the TaxConnections website or any products or services found on the TaxConnections website, including any related technologies for any commercial use without the express written consent of TaxConnections.

You agree not to circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with the security-related features of the TaxConnections website.

TaxConnections reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue any aspect of our website or any products and services offered on our website, including with our limitation process and fees for the same at any time.


Since TaxConnections is comprised of professionals, it expects a higher standard of ethical and professional conduct from its members than may be expected from members in other organizations. We ask our members to inform us when another member is not conducting him or herself in accordance with high standards of business practices or ethical behavior.

In this regard, copyright violations deserve special mention. Members of TaxConnections provide valuable content to the TaxConnections website which we promote on both a national and international basis. Neither members nor site visitors have the right to take this content and use it for their own purposes, websites, blog posts, or otherwise in any manner exploiting the professional reputation of our members. Before any content is taken, or used in any manner, from the TaxConnections website, you must obtain the written consent of TaxConnections and the individual TaxConnections Tax Professional Member. You must also give the author credit for the content and ensure that this credit is posted in such a way that ensures there is no ambiguity or possible misunderstanding about the identity of the real author of the content. We do allow hyperlinks to posts on TaxConnections as it directs the credit to the author. You are not to use any of the content from the TaxConnections site for your own business or promotional purposes unless you have obtained prior written consent from the original author of the content to do so. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in forfeiture of your membership and membership payment at TaxConnections.

The provisions in this section apply specifically to your use of TaxConnections content and user content. The content on the TaxConnections website includes, without limitation the text, software, script, source code, graphics, photographs, sounds, interviews, blogs, tax questions and answers, documents, articles, publications, videos, interactive features and trademarks, logos, copyright are owned by TaxConnections in perpetuity and are subject to copyright, trademark, and patent protection in the United States and foreign countries, and other intellectual property rights under the United States and foreign country laws. TaxConnections information is provided to you "as is" with all faults for your information and personal and non- commercial use and may not be licensed, downloaded, copied or reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold or be exploited in any way without the written consent of TaxConnections. No right or license under any copyright, trademark, patent or proprietary right to license is granted by these Terms of Use.

TaxConnections offers unique features on our website that allows users to view, post, publish, share, store or manage their professional profiles, careers, ideas, blogs, opinions, recommendations, resumes, publications, private interview videos, photographs. By posting this user information on the TaxConnections website, you represent and warrant to TaxConnections that you have the rights to distribute this user content to our site, either because you are the author of the user content and you have the right to distribute the same, or because you have the appropriate distribution rights, licenses, consents and/or permissions of use in writing from the copyright and you do not violate the rights of any other party.

You agree that all of the information you submit to TaxConnections is voluntary and that as a result of your submission of your personal information, resumes, photographs, publications, video interviews, reference information, blogs, or any other information you submit to the TaxConnections are no longer confidential. As a result, no compensation will ever be due to you as a result of anyone else using your information whether it is intentional or unintentional use of your information. TaxConnections shall own exclusive rights to any user information posted to the TaxConnections website and shall be entitled to unrestricted use and dissemination of any user submission posted to our website for any commercial purpose or otherwise without acknowledgement or compensation to you or anyone else.


You agree that any photo you post on the TaxConnections site will be of an adult over the age of 18. You also agree that the photo will be of the tax professional member and will not include children. Our Terms of Use state that you must be 18 years of age to post a Photo and it must be on the tax professional represented as a member on the site.


TaxConnections endeavors to monitor user content to ensure the quality of our website, products and services. The use of our website means that you agree to our ability to terminate your access to our site if we feel that your information is inappropriate or unrelated to the tax community. If we terminate your use on our site, we will endeavor to remove your data in our servers. We cannot be responsible or liable for any data that flows through servers that are not our own.


You agree that TaxConnections has the right to terminate your Account at any time if it believes you are connected with spam or unsolicited bulk email.


TaxConnections has links to other tax related websites throughout the world which are not controlled by us. When you leave the TaxConnections website it is important that you review the Terms of Use of any site you may link to that is not our own. We request that you do this in order to protect your own personal information.


You consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. If you are located in a country that is embargoed by the United States or by the United States Treasury Department List of Specifically Designated Nationals, you must not engage in any commercial activities on TaxConnections or operate a platform application or website when using and accessing the TaxConnections website.


When using the TaxConnections website, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless TaxConnections and its Officers, Directors, Investors, Employees, Consultants and Agents from any and all claims, costs, expenses, losses, liabilities and damages of every kind which may be directly or indirectly related to your use of the TaxConnections website.


You agree that this Terms of Use Agreement will be interpreted according to the laws of the United States and the State Law of Delaware, whichever is applicable. You agree that any action relating to the Terms of Use shall be brought in the State of California, or the State of Delaware, or the Federal Courts of the United States and that you consent to one of these jurisdictions.


You specifically acknowledge and agree that your use of the TaxConnections website and all products and services will be at your own risk and that any information provided on this site is provided on an "As is" basis. TaxConnections, its Officers, Directors, Investors, Employees, Consultants and Agents disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied. We make no representations about warranties of any kind or any sites linked through TaxConnections. We assume no responsibility or liability for anything related to the information provided on this site. In no event, shall TaxConnections its Officers, Directors, Investors, Employees, Consultants and Agents be liable to you or any person for any direct or indirect damages that may result from the accuracy, inaccuracy, incompleteness of any content or information provided on the TaxConnections site or any site linked to TaxConnections, and/or any products or services offered on this site. We assume no liability for any viruses that may be transmitted to, from or through this site or for any information that may be defamatory or harmful to the Users of this site. You agree that any cause of action arising from the use of this site or from services or products offered through this site must commence within one year after the cause of action occurs or it will be barred. In addition, you specifically agree that in no event shall any liability exceed the total amount paid by you for the particular services that are the subject of the cause of action.


TaxConnections under any circumstances cannot guarantee the accuracy of any reviews, degrees or licenses submitted on our members. We recommend that anyone seeking this information on any of our members take the extra steps to verify their accuracy. We strive to protect our members and our site visitors from any fraudulent statements made on our site. Therefore, we recommend our site visitors take the extra steps necessary and request references from our members and verify them. We also recommend that you visit our Licensing Verification Tool to verify the Licenses of anyone you hire for your tax services. This will lead you to government sites and a membership organization site that may be able to provide you with this important information.


All fees and charges are nonrefundable after ten days from date of purchase and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. All features expire upon cancellation or termination of your Account. If you request a refund, please email to or send a letter to TaxConnections, PO Box 2389, La Jolla, CA 92038 with your request. No explanation is necessary but we would sincerely appreciate your feedback as this helps us improve member’s experience with TaxConnections. Call at 858.999.0053 if you would like to discuss your experience with us.


Please direct all questions about our Terms of Use Agreement to or send us a letters at TaxConnections Inc. PO Box 2389, La Jolla, CA 92038, or contact us at (858)999-0053.

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