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Our Mission

TaxConnections provides business development and career development services to tax professionals worldwide. We educate tax professionals on the importance of marketing themselves; and understanding their future in the tax profession will be greatly determined by the steps taken to ensure others can find and connect with them easily online. We are leading professionals into the cloud and into the world of virtual offices. We teach you how to operate virtually, affordably.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the success of tax professionals in corporations, law firms, public accounting and independent tax services firms. While other sites prevent most people from ever reaching you until they pay; TaxConnections ensures the world can reach you online for free. We provide a platform for leading tax experts to connect with a worldwide audience of business owners and executives in public and private corporations large, medium and small.

Tax Professional Members Benefits

Here Is What TaxConnections Does For You...

TaxConnections Supports You

TaxConnections Membership ensures anyone can find and connect with you online for free. TaxConnections creates more opportunity for our tax members worldwide.

Your Success Is Our Mission,

Kat Jennings, CEO

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