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Amazon changed the way books are sold; eBay changed the way products are sold, and now TaxConnections Marketplace changes the way tax expertise and services are sold online.

As a tax professional, you can now sell your research, analysis, opinions, ideas, audit strategies to buyers in an exciting new two-sided online Marketplace. You can increase revenue online 24/7. Our visitors want your tax expertise now!

Taxpayers and your tax colleagues will buy your research, analysis, and information. TaxConnections Marketplace saves time and money; and ensures you are more informed with access to a wide range of resources and experts who have already conducted deep research and analysis on a wide range of tax topics.

Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections
SPECIAL NOTICE: We are currently accepting tax research, analysis, and educational content for upload as we approach the launch of TaxConnections Marketplace by November/December 2021. Contact CEO

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