Tax Research Methodology

Peter Scalise

A Practical Guide to Perfecting Your Tax Research Techniques and Achieving Sustainable Tax Return Filing Positions

In order to optimize your CPA Firm’s overall efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in connection to researching and resolving a tax issue and determining the sustainability of a tax return filing position per Circular 230, the appropriate tax research processes must be meticulously designed, implemented, and executed. The subsequent five practical steps will guide you in establishing an all-inclusive tax research effort on behalf of your entire client base while properly ascertaining the likelihood of success should a tax position taken on a tax return be challenged by the Internal Revenue Service (hereinafter the “Service”) upon examination.

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How TaxConnections Compares To Tax Law Sites

Kat Jennings, taxconnections, alexa rankings

A lawyer asked me recently how TaxConnections compared to the sites of major law firms and Avvo. We took these statistics from Amazon/Alexa on March 28, 2017.  If you are wondering why visitors worldwide are hiring tax lawyers they find on TaxConnections, you will appreciate the site statistics from Amazon Alexa Analytics. Our members have tax legal expertise in international, federal, controversy, state and local, sales and use, expatriate, estate and trust, real estate, financial planning and much more. Read More

Capital Gains Tax On Sale Of Principal Residence In Canada

John Richardson, capital gains tax, principal residence

The price of Toronto real estate continues its upward trajectory. This morning I met with yet another (who could have known) Canadian resident who wishes to renounce U.S. citizenship. This person is completely compliant with his U.S. tax obligations. He is renouncing for a very common reason.

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ACA & The Tax Provisions It Provides

Annette Nellen

Lots of drama on possible repeal/repair of the Affordable Care Act with the House vote postponed to Friday (March 24) (see CNBC story). There are a lot of tax provisions in the ACA. I’ll share a list of created of them based on when they went into effect (and the Cadillac tax has not yet gone into effect). And one provision was only added in December 2016 via bi-partisan legislation!

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A Quick Refresher On The Foreign Tax Credit

Ephraim Moss, foreign tax credits, expat, tax professional

One of the fundamentally important tax concepts for U.S. expats to know is that the U.S. tax system has built-in mechanisms for preventing the “double taxation” of your income (i.e., tax in both your new host country and in the United States). These mechanisms provide a measure of relief for U.S. expats who remain subject to U.S. taxation, despite living and working abroad.

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Captive Insurance Webinar – April 4th

Hale Stewart, weinar, captive insurance, cpe credits

While captive insurance companies have been used by large companies for over 60 years, their use by small and medium sized companies is still in its infancy. There are numerous reason for this, but perhaps the most important is the simple lack of knowledge.

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Tax Court Rules For Amazon Against The IRS

Ron Marini

In 2015, Amazon was bitterly locked in a $1.5 billion transfer pricing dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over an arrangement it inked with a European subsidiary, and the outcome of the case, which is sitting in U.S. Tax Court, is being closely watched by multinationals and tax lawyers alike.

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IRS Mileage Rate 2016: How To Track Mileage

MileIQ, track mileage, tax professionals

The mileage rates 2016 for business drives is 54 cents per mile decreased from 57.5 cents in 2015. Let’s go over what the business mileage rate is and what it means to you.

How to Calculate Mileage for 2016 Mileage Rates

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Tax Experts Wanted For High Traffic Launch

Kat Jennings

Due to the high number of visitors searching for tax advisors through our new mobile AskTaxQuestion platform, we are launching earlier than expected.

We have a limited number of tax experts positions available and recognize from the high traffic activity that this will be one the smartest marketing investments you will make in your tax reputation this year. We only have a few positions left!

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Changes To Canadian Principal Residence Reporting

Larry Stolberg

Prior to 2016, it was CRA’s administrative practice that the disposition of your principal residence was not reportable where the entire gain is exempt. There have been a few court cases where the administrative practice was not upheld because CRA Form T2091 was not filed.

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Is Your Refund Part Of The $1B Unclaimed?

Barry Fowler

If you haven’t filed your 2013 taxes you could have a refund among the more than $1 billion that the IRS has stated is unclaimed.

That’s right. Just recently the IRS stated that it has more than $1 billion worth of unclaimed tax refunds for people who have not filed their 2013 taxes. They indicate that there are roughly 1 million people who have not filed and have not claimed their refunds.

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Register Now For Hale Stewart’s Webinar – April 4th

Hale Stewart

While captive insurance companies have been used by large companies for over 60 years, their use by small and medium sized companies is still in its infancy. There are numerous reason for this, but perhaps the most important is the simple lack of knowledge.

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