“Where’s My Refund?” – IRS Changes

John Stancil

So you get all your tax information together early and go to your preparer so you can file your tax return early and get the refund quickly. Not so fast. Certain refunds will be delayed and will not be released by the IRS until February 15. This is due to a provision in the PATH Act, enacted by Congress in 2015, prohibiting the IRS from releasing certain refunds prior to February 15. This provision takes effect this year. Note that the 15th is the release date, so it will take a few more days for you to receive the refund.

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Canadian Tax – Government Taxes Payable On Balance Sheet

Grant Gilmour

What are Government Taxes Payable on a Balance Sheet?

The Government Taxes Payable category appears under Current Liabilities on a Balance Sheet as it is expected that the amounts owing will be paid within one year. It represents funds that a company has an obligation to pay to government bodies such as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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Valuation Of Your Business – Basis For Tax Planning

Ron Oddo

Few business owners relish spending money on something they don’t need. And for most owners, hiring an expert to estimate the value of their companies falls into that don’t-need category.

So it is no surprise that owners typically respond to an exit planning advisor’s recommendation to get an estimate of value for the company with some variation of: “Now? But I’m not planning to leave for years!” or “I built this company so I—better than any so-called expert—know what it is worth!”

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Look At The TaxConnections Job Listings!

Tax Jobs

Looking for a tax job? Trying to kick-start your career in a new city? At TaxConnections, we try to connect you with the best tax opportunities available. The tax job opportunities listed on our website are some of the projects that are available across the United States.

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Webinar Today! How To Use Video For Your Business

Understanding and using video is a powerful tool to have for your business. Looking at past trends, 2016 seems to be a huge year for using video. it has been reported that 61% of businesses in the United States have started using video as a form of marketing. About 66% of these business did not use video in 2015.

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3 Important Multi-State Tax Facts Companies Need To Know

Monika Miles

What do software companies need to know about when it comes to multi-state tax issues? Last year we shared an overview of nuances many in the field don’t think about, but need to consider when it comes to their organization. As a large portion of the technology industry, it is important that software companies are aware of how matters such as nexus, as well as individual state sales tax and income tax laws, may affect them.

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Court Finds Couple Willfully Failed To File FBAR

Ephraim Moss

If you thought FBAR penalties were more bark than bite, a recent U.S. District court case is sure to change your mind.

In United States v. August Bohanec et ux, USDC CD Ca., No. 2:15-cv-04347 (December 2016), the Court found that the taxpayer’s failure to file the FBAR was willful and affirmed the IRS’s enhanced FBAR civil penalty, i.e., a fine equal to the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the balance in their unreported accounts.

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Medical Mileage Tax Deduction: Tips & IRS Requirements


When it comes to tracking your miles for taxes, we often talk about the mileage deduction and the mileage reimbursement. But there are other tax reasons to keep a mileage log. Let’s dive into the medical expense deduction and what role medical mileage plays. We’ll also discuss who can take this deduction, as well as what records you have to keep.

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Why Your Accounting Firm Should Be Doing “Product Updates”

Practice Ignition

You see them all the time from software companies, heck you’ve received two from us in the past month. Why do we do them? Very simply product updates make us money and they do this in three primary ways.

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Sales Tax Policy Outlook For 2017

Annette Nellen

Sales tax law changes and discussions in 2017 are likely to look a lot like those of 2016, with one possible exception.

The repeating discussions and activities will include:

1) Expanding the sales tax base to include more services and digital goods.

2) Congressional hearings on the Marketplace Fairness Act without enactment of legislation.

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Rental Property Sales – A Simplified Look

John Stancil

When one has rental real estate, the sale of that property can have significant tax ramifications. Some of these are good, while others can create significant tax liabilities.

First, the good news. If there were losses that could not be deducted due to the passive activity rules, these losses may be deducted on Schedule E in the year of sale, assuming the property is sold in a taxable transaction.

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Income 54: Shareholders of Partnerships and S Corporations

John Dundon

The Colorado Department of Revenue has finally revised its guidelines in FYI Income 54 regarding people who do not live in Colorado but are partners and/or shareholders of partnerships and/or S corporations in Colorado, ensuring that pass-through entities pay Colorado income tax on their Colorado-source income. This Enrolled Agent says “About Time!”

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