Webinar – U.S. Controlled Foreign Corporations Statute – May 30th

The controlled foreign corporation statute is a bedrock legal concept of U.S. international taxation. Enacted in the early 1960s, it is one of the most complex statutes in the U.S. tax code.

An Introduction to Controlled Foreign Corporations” will provide the CPA with an overview of this statute.

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Tax Job – Tax Manager/ Partnerships – Pleasanton, CA

Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO and internationally recognized tax search consultant, has worked with many firms over the years. One of her clients is an East Bay Area boutique tax practice with former Big Four Tax Partners and has grown to around a 50-person tax practice. They offer a culture of support, respect, flexibility, and opportunity that is refreshing to experience these days.

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Part 2: OECD CRS: Tax Residence And The Tax Treaty Tiebreaker

John Richardson

This is Part 2 – a continuation of the post about “tax residency under the Common Reporting Standard.”

That post ended with:

Breaking tax residency to Canada can be difficult and does NOT automatically happen if one moves from Canada. See this sobering discussion in one of my earlier posts about ceasing to be a tax resident of Canada. (In addition, breaking tax residency in Canada can result in being subjected to Canada’s departure tax. I have long maintained that paying Canada’s departure tax is clear evidence of having ceased to be a tax resident of Canada.)

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Big Businesses Lobby For 3.5% Offshore Repatriation Tax

Ron Marini

According to various news reports, U.S. multinationals are “pushing” the U.S. government to further reduce the tax rate on offshore profits. Major U.S. multinationals are pushing the Trump administration to deepen the tax break it has already tentatively proposed on $2.6 trillion in corporate profits being held offshore by more than 500 U.S. companies.

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Arizona’s Approach To Online Sales Tax

Monika Miles

Have you been following our series on how states are approaching the online sales tax debate? So far we’ve taken a look at Colorado, Alabama, Washington and Texas; today we look at Arizona! Keep reading to see how the Grand Canyon State is approaching the issue.

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Canadian Tax Help – Tax Treatment of Reserves

Grant Gilmour

What is the tax treatment of reserves?

A common reserve to record on financial statements is an allowance for customer receivables that are considered to be bad debts. For tax purposes there are many additional types of reserves that may be claimed in calculating taxable income.

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Stunning Marketing Secrets Every Tax Expert Must Learn

You are invited to a Very Special Memorial Day Weekend Webinar Hosted By Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO on Friday, May 26th 2017

Why TaxConnections Tax Expert Panel Is The Smartest Way To Market Today

Time: 9:00AM PDT/10:00AM MT/11:00AM CT/12:00NOON EST

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Nine Tax Code “Head Scratchers”

John Stancil

Having survived tax season for one more year, I was struck by how complex our tax code really is. I’ve been preparing taxes for over 40 years, yet I ran into several provisions that I had not previously encountered. I am fully aware that there is much wrong with the code, that there are some major overhauls needed. In the midst of all this complexity, it struck me that there are provisions in the code which are not big deals, but are head scratchers. Why are these things in the code? Eliminating them can go a long way toward helping the middle-class taxpayer.

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What’s Simple About A Postcard Size Tax Return?

Annette Nellen

The House Republican tax reform blueprint touts that the individual system would be so simplified that individuals would have a postcard-sized return. Speaker Paul Ryan’s 5/19/17 op ed in the Kenosha News states: “Imagine being able to file your taxes on a postcard.”

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Italy’s New Flat Tax For First-Time Residents

Marco Rossi

With the Budget Law for fiscal year 2017, Italy enacted a new flat tax for Italian first-time residents. The flat tax amounts to euro 100,000 regardless of the amount of taxable income. Foreign source income is completely exempt from tax, while domestic source income is taxed under the normal rules (graduated tax rates on income brackets generally applying to all resident taxpayers).

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Georgia Sales And Use Tax Exemptions For Manufacturing

There are many Georgia sales and use tax exemptions available to manufacturers operating within the state. In recent years, Georgia’s sales and use tax exemptions for manufacturers have broadened through the integrated plant theory with respect to manufacturing machinery and equipment. The integrated plant theory as it relates to Georgia sales and use tax exemptions has evolved in stages beginning in 2009.

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Intro to U.S. International Tax – Webinar June 2, 2017

It has never been easier for a U.S. company to sell products or services internationally. But once a company earns international income, it also must content with internal tax consequences. This is made more complicated because of the myriad number of tax statutes implicated by international sales.

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