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Want To Work Remotely? Join TaxConnections Remote Workers Community

Remote Tax Jobs

TaxConnections has a work program available for tax professionals who want to work remotely from home. If you are interested in being considered by our clients who hire remote tax expertise, we want to encourage you to join as a TaxConnections Member.

When you write up your Professional Summary on TaxConnections it is important to let our visitors know you would like to be considered for remote tax jobs. We recommend you use these words below:

Will work remote, video conference; part-time and/or full-time.

Join as a TaxConnections Member to make yourself remotely available.



Register Today For Complimentary ASC 740 Webinar On Friday, November 30th 2018

ASC 740 Free Webinar

Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO teaches Accounting For Income Taxes at the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management. We asked Nick to share his tax provision expertise with our readers on a complimentary basis.

If you attended the Corporate Tax Executives Call In Conference we hosted earlier this year, you would have heard our four expert consultants working inside corporate tax departments predict corporate tax professionals and their CFOs would be unprepared for the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act impact on the corporate tax provision. Nick Frank is here to educate and prepare you for the tax provision under tax reform.

Register for last two free tax provision webinars of the year.

Register for ASC 740 – Domestic impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Nov 30, 2018 10:00 AM CST at:

Avoid surprises at year end! This course explores how NOLs, Sec. 163(j), Credits and Full Expensing interact with one another in the context of ASC 740.

Register for ASC 740 – International impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Dec 14, 2018 10:00 AM CST at:

Avoid surprises at year end! This intermediate course explores how Subpart F, GILTI, FDII and Sec. 163(j) interact with one another in the context of ASC 740.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you are unable to make either of these two complimentary webinars, and want information on how to shorten the tax provision process and simplify it for your organization, please register here.



Looking For A Tax Job Or Clients? Learn How To Work Smart

Kat Jennings- Marketing Your Tax Expertise On TaxConnections

With years of experience placing tax professionals around the world, it is a lot of work to find someone a tax job. If you remember any words of this blog post, remember you must stand out in order to get noticed and considered for tax jobs. You absolutely must present yourself professionally online; the more times people see you online the more opportunities you create to be considered by clients and employers.  It sounds simple, right?

Fortunately, new technology created for tax professionals makes it easier to get noticed. You must place your reputation out in front of key decision-makers who can hire you when they have a need. Failure to keep up with technology connecting you to new clients or tax jobs will cost you if you do not know what has changed. This post is dedicated to tax professionals who want to be on the front lines of a fast changing business development environment. This post is for those who want to learn a smarter way to stay out in front of competitors for tax jobs and/or tax clients. If you are a corporate tax professional, tax professional in a firm, independent tax services provider or a new tax graduate, listen and read closely. You will learn how to increases the number of opportunities coming to you. What I will teach you took me years to learn and I want to pass this knowledge along to you.

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IRS Issues Proposed Regulations On New Business Interest Expense Deduction Limit

TaxConnections- IRS Interest Expense Deduction

The Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations for a provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which limits the business interest expense deduction for certain taxpayers. Certain small businesses whose gross receipts are $25 million or less and certain trades or businesses are not subject to the limits under this provision.

For tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2017, the deduction for business interest expense is generally limited to the sum of a taxpayer’s business interest income, 30 percent of adjusted taxable income and floor plan financing interest. Taxpayers will use new Form 8990, Limitation on Business Interest Expense Under Section 163(j), to calculate and report their deduction and the amount of disallowed business interest expense to carry forward to the next tax year.

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10 Fun Thanksgiving Facts To Enjoy With Family And Friends

10 Fun Thanksgiving Facts

Enjoy 10 Thanksgiving Turkey Facts!

1. Although Thanksgiving is widely considered an American Holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of every November, it is also celebrated in Canada as the second Monday of every October. Other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving include Germany, Japan, Grenada, Liberia, The Netherlands and Norfolk Islands.

2.The first Thanksgiving was observed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation where Pilgrims held a three day harvest feast to celebrate a successful growing season.

3. President Abe Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday thanks to the tireless efforts of Sarah Josepha who wrote the nursery rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb.

4. Turkeys have poor night vision but the men in my family who have hunted wild turkey for Thanksgiving dinner tell me they are very smart critters who can fly up to 55 miles per hour (farm raised domesticated turkeys cannot fly).

5. A 16-week-old turkey is called a fryer and a five to seven month old turkey is called a young roster.  A group of domesticated turkeys are called a “Rafter”. A group of wild turkeys is called a “Flock”.

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Complimentary Resource: Verify CPA License And State Bar License

Verify A CPA License - Verify State Bar License

TaxConnections provides a complimentary resource to check a CPA License and a State Bar License for a professionals status. We make it easy to verify the credentials of any tax, accounting or legal professional you hire.

CPAs must consider if they remain on active status or inactive status. CPAs are required to have “active status” if they prepare tax returns for a public accounting firm; they issue compilation reports other than through a CPA firm; or they work for a State Legislature
Auditor. Inactive status may mean they simply went to work for a corporate organization or do not meet the state requirements for annual education credits for that year. You must refer to the individual states to understand requirements since they vary.

Admission to the Bar in the United States is the granting or permission by a particular court to practice law in that court. Each state has its own rules and sets it rules for that state or federal jurisdiction. A lawyer who is admitted in one state is not automatically allowed to practice in any other. Some states have reciprocal agreements that allow attorneys from other states to practice without sitting for another full bar exam; such agreements differ significantly among the states.

Click Here For TaxConnections Verify CPA License And State Bar



Increase Communication Skills – TaxConnections Word Power

TaxConnections Word Power - Risorial

Risorial (rye-sor-ee-al) adjective. This word means pertaining to laughter or causing laughter.

Example: The risorial Tax Director made the office environment fun and lively.

Yare (yair) adjective. This word means mental quickness, agility, nimble.

Example: Her yare responses evoked a great deal of respect from her colleagues.

Increase Communication Skills – TaxConnections Word Power

TaxConnections Word Power - Estaminet

Estaminet (ess-tam-een-ehy) noun. This word means café or coffee house.

Example: Each morning as I start my day, I arrive at an estaminet for my coffee.

Cogent (koh-gent) adjective. This word means convincing and appealing to the mind.

Example: The Tax Director made a very cogent argument about the state of the tax provision.

Increase Communication Skills – TaxConnections Word Power

TaxConnections Word Power - Factotum

1. Factotum (fak-toe-tum) noun. This word refers to an employee or assistant who serves in a wide range of capacities.

Example: The VP Tax has a factotum Administrative Assistant in the tax department.

2. Irenic (eye-reen-ick) adjective. The word means favoring, conducive to a peaceful and conciliatory environment.

Example: Irenic tax organizations retain their tax teams for much longer periods of time and enjoy less turnover.

IRS Large Examination Audits – Best Practices Working With Remote IRS Employees

IRS- Large Examination Audits - Best Practices Working With Remote IRS Employees

Executive Summary

Expanding the use of “remote work” for IRS examinations and projects offers many benefits to both the IRS and taxpayers.  The IRS has for many years used remote work concepts for deploying its international and engineering specialists on large examinations as an adjunct to a larger onsite examination.  In 2006, the IRS expanded the use of remote/offsite examinations as an alternative to the full scope examination for a limited number of pre-identified significant issues.  Targeted use of remote work concepts helps to better deploy IRS resources, especially for special projects requiring the use of limited resources. Read more

Senior Vice President Tax – Family Office (Los Angeles, CA)

Senior VP Tax Job - Family Office ( Los Angeles, CA)

TaxConnections Executive Search Services Division has been retained to conduct a search for a Senior Vice President Tax for a family office in the Los Angeles, CA area. This very likable CEO has a global diversified portfolio of investments including private equity, real estate and media business holdings. This is a very special opportunity for a tax executive with family office expertise!

We would genuinely appreciate your taking the time to review the Senior Vice President Tax opportunity and refer this to anyone you know who may be interested in learning more.

An ideal Senior Vice President Tax candidate will be currently working in a family office environment and/or a Partner in a Big Four firm experience; real estate investment firm, investment fund, private equity or asset management.

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Director of Tax (Orange County, CA)

Director of Tax Job - Orange County, California

TaxConnections Inc. has been retained to conduct a search for a Director of Tax in Southern California/Orange County area. Our client is a 3B multinational holding company that offers an exciting and fun work environment aligned with a highly professional management team. This company offers an exciting dream job for a Head of Tax who wants to be located in Southern California.

The Tax Director will be responsible for overseeing and managing relationships with external and internal business partners to improve processes and procedures for the tax organization. The Tax Director must have the ability to identify areas of risk and tax opportunity for the company in all areas of international, federal, state, local, sales and use tax. Role involves a wide range of domestic and international tax matters including consolidated income tax provision, tax compliance and transfer pricing.

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