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Over 20 Countries Join UK-led Pilot for Automatic Data Sharing

Ronald Marini

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne hailed the international expansion of a UK-led deal to automatically share information on the ultimate owners of companies as over 20 jurisdictions, including British crown dependencies, overseas territories and EU member states sign up.

Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Montserrat are amongst those joining the pilot initiated by the UK and launched with Germany, France, Italy and Read more

Nicest Thing To Do For A Tax Professional Before You Lay Them Off


There is no one who understands the business of people who are laid off better than I do. Over thirty years, I have dealt with tax professionals who have been laid off for a wide range of reasons due to mergers, acquisitions, seasonal tax work, and a variety of other reasons. What I want to bring attention to in this blog post Read more

Tax Department Interview Guide – Questions To Ask Anyone Wanting To Work In Your Tax Department


An organized approach to interviewing will greatly enhance the accuracy of the selection process. It will also create a more favorable impression on the candidate being interviewed. With an organized interview you are more likely to obtain the information necessary to make an informed decision. The primary purpose of an interview is to determine the candidate’s suitability of the role.

Proper questioning will provide pertinent information in evaluating the candidate. The interview questions we provide are designed to avoid some of the common errors in interviewing while encouraging the candidate to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in a candid an honest manner. You must always pay close attention to what is said during an interview and make notes of responses. Approaching an interview in this manner leads to insightful information and more successful hires. There are often two candidates present in an interview, the “real candidate” and the “candidate on display”. All candidates interviewed wish to present themselves in a favorable light and impress the interviewer. Whether the candidate is really the person projected during the interview is the interviewer’s responsibility to decide. Read more

Happy New Years Video From TaxConnections

Happy New Year 2016

A 2016 Happy New Years From TaxConnections! Enjoy This New Year’s Video:

Read more

Form 1095-C – Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage

Milton Booth - TaxConnections

Under the Affordable Care Act, the IRS will be implementing a number of new forms. One such form is the 1095-C form, which will be completed by employers, and which will become mandatory for tax year 2015.

Employers with 50 or more full-time employees are required to file Form 1095-C, both with the employee and with the IRS.

This form includes information about whether the employer offered qualifying health coverage to the employee, spouse and dependents, for some or all months during the year.

Form 1095-C provides the following information:

Part I
• Employee’s name, SSN, address. Read more

Top Ten Items of Tax Policy Interest for 2015 – #3

TaxConnections Member Annette Nellen

Continuing with my list of ten news items and activities from 2015 that I think have particular tax policy relevance.  Today, for my third item is Justice Kennedy’s concurring opinion in Direct Marketing Association v Brohl, Exec Dir, Colorado Dept of Revenue, No. 13-1032 (3/3/15). In this opinion, Justice Kennedy posits that perhaps given “changes in technology and consumer sophistication,” it is time to revisit the Court’s 1992 decision in Quill, 504 U.S. 298! He also noted that Quill was a case “questionable even when decided, [that] now harms States to a degree far greater than could have been anticipated earlier.”  This is a major item for 2015. It is really an invitation to any and all states with a sales tax to send a bill to a remote (non-present) vendor and hope that the vendor will challenge the assessment all the way up the administrative and judicial review process to land on the US Supreme Court’s agenda. Read more

The Unknown Tax Comic – Christmas Edition 2015

TaxConnections Unknown Tax Comic

A little humor with some Christmas tax jokes on TaxConnections Tax Blogs.

♦ Nobody likes taxes, but they’ve been around forever. Taxes date back all the way back to the year one, when baby Jesus was visited by two wise men and an IRS agent, who demanded half the family’s frankincense.”

♦ What do cannibal tax accountants do at their Office Christmas Dinner?
Toast their clients.

♦ What is Father Christmas’s tax status?

♦ How does Santa’s tax accountant value his sleigh? Read more

TaxConnections Search Services Division

TaxConnections Picture - Jobs Compass - 12-9-15 - square

TaxConnections conducts very high level tax executive searches through our private client services division. The majority of our clients come to us with the expectation that we provide thorough, highly skilled search services for tax executives and occasionally a CFO role. We would like to list some of the high level searches we are currently conducting for clients. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about these leading opportunities, please go to  or call 858.999.0053.

VP Tax, Real Estate (Oregon)

Responsibilities: The VP Tax is responsible for providing company-wide leadership of the tax function including tax strategy, business and tax planning, tax audits and tax accounting for company and wealthy family. Responsibilities Read more

Tax Professionals-Here Is A Gift To Help You To Increase Your Compensation

Kat Jennings

A corporate tax professional asked me recently what they could do to increase their annual raise! Their expectations were set higher than the bonus they received and they felt like their accomplishments went unnoticed. Most companies raises are set to reflect two variables including the company’s success and the individual’s contributions. However, these methods are not always accurate for many reasons but the bottom line is that your contributions may not have been noticed. This happens often so do not be disappointed but learn from a great technique that is certain to help you when raise time comes around.

As a seasoned retained search executive, I am often asked to counsel tax professionals on compensation. Over the years, I have figured out effective techniques anyone can use to thoughtfully and comfortably remind Read more

Happy Thanksgiving From TaxConnections

Kat Jennings - TaxConnections-15

welcometurkeymissyThanksgiving is the day we are reminded to set aside time for thanksgiving and praise for the tax professionals and tax organizations we serve.

1. We are grateful for the thousands of tax professionals on the front lines of innovation at

2. We are grateful for the tax professionals who have trusted our counsel regarding advancing tax careers and tax organizations.

3. We are grateful for every client who has hired us to conduct searches for their tax departments (TaxConnections Search Services division acquired during 2015).

Happy Thanksgiving, Read more

The Unknown Tax Comic – Part 22

The Unknown Tax Comic 11-20-15

A little humor with some tax jokes on TaxConnections Tax Blogs.

♦ A tax attorney defended a case of tax evasion for an affluent client. He devoted over a year to the case, familiarizing himself with every loophole and angle of current legislation, and made a brilliant argument before the court. His client was called out of town when the jury returned with its verdict, a sweeping victory for his client on every count. Flushed with victory, the lawyer exuberantly sent an email to his client, “Justice has triumphed!” The client immediately emailed back, “Appeal at once!”

♦ “Ignore them and they’ll go away” is great advice for some of life’s annoyances. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to taxes. – Martha C. White

♦ I’ll tell you some tax jokes because I think you’d depreciate them! Read more

Meet Dr. George Mentz, CEO – GAFM Global Academy of Finance And Management

George Mentz 11-17-15

Get to know TaxConnections Member George Mentz, JD, MBA, GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

George Mentz presented at the recent TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit where he discussed the top tax ideas for the Presidential Candidates, 2016, with insight on possible changes to the tax code and tax reform.  Listen to this intense discussion about the candidates and to the key tax issues that can help working families become more productive and help make this country great again.

See all the video’s from the Internet Tax Summit with PowerPoint Presentations, Bonus give-aways, etc., HERE.

See Video Below By Clicking “Read More”… Read more