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Tax Advisor’s – You Are Invited To Join TaxConnections

Tax Advisors, You Are Invited To Join Us At TaxConnections in order to increase your visibility to our worldwide audience.

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Step Up Your Marketing Strategy With TaxConnections

Step Up Your Marketing Strategy With TaxConnections Membership.

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Tax Experts Wanted – A High Traffic TaxConnections Experience

While many tax experts are preparing clients for April 15th, we realize that tax lawyers, tax and financial planners and many others are excited about being the first to access extraordinary marketing tools we developed for promoting tax expertise. We have worked passionately to build online marketing tools that make all the difference in the world to the tax profession. Our technology is exceeding everyone’s expectations as you will discover from private metrics and information shared with you during this session.

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Tax Professional’s Job Security- A Virtual Office

It is important to explain why I work so passionately for the tax community worldwide. What would motivate a person to work seven days a week for years on TaxConnections is a story worth learning. For those of you who know me through my executive search practice, you know firsthand my client list demands a lot from me. It is the lessons learned working with multinational corporations, law firms, public accounting and independent tax services firms that taught me about the lives of those in the tax profession. The knowledge gained counseling tax professionals over many years placed me in the unique position of being able to provide valuable solutions for the tax profession.

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Learn Why These Tax Professionals Are Gaining Authority Over Their Competitors… Overnight!

It is very exciting coaching tax professionals how to get ahead in the tax profession with the newest marketing technology, especially since there are more than 50 Million pages of tax professionals on a Google search. TaxConnections technology provides tax professionals with the ability to rise above the web crowd quickly giving them a significant competitive advantage! We will demonstrate how to take any tax professional to the front of the people’s minds literally overnight with this new technology!

With new technology, there are the “early adopters of new technology” who are leading the way; and then there are tax professionals who languish around on other sites following the herd while their tax identities are being sold for a fee to email them a message; and then there are those remaining resisters of new technology who remain out of sight. Read more

Tax Consultants Hit Jackpot With New Marketing Tool

Over the past few years, tax consultants have discovered an affordable solution to marketing tax services. TaxConnections, the subscription based tax media site, does all the heavy lifting for tax consultants who need an improved marketing strategy that drives new business while significantly lowering advertising costs for their tax services. TaxConnections  launched the tax media site in 2011 and has seen the growth of more than 4000 tax professional member firms from 85 countries join the tax media and marketing platform. Jennings states, “We recognize marketing tax services and expertise is a task that many tax professionals do not have the time and resources to commit. TaxConnections built the leading tax media and marketing platform to  benefit tax professionals by driving new business to them. We know for a fact tax consultants are Read more

Award Winning Tax Expert Predicts Future of Tax Profession

At our Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Conference held in Orlando, FL on Jan. 7-9, we told you this was going to happen.

As a pioneer in the tax resolution industry, I see this news as a sign that our industry is starting to “grow-up”. Prior to 1998 there really wasn’t an industry at all. Sure, practitioners we’re helping people with IRS problems but there were no formalized procedures on how to do this work. It was like the wild, wild, west of tax problem resolution. On 7/22/1998, then President Clinton signed into law the IRS Tax Restructuring and Reform Act (TRRA), also known as “The Taxpayers Bill of Rights III, which gave American Taxpayers “rights” they never before could exercise. Taxpayer’s were now afforded the ability to appeal all sorts of collection enforcement actions by the IRS and settle their tax debts for (much) Read more

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