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How To Rise Above The Hippos! An Amazing New Marketing Strategy That Works For Tax Professionals!

Marketing For Tax Professionals

A group of hippos is called a bloat.  Do you know that hippos enter the water and exit the water in the very same spot each time? They do not go far taking the same steps over and over again. They get stuck in the world of doing the same thing over and over again and not making any progress. You must take a different path in your marketing and use a new strategy; one that works in this market!

During our Virtual Tax Summit in November, I made a very enlightening presentation how to rise above your competitors in your marketing strategy. My PowerPoint caught quite a bit of attention since it visibly educates you how to approach marketing tax services from a completely different perspective.

There is a little-known secret few are sharing with you! It is about a significant reduction in the number of people registering to attend webinars, conferences, and online events. Although not being discussed openly, multiple association executives are very concerned about lack of attendance at online events. They believe people are simply too busy to attend online conferences today, but this is not the real cause. TaxConnections understands what the real cause is in marketing tax expertise. It is significant and you must pay attention to what is happening.

The real reason attendance is dropping is attention span is closely linked to boredom. Audiences are avoiding anything deemed boring. When you mention the word taxes, do you notice people get all excited about the topic? Not:) When you learn how to communicate with people in a way that stimulates them, you will attract their attention!

Request a complimentary marketing consultation with me and I will share this valuable deck with you. Reply to

Guaranteed the deck will be a real eye-opener for those who listen!

The Big Tax Tsunami: A Business Marketing Strategy To Help Tax Professionals Thrive

Marketing For Tax Professionals

TaxConnections is focused on solutions for tax professionals and the primary one is reducing costs for the tax community. Once you get through this global pandemic you and your tax service will have changed significantly. Allow me to share a story with you credited to a small business owner by the name of Brian Walders of Mailprintpackagingsolutions. Brian shared an important history lesson with me about how people reacted after the tsunami in Japan and how it is analogous to how people will survive as a result of the current pandemic. It is very relateable to the business strategy a tax professional should pursue to survive and thrive.

In the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 Japan Tsunami off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, three lessons of survival emerged as a result of a study done that separated people into groups. In Group One were all people who ran quickly to the top of the hills after the earthquake triggered the tsunami; Group Two consisted of all the people who reacted to the receding shoreline caused by the tsunami and were distracted by all the activity appearing on the beach; Group Three stayed in their places and did nothing. People in Group One ran quickly to the top and survived while those in Group Two and Group Three did not survive. Instinctively, those who survived took immediate action and positioned themselves at the top where everyone could see them.
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TaxConnections Drives New Tax Business To You

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TaxConnections – A Tax Media Network Driving Business To Tax Professionals

In the next 2.5 years more than 3 Billion people will come online, flipping internet capacity on its head from 25% today to more than 75%! Thousands of tax professionals, representing more than 75 countries, have already positioned themselves in front of the taxpayer traffic at

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