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What is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is a global digital marketplace for tax experts, tax technology and taxpayers.

Your marketing spend will have a big impact on TaxConnections tax centric audience who visits from more than 150 countries worldwide. Four times weekly, we reach an audience who is highly educated and interested in being well-informed on tax and financial issues.

TaxConnections visitors are buyers of products and services that will improve professional success and educate readers on tax issues globally. Our platform is a powerful resource to reach an audience interested in a wide range of tax issues. With government agencies around the world looking for increased tax revenue to offset financial shortfalls, readers are paying close attention to our platform. TaxConnections visitors also include taxpayers around the world who come to find specialty tax expertise.

TaxConnections Audience Is More Engaged Compared To Other Sites You May Be Advertising

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What Makes Up TaxConnections Demographic Audience?

  • Executives In Corporations (Tax Executives, CFOs, VPs Finance, Controllers)
  • Tax Professionals In Public Accounting Firms (Large, Medium, Small)
  • Tax Lawyers In Law Firms (Large, Medium, Small), Worldwide
  • Executives In Closely Held Family Offices, Worldwide
  • Executives In Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms
  • Independent Tax Services Firms
  • Hiring Authorities Searching For Tax Professionals
  • Tax Professionals Searching For A Tax Job
  • Tax Graduates Searching For Tax Opportunities
  • Tax Consultants Searching For Remote Tax Jobs

Check Out Some Of Our Key Data Intelligence

  • 33% are top level management, C-Suite Executives
  • 33% are small to mid-sized accounting firms and law firms
  • 33% offer independent tax services
  • 95% have one or more degrees (B.S.,MST, MBA, JD. LL.M, PhD)
  • 35% have either a CPA, Enrolled Agent or Certified Financial Planner designation
  • 85% visitors reside in the U.S., 15% from the EU, EMEA, Asia Pacific regions

What Makes TaxConnections Platform Unique?

  • TaxConnections digital platform and technology stack raises our members professional profiles to the top of the search engines just underneath LinkedIn on an organic search.
  • TaxConnections maintains two separate databases: An Open Database and a Private Database with both comprising more than 2M tax professionals globally. We have the ability and flexibility to target specific audiences through direct messaging services.

What Advertising Services Does TaxConnections Offer?

  • Content Distribution
  • Direct Messaging
  • Events Promotion
  • Webinar Promotion
  • Introduction Services
  • Public Relation Services
  • Spotlight Interviews
  • Banner Advertising
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Building Hot Leads Funnels


TaxConnections offers a customized advertising and marketing experience to fit every budget.


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