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Wanted: Head of Tax/Treasury (Silicon Valley)

TaxConnections has been retained by a very successful high technology company in Silicon Valley. The Head of Tax will work closely with C – Suite Executives in managing and reviewing global corporate tax compliance, the global tax provision, transfer pricing and treasury strategy. Responsibilities include managing global outside tax consultants and reviewing processes and procedures. The Head of Tax will partner with internal business leaders to effectively manage exposure. The role requires an individual who can effectively communicate with internal and external partners and provide business options to management executives. The ability to understand the company’s products and monitor transactions to identify areas of risk and tax opportunity it important.

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Tax Manager / Partnerships (Northern California)

The Tax Manager role requires partnership, S corporation, and high-net worth individual tax consulting/compliance experience and the skills to effectively diagnose clients’ needs in order to develop and implement solutions. Primary responsibilities involve providing tax compliance, tax accounting, tax research and planning for partnerships, S corporations and high-net worth individuals for sophisticated clientele. We will build upon your technical strengths in order to expand your expertise in other tax areas. Our firm builds well-rounded tax experts to serve a myriad of client needs which leads to continued professional growth. Our culture is to develop trusted tax advisors with sound judgement with the highest ethical standards in the profession. The Tax Manager/Partnerships will be responsible for a range of projects including:

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Education Makes A Major Difference In A Corporate Tax Career

As a well-known expert in locating tax executives for major corporations around the world with a client list of Fortune 1000 companies, I know what companies search for in hiring for their corporate tax department. Having placed thousands of tax professionals over three decades, I know what it takes to make it to the top of tax organizations. The corporate organizations who retain us on tax searches have very high education expectations. Corporate executives expect their management teams to have advanced degrees and/or certifications and we know from experience having both is the best for your tax career. If you want to climb the corporate ladder in tax, you must have a graduate degree and or a CPA to stay competitive. What kind of education are you receiving today?

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Disaster Victims Can Take Hardship Distributions From Retirement Plans

Barry Fowler, Tax Advisor

The IRS has announced relief for victims of recent disasters. If you live in a federally-declared disaster area, you qualify for this program. As an affected taxpayer, you may take a loan or hardship distribution from your retirement plan.

Streamlined procedures have been put in place to allow taxpayers quick access to funds in these accounts. The plan must allow for hardship withdrawals. However, these distributions may be made prior to the plan being amended to allow such withdrawals.  Contact the human resources department at your company to see if your plan allows these loans or distributions. The IRS is waiving the six-month ban on distributions that normally affects taxpayers taking hardship distributions. Any distribution or loan under this announcement must be made by January 31, 2018.

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Alerting CFOs And Tax Executives – Tax Reform Has Big Impact On Hiring For Corporate Tax Departments

Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections

There is something about to happen that most companies are totally unprepared for with tax reform. How do I know? I was right in the middle of the impact of tax reform on corporations during President Reagan’s TRA (Tax Reform Act) of 1986. There is no doubt many of today’s CFOs and corporate tax executives are totally unprepared for what is to come under President Trump’s tax plan. President Trump’s tax reform is guaranteed to create many new jobs in corporate tax just like it did in 1986. Here is why…

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Minister’s Housing Allowance Loses a Court Battle

John Stancil Tax Advisor

In a 2013 count case in Wisconsin the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) challenged the Minister’s housing allowance, claiming it provided an unconstitutional subsidy of religion. They won that case, but it was overturned on appeal. The reason for overturning it was that the appeals court indicated that the FFRF did not have standing (or reason to sue) as they had not been damaged by the housing allowance law. The FFRF took it to heart and certain leaders in FFRF paid themselves a housing allowance and excluded it from tax on their individual 1040’s. The IRS disallowed some of them. This led to a new suit, heard by the same Wisconsin judge who made the 2013 ruling. Once again, she ruled the housing allowance unconstitutional.

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U.S. Department of the Treasury Amends Eight Tax Regulations Under Obama And Repeals 200 More


The U.S. Department of the Treasury  posted it would amend or completely do away with eight tax regulations issued under the Obama administration, including rules regarding corporate debt and transfers of estates, as part of an effort to simplify the tax code.

Treasury also announced that it continues to work to identify additional regulations for modification or repeal by evaluating significant regulations issued recently and initiating a comprehensive review of all regulations, regardless of when they were issued.

The Comprehensive Review has already identified over 200 Regulations that Treasury believes should be repealed which will begin in the Fourth Quarter 2017.

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Taxpayers -Top 10 IRS’s Tips Deducting Casualty Losses

Barry Fowler Tax Advisor

If a taxpayer suffers damage to their home or personal property, they may be able to deduct the loss they incur on their federal income tax return. If their area receives a federal disaster designation, they may be able to claim the loss sooner.

Damage that occurs as a result of natural disaster, fires, accidents, thefts or vandalism are often tax deductible if the loss is major and not covered by insurance or other reimbursement. It’s important to be aware of the help the IRS provides in the event of a disaster.

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Tax Experts Worldwide Have A Secret You Should Know

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Did Harvey Wash Away Years Of Unfiled Tax Info?

Hurricane Harvey has been devastating for many Texans. It could prove to be even more devastating if you haven’t filed your income tax returns in several years and you lost your important papers during the storm.

Even if Harvey wiped out your important papers, your tax filing delinquency will not be forgotten by the IRS. Read more

An Interview With Tax Expert Lisa Nason Who Advises Athletes, Entertainers, Expatriates And Businesses

Kat Jennings: Can you tell us about your area of tax specialization and why you are so passionate about it? 

Lisa Nason: Our firm focuses on small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals. My particular focus leans towards professional athletes and entertainers, estates and trusts, and international issues. I love working with athletes, showing them how to save on their taxes and the different things we can do to mitigate them. Sometimes they are still young and have never filed a tax return at all. Working with them to help them manage some of that and consulting with them on being a business in general (as some of them are) is just so rewarding. Read more

Tax Expert Series- Learn Why Small Business Owners Have No Money After Paying Taxes

Kat Jennings, Brett Thompson

This interview with Tax Lawyer and CPA Brett Thompson is part of our Tax Expert Series. We encourage you to interact with these experts at TaxConnections You are also encouraged to make comments below this post.

Kat: What is the number one problem faced by small business owners and/or taxpayers today?

Brett: Actually, you could ask what the number one problem is faced by all Americans today. Read more