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Transform A Tax Services Firm Now And Years Into The Future

Transform A Tax Services Firm Now And Years Into The Future

A Transformative Solution For Marketing Tax Services

New Business Model Increases Firm Revenue, Gives Motivated Employees A BIG Raise, And Outperform Competitors In The Tax, Accounting, Legal Services Profession

How can you change the course of your firms’ success now and years into the future?

This article is dedicated to leaders in tax, accounting, and legal services firms who like to make things happen, leaders who want to effect change in their firm this year and into the future. It is written to educate firm leaders how to operate at a much higher level than competitors in the tax, accounting, and legal services profession. A goal of tax, accounting and legal services leadership should be to become a “destination firm”, the ultimate destination for an employee – a firm people want to work with and stay for a very long time. The key to success is building a destination firm for your tax, accounting, and/or legal professional services. Destination firms are supported by innovative, motivated, engaged, and highly productive employees led by innovative leaders who make things happen!

“ I like things to happen, and if they do not happen, I like to make things happen.”
–  Winston Churchill

Background Information

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An Easy And Affordable Way To Market Your Tax Expertise

An Easy And Affordable Way To Market Your Tax Expertise

TaxConnections is an online marketing and promotional platform for your tax, accounting and legal services expertise. If you are following what we are accomplishing for tax professionals, you know that we connect small, medium and enterprise size businesses with tax experts nationally and internationally with a wide range of tax expertise. View our site metrics to see why it is important to position your tax, financial and legal expertise on our platform.

More importantly, in 2022 we are driving new client acquisition for our tax professional members with our two-sided marketplace. You will want to join us today to be the first to upload resources for sale into TaxConnections Marketplace. We drive new client acquisition for you and we are changing the way clients become interested in the services you offer them.

Become A TaxConnections Member today through December 25th, 2021 and receive your second year membership for free.

(This is a $299.95 gift available to new tax professional members only. Limited Time Offer.)

Uploading your expertise in the Marketplace for sale is an extraordinary game changer in the tax services profession!

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Tax Professionals: You Need To Know… What You Do Not Know (Lesson II)

TaxConnections Lessons

Here Is Lesson II Video

(Video Teaches You: How The IRS Knows About Everything You Do And How They Use The Information In Court) 

Robert Frost, an American Poet, was one of the most highly honored poets of the 20th Century (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963). He wrote a lot about the human condition in early American Life. He wrote the famous poem called The Road Less Traveled.

According to the Poetry Foundation, “The Road Not Taken” begins with a dilemma, as many fairytales do. Out walking, the speaker comes to a fork in the road and has to decide which path to follow:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth …”

The last stanza of several in the poem states:

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The Gift Tax Advisors Give Themselves To Succeed This Year

TaxConnections Gift

For the tax advisors, tax consultants, and tax attorneys who have been following our good advice, you know we are taking you to the top of the minds of a steady stream of prospective clients! If you are a tax professional reading this post right now, I want you to ask yourself how potential clients may find you online today. Better yet, ask yourself how you gain the attention of high-end clientele! We will share with you in this post the results of a survey we conducted with 100 executives of corporations large, medium, and small businesses.

Here are the questions we asked of 100 Executives.

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Meet Tax Professionals With Greater Opportunity For Success


In the words of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, “You just cannot beat the person who never gives up.” This is what you need to remember to succeed in the tax profession. Tax professionals who never give up and keep getting up to bat, create higher visibility and create more opportunities for success.

One of the many positive influences of the platform is our ability to connect our members with people who want to hire tax professionals. Organizations enjoy the ease of finding a wide range of experienced tax professionals on our tax platform. Our visitors spend less time searching for tax expertise. We welcome the opportunity to introduce tax professionals with a wide range of tax expertise nationally and internationally to key decision-makers around the world. TaxConnections is an extraordinary marketplace of leading tax experts.

TaxConnections tax professional members receive higher visibility because we spend considerable time direct messaging executives in large, medium and small businesses worldwide to draw attention to our members expertise. Yes, TaxConnections actively promotes its members to high end business executives all over the world. Our goal is driving previous and new client opportunities to you; and our goal is building a higher level of trust in your tax expertise.

Join Us And We Will Position You In Front Of People Searching For Tax Expertise Worldwide.


Marketing Tax Services Is About To Change Radically In 2019: Are You Really Prepared For Voice Activated Searches?

Kat Jennings- Marketing Tax Services Is About To Change Radically

Marketing your tax expertise is about to change radically in 2019 and many people will be unprepared for the changes, according to top marketing expert Neil Patel. The adoption of new technologies is driving these changes with the major one being voice activated search. For those individuals now talking into their phones or any voice activated switch product like an Echo Voice or a variety of other products, these are changing the way we live our daily lives. As I was sharing an article on voice activated search with one of my sons recently, he said “Our generation will do anything the easiest way they can figure out. If we do not have to type, and we can ask by voice, then we will do that first.” This was another one of those teachable moments in which one of my three sons ages (24,24,25) was showing me the way instead of the other way around. They can teach us so much about their use of technology.

In 2018, 2 out of every 5 people will use voice search once per day according to ComScore. This means more people will be using their voice to search for everything online. It is predicted that in 2020 fifty percent of all searches online will be done through voice search. It will not be just people speaking into their cell phones or laptops, thirty percent of web browsing will not even take place on a screen device. People will be searching using multiple products like Google Home, Alexa and numerous other voice activated devices.

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Tax Professionals – Learn How To Attract New Clients

Tax Administration August 28

Tax Professionals – TaxConnections Membership Attracts New Clients



Marketing Tax Professional Services: TaxConnections Works

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