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Remote Tax CEO Role – Will You Kindly Refer This Opportunity?

CEO Tax Job

TaxConnections executive search services division is currently conducting a nationwide search for a tax technology company looking for a CEO. We would genuinely appreciate your taking the time to review this exciting opportunity and kindly refer this to anyone you know who may be interested in learning more.  The client is very thoughtful and discreet so you can be assured your privacy is protected all at all stages of the interview process.

CEO Tax Company

Our client seeks an individual who is currently a VP Tax, Tax Partner, Tax Principal, Tax Director and desires to make smooth transition into CEO role in company headquartered in Southern California. The client is very open to the CEO candidate being located outside headquarters address and connecting with team members nationally and remotely. The goal is finding a CEO with the right set of skills including:

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Understand How To Report Foreign Bank And Financial Accounts


In a global economy, many people in the United States have foreign financial accounts. The law requires U.S. persons with foreign financial accounts to report their accounts to the U.S. Treasury Department, even if the accounts don’t generate any taxable income. They need to report by April 15 of the following calendar year.

The U.S. government requires reporting of foreign financial accounts because foreign financial institutions may not be subject to the same reporting requirements as domestic financial institutions.

Who Needs To Report

Since 1970, the Bank Secrecy Act requires U.S. persons to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) if they have:

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Award Winning Tax Calendar Saves Time And Money For Tax Professionals In Corporations And Tax Practices

Tax Calendar

The very best way to leverage your valuable time is by preparing your Tax Calendar for the upcoming year. We took a tour of an amazing Tax Calendar this year and were impressed by what we learned. We highly recommend you take the same tour to see why this new Tax Calendar is the best way to leverage your time in your tax practice. It does not cost you anything to take a tour but it will certainly cost you a lot of time and money if you do not learn about a time leveraging, time saving, easy to use tax calendar like this one. The tax professionals who have taken our suggestion to get their tax professional lives in order are happy they listened, viewed this Tax Calendar and learned how to best leverage their tax practice.

Go to this link to request a tour of the Akore Tax Calendar.

Tax Professionals – Need To Access Your Office From Any Location? Get A Virtual Office Today!

TaxConnections Virtual Office

Have you ever been in the position where your desktop computer stopped working or your internet was down? Or perhaps you needed to evacuate your office for some reason (i.e. flood, fire, hurricane, or any number of things that could affect your business). It has always been our belief that you need a backup office in the cloud; and you should be able to access the things most important to you in your office via your cell phone. We have accomplished this for all of our members.

TaxConnections Members have all of these features for less than one dollar a day:

  1. Virtual Office, Your Cloud Based Office
  2. Mini Website Promoting Your Tax Expertise
  3. Steady Stream of Prospective Clients
  4. Marketing Services That Draw Attention
  5. Distribution Of Your Profile To High End Audience
  6. National And International Clients Find You
  7. No One Ever Pays To Send You A Message
  8. Everyone Always Sees Your Full Profile
  9. Metrics That Outperform Competitors
  10. Promotion And Distribution Of Your Blogs
  11. Promotes You When You Answer Questions
  12. No Need For Remote App To Access Files

We offer all of the services above to you for less than one dollar day. Discover the growing world of tax professionals who are building trust with a steady stream of prospective new clients.
All TaxConnections Members have a Virtual Office that they can use anytime. A TaxConnections Virtual Office organizes and stores all the links you need to operate your business from any location in the world(through your mobile phone). It is simply amazing!

Now you have great business backup plan!

An Exciting New Day For Tax And Legal Professionals – The Only Virtual Office In The Cloud Available Today

Virtual Office In Cloud

According to a study by Edelman Intelligence for Upwork and Freelancers In America, the remote workforce is expected to reach 86.5M professionals by 2027 with Millennials leading the way.

According to @Work, 61 million Gen Z’ers are about to enter the U.S. workforces and change it forever. Gen Z’ers have lived a much different life than millennials and their parents. They are a generation that does not remember a life without a cell phone in their hand.

According to Pew Research, 70 million baby boomers who are adults ages 54 to 72 are staying in the labor force at rates not seen in generations for people their age. All of these statistics tell us our cloud based virtual offices are the future for generations to come.

What is a Virtual Office and why did we build them for the tax, accounting and legal profession? We believe organized professionals save time; our cloud based virtual office save you time and money! What do you receive with a TaxConnections Virtual Office in the cloud? Our members receive a one page mini website that promotes their brand to an audience interested in finding them. Smart alert…people searching for your expertise will not research hundreds of websites to find you. Therefore, you must position your expertise where it easy for people to find you. Smart alert…people are not going to know the associations you belong to and search by association. Think about it? If you need a doctor what health association names do you know right now? Smart alert…most people will not find you when going to sites who charge to see your professional profile. Your marketing will be affected if you rely on  a steady stream of prospects to go to sites who pay to see your profile or send you a message. With a TaxConnections Membership we give you a mini-website; no one every has to pay to see your profile or send you a message;  we drive traffic to your mini website; we raise your visibility on the web, and we give you a virtual office that organizes all your important links for easy access when you only have your mobile phone.

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The Virtual Digital Workforce Is Growing: The Life Of A Digital Nomad

Kat Jennings- Virtual Offices Technology

This article was originally posted on our site in June 2017 and I want to post it again today so you understand the value of what we have been building in virtual offices for professionals.

As the founder of virtual offices technology, I want to introduce a member who recently adopted TaxConnections Virtual Offices.  Olivier Wagner is an example of a new phenomenon – a professional living an entirely digital, nomadic lifestyle. As you follow this series, you will discover a new world coming into our vision; a world of working through Virtual Offices. Olivier Wagner will take us with him traveling the world utilizing our technology to grow his tax services business.

Our innovative technology brings Virtual Offices to professionals and small businesses worldwide, while allowing them the freedom to travel.  Enjoy taking this trip with Olivier Wagner as he travels around the world working from a Virtual Office and attracting new business through TaxConnections.

(Access Part I of The Digi-Nomad Series)

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Taxpayers Traumatized By Form 3520 And 3520-A (Please Add Your Personal Stories After Reading This Post)

Kat Jennings

It all started with the letter written by one of our members, Gary Carter who wrote an article titled Foreign Trusts: IRS Penalty Notices For Late Forms 3520-A Traumatize Many Innocent Taxpayers. The purpose of my post today is to share some of the stories that have followed and to call out all tax professionals and taxpayers to help by sharing their experiences with us by commenting on this blog post. The more we can explain what is occurring with Form 3520 and 3520-A the more we are able to bring this issue to the attention of the IRS and NTA. We will start by sharing the stories and comments that have already surfaced but we need more to be impactful. Please share this with anyone you know and ask them to contribute to the comments on this post. Everyone counts so your input is valuable!

Here are some of the stories that have emerged:
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The Value Knowing A Tax Executive Search Expert

Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO

Over the years, I have called my biggest competitor in tax executive search on occasion. We are both well-known as two of the most experienced tax recruiters for multinational corporations, law firms and accounting firms (probably in the world). We recently discussed the years of experience we have in searching for tax executives for our multinational clients. Our competitiveness disappeared long ago into a mutual respect and admiration for each other with the challenges we faced working on tax executive searches that are some of the toughest encountered.

For the unknowing beginner, it takes years to build the skills required to represent multinational corporate clients. We understand search for tax executives involves a lot of very hard work. You do not just go into your files to find a candidate for a client. The work involves helping clients build a job description that attracts the right candidates, extensive research of tax candidates in the industry, thousands of emails, hundreds of phone, working nights and weekends; it is seven days a week. You need to know what you are talking about when you interview tax executives. They are highly educated and very strategic thinkers. The bottom line is it takes years to acquire the level of expertise a highly skilled tax executive search expert brings to company. It is truly the art of search for tax executives that you learn over many years to master.

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Find The Good. It’s All Around You. Find It, Showcase It…


There are amazing professionals in the world who inspire us. Four time gold medalist track and field star Jesse Owens stated:

Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.

Also, remember the words of these inspirational leaders:

“Be kind whenever possible.It is always possible.”
~ Dalai Lama

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.”
~ Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
~ Benjamin Franklin, Inventor, Author, Politician

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”
~ Chinese Proverb

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Learn How TaxConnections Helps Tax Professionals In Corporations, Tax Services Firms, Law Firms And Academia

Marketing For Tax Professionals

TaxConnections is a platform designed to provide a sophisticated online presence for tax professionals. We offer connections and marketing services for professionals who want to engage with executives at large to medium sized corporations, partnerships, closely held corporations, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Our members consist of tax experts in public accounting firms, legal firms, independent tax services firms, corporations, software companies, government and academia worldwide.

TaxConnections grew out of a track record of stellar performances in executive search services for Fortune 500 to Fortune 5000 companies. For over three decades, we have studied how tax professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms and independents with a similar set of technical tax skills would attain very different levels of success in their tax careers. What was the difference? The difference was how a tax professional promoted themselves throughout their careers that determined their success.

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Treasury Inspector General States A Strategy Is Needed To Assess The Compliance Of Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions

Treasury Inspector General Report


Corporate mergers and acquisitions can be large dollar, complex transactions that potentially have large tax implications. Some of those transactions can be tax-free depending on the structure. It is important that the IRS ensure that these complex transactions are in compliance with the tax law and that the appropriate amount of tax is paid.


The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances reports that there were 14,540 mergers and acquisitions in the United States in Calendar Year 2018, with a value of almost $1.9 trillion. There have been approximately 120,000 domestic corporate mergers and acquisitions in the last 10 calendar years, totaling $15.3 trillion. The Internal Revenue Code permits tax-free treatment for transactions that meet certain technical requirements, and taxpayers sometimes make the form of the transaction appear to satisfy those requirements while the substance does not. The Large Business and International Division (LB&I) has been transitioning to issue-based audits and has adopted a “campaign” approach to auditing specific issues. TIGTA performed this review to determine whether the IRS had an effective strategy with respect to the compliance risks presented by mergers and acquisitions.

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Focus On South Carolina Tax Climate

Monika Miles South Carolina Taxes

South Carolina is a state in the Southeastern United States and the easternmost state of the Deep South. The state can be divided into three geographic areas. From east to west: the Atlantic coastal plain, the Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Locally, the coastal plain is referred to as the Low Country, and the other two regions as the Midlands and the Upstate respectively. The Atlantic coastal plain makes up two-thirds of the state. Its eastern border is the Sea Islands, a chain of tidal and barrier islands.

The state has a humid subtropical climate, although high elevation areas in the upstate area have few subtropical characteristics than areas on the Atlantic coastline. In the summer, South Carolina is hot and humid. Winter temperatures are much less uniform in South Carolina. Snowfall is somewhat uncommon in most of the state, while coastal areas receive less than an inch annually on average.

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