TaxConnections Will Transform How Your Tax Expertise Is Discovered Online

We realize you are busy this time of year. However, we highly recommend you are alerted to the transformation occurring in the way people find tax advisors and tax services online.

TaxConnections has been introducing high-net-worth business executives to technically talented tax advisors for thirty years. View clients we have referred tax professionals on searches:

TaxConnections transformation to AI will greatly impact how tax professionals connect with high-net-worth individuals, small and medium businesses, and multinational corporations. We are building our AI transformation around the relationships we have with tax advisors appearing on In other words, your tax expertise will surface in our A.I. search algorithm if you are a  TaxConnections Member or a TaxConnections Sponsor.

We suggest you position your firm Tax Advisors on the soon to be transformed to A.I. search technology. If you are not have a paid subscription on our platform, your tax services will not be found. When you join as a TaxConnections Member, you will appear as referred for new business on our platform.

To drive results and save resources, marketers are using AI to carefully target niche demographics, and optimize marketing campaigns based on valuable insights. Marketers are also
using behavioral targeting powered by AI marketing in front of the right people. Millions of taxpayers come to TaxConnections to find the right tax advisors with specialty expertise. Once AI is implemented (what we feed into our AI Brain), it will be easier for our visitors to find a wide range of specialty tax expertise and resources.

In Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 3rd Edition, 26% of the people surveyed and 45% of AI adopters agree that AI has enabled them to gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

If you would like to have your tax services advisors receive referrals on the TaxConnections AI searches , please reply with a time to speak with you over the phone. We will ensure your visibility gains a  competitive advantage selling tax services. Request a Sponsor summary.

Early Adopters Get The Clients!

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Reasons Tax Professionals Leave Organizations: Reasons Tax Professionals Stay

After conducting more than one thousand tax professional searches over three decades with the support of our team, I have learned why tax professionals leave many organizations. Given the importance of hiring tax professionals, I thought it would be helpful to share information that will help you retain your tax team longer.  This article focuses on the reasons tax professionals shared about leaving and staying in tax organizations.

First, tax professionals are highly educated with many of the people we work with having earned a BS, BA, and/or MST, and/or MBA, and/or JD and/or LL.M and/or CPA. Tax professionals are smart, lifelong learners who often deal with technically sophisticated tax issues. Years ago, I spoke with a tax executive and asked him what he loved most, and he said he loved the transactions that were technically sexy. This was a tax executive who thrived on solving complex tax issues. The tax executives we have come to know over many years are smart and creative and the best of the tax profession.

What drives tax professionals to spend years and money on education, gain specialized training in a public accounting firm, a law firm, and/or a corporation? Why should tax management executives and CFOs plan for 15%-30% attrition annually? People’s lives are constantly changing; management must prepare for changes in their tax organization.  It is how management prepares that  will determine the successes and failures of an organization. I wrote this article to help you address these changes. There are reasons why tax experts move to other organizations and reasons tax professionals stay for many years.

Public Accounting

My advice to anyone entering the tax profession is to start with a public accounting firm to gain the training. What often occurs in public accounting is high turnover at the three-to-five-year level of experience. The reasons that tax professionals provide us most often for leaving are stated below.

Reasons Tax Professionals Leave Public Accounting

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A.I. Software Versus Recruiter

As a thirty-year veteran in executive search for tax professionals, I have a special set of skills. Remember the Liam Neeson movie quote in Ransom: “What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long time. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.” However, in the case of a career in executive tax search, highly trained tax recruiters like me have skills that prevent nightmares for companies. What concerns me now are companies who are leaning on A.I. software to solve their recruiting challenges. Human recruiters will far surpass any A.I. software in identifying the very best candidates.

There is not a day that goes by without a message about A.I. in my inbox. In executive search, I do not fear A.I. but I fear the false sense of superiority in results using A.I software over human intelligence. It is known that one of A.I.s biggest flaws has less to do with technology and more about A.I. systems to making false assumptions about certain groups of people or to misidentifying people of color in facial recognition that reflects the biases in multicultural societies. Additionally, as people age, their voices often change, and I imagine this will impact A.I. results as well. Imagine being locked out of your job or bank account because A.I. does not recognize your voice. An A.I. nightmare that is bound to happen to many folks(sheeple) running into the arms of A.I. which appears to be a solution for everything these days.

Increased reliance on A.I.-driven solutions leads to less face-to-face interactions, eroding social bonds established between a recruiter and the candidates, and their impact on the search process. The art of highly successful executive search has a lot to do with evaluating candidate soft skills:  interpersonal skills, problem solving, communication, adaptability, critical thinking,  creativity, empathy, leadership capacity, and their ability to work successfully on teams.

Allow me to demonstrate what I am talking about with real world experience:

Tax Executive Search Case One: A company has a particular tax problem that was created by a previous employee that has put the company at great financial risk. The company and executives are under the biggest audit of their company history which could cost them 500K to 1M in tax, penalties, and interest. The company has an option of using an AI software Recruiter to find a candidate or they have the option to utilize a real human Tax Recruiter who knows the market and speaks privately with tax executives who have solved similar problems. These are private company matters that should never be input into an AI software to search for the very best executives to handle a highly confidential search for a tax executive with these skills.

( Note: Confidentiality and privacy is so important in a tax executive search because of the sensitivity involved in these searches. Communicating these sensitive matters to A.I. is not likely to happen.

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Organize All Your Professional Assets Online To One Location: TaxConnections Makes A Difference In Your Marketing Strategy

The week between Christmas and New Years is the ideal time to organize yourself and your tax services practice for a maximum marketing effect for the coming year. Tax professionals waste so much time looking for information to forward to clients throughout the year, we built the TaxConnections platform to save valuable time. We also want to emphasize that most tax professionals have assets spread out all over the internet working to elevate big tech media sites. TaxConnections works to elevate the tax professional members online.

Tax Professionals have assets that include: articles written, blogs posted, podcasts, recommendations, tax questions you have answered, twitter/X links, videos, work history,and the list goes on. TaxConnections understands the value of having all your professional assets available in one online location that elevates the tax professionals expertise. Tax professionals often do not have the time to market and need a better marketing strategy for themselves. TaxConnections fills the role through a platform that does the heavy lifting marketing tax professionals in the accounting and legal profession. TaxConnections also helps promote professionals in wealth planning, estate and gift planning, financial planners, bookkeepers and any professional who supports the tax profession (marketing professionals, software companies, small, medium, and large size businesses, and more.)

How much time do you spend looking for content about you and your services throughout the year? A TaxConnections Profile provides an advantage over competitors by positioning you for success.
Is your content helping big tech sites or is your content elevating your expertise to taxpayers searching for your expertise online? Answer: your content is being used by big tech sites to build a social credit score on you. The worst part is you are participating with sites who are using your information so governments can build social credit scores that work against you.

Secret most people do not know. Whenever you click a Like button, you are giving them permission to track your likes which the big tech companies store for your social credit score. So Stop clicking the tracker buttons on yourself!

What happens if your business is disrupted due to electricity being down in your area? TaxConnections provides all members with a backup Virtual Office you can access via your cell phone. Your business operations are back up in a few minutes by using your cell phone to access your services in the cloud… as long as you are a TaxConnections Member and you have taken 20 minutes to set up your Virtual Office. You simply add your links to your Virtual Office of your cloud services and never need to give us your passwords for improved security. You are in control.

Watch these two videos to see what we have built for all of you:

Call 858.999.0053 for help in elevating your tax services firm or software company to a dedicated tax audience. Marketing you is what we do!

Highest Corporate Tax Rates Around The World: Learn How U.S. Presidential Candidates Propose To Tax U.S. Taxpayers


According to the Tax Foundation, the Highest Statutory Corporate Income Tax Rates in the World, 2023 are:




Also, we recommend you visit the Tax Foundation sites analysis on each 2024 Presidential candidates view on taxes. The non-profit Tax Foundation provides excellent insight on what you are actually voting for with each Presidential candidate’s views regarding tax increases or decreases.

Go to this link before you vote: . You can compare the tax views of Presidential candidates: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Robert Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, and Dean Phillips at this link. Good luck to you all during your heartfelt and hardworking journey across the United States of America discussing your views on taxes.

Commentary by the tax professional community is greatly appreciated by our loyal readers. If you are not a member of TaxConnections, everyone joining  us now and on December 15th or 16th will receive an extra year membership if they join on December 15th 2023 only.  All new members who join on December 15th or 16th only will benefit from this one time only offer.

Contact via email to ask for help in optimizing your Professional Page and to position yourself in the direct path of taxpayers searching for your tax expertise on You can also call 858.999.0053 or text me at 858.232.4415  in advance to set up a time to walk you through membership set up. We want to meet you and learn about your specific needs. We offer firm packages, too.

Merry Christmas,

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Watch Our Two Videos To See What We Do For Your Tax Career

Watch The Videos at to understand the benefits of TaxConnections Membership. We exist to support the tax professional community and do the heavy lifting required to promote your tax expertise to an audience who wants to find and interact with you. With millions of searches conducted online for tax expertise each year, now is the time to position your professional profile to attract the taxpayers who arrive searching for tax expertise all over the world.

While big tech companies are collecting all your data to create social credit scores on you, we do not do that. Protecting your privacy is a priority for us. Many of our tax professional members are emerging small to medium size tax practices responsible for serving small to medium size growing businesses. We care to build a site that protects our members in ways that ensure your success. Some of our members have connected with the biggest clients of their tax careers. We encourage you to join us to organize all your content assets in a way they work for you. We also care about the companies we associate with and take great care to tour and explore or Sponsors products and services before bringing them to you on the platform.

When they treat us well, we know they will treat you well, too!

Virtual Office

Are your professional content assets scattered all over the internet? Learn how to bring all your content assets together to elevate your personal brand.

A valuable feature of TaxConnections Membership is our Virtual Office technology.

The most important benefit of Virtual Office technology is the ability to store all your important business assets in one online location.  A Virtual Office works to build trust in your expertise by linking together all your professional assets to your TaxConnections Professional Page.

Do you know linking all your professional assets to one online location gives you the greatest advantage over competitors.  We ensure all your online assets are linked together to elevate your reputation and visibility higher on the search engines!


RESUME PROFILE- Your TaxConnections Professional Profile is free and accessible to a steady stream of Prospective Clients.

ARTICLES –  Organize and link ALL YOUR ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS to your online Professional Profile Page.

AUDIO PODCASTS Organize and link ALL YOUR PODCASTS to your online Professional Profile Page.

BLOGS Organize and link ALL YOUR BLOGS so visitors can VIEW MY BLOG under your photo(s).

PERSONAL LIBRARY Organize and link ALL YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLES to your online Personal Library and Professional Profile Page. You save time by having them all accessible on one link.

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Tax Professionals Are Elevating Their Tax Expertise And Services Online With A Virtual Office

Another valuable feature of TaxConnections Membership is our Virtual Office technology. Although you gain several features in a TaxConnections Virtual Office, we believe the most important feature in your Virtual Office is your ability to store all your important business links.

If your computer shuts down due to a storm, fire, hurricane, or any other disaster which occurs where you are displaced from your business office, our Members store important links to services in the cloud in their TaxConnections Virtual Office. It is very easy to upload links in your Virtual Office as we do not ever ask for or need your passwords. TaxConnections Virtual Office is a smart way to organize all your links in the cloud in case you lose access to them due to an unforeseen event. A TaxConnections Virtual Office is your backup insurance plan to easily organize and access your entire business operation in the cloud from your cell phone. It is very easy to input the links in your Virtual Office simply by clicking on your “Welcome YOUR NAME” green dropdown navigation bar that appears in the upper right hand corner only after you Login first. You then click on Virtual Office and follow instructions from there.


Additional Features And Benefits Of A TaxConnections Virtual Office

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With so many unexpected events happening around the world, it is more important than ever to prepare for the unexpected. During the last two months we have experienced three electrical outages in Coachella Valley causing a long list of issues for homeowners and business owners. We have watched in horror the fires in Maui wiping out Lahaina; the Oahu fires on October 31, 2023 destroying 2000 buildings; the fires in California communities including Riverside, San Diego, and Madera in 2023, the wildfires in Argentina in October 2023; the fires in Queensland, Australia in October 2023; the Category 5 Hurricane that wiped out the entire city of Acapulco one evening in October;  the Category 4 hurricane that hit central-western and northern Florida during August 2023; the East Palestine train derailment during February 2023; the horrible Hamas attack on Israel October 7, 2023; and many other disasters during the 2023 year. What they all have in common is the displacement of human beings and their way of living. They lost access to their businesses. When you take-action and secure a TaxConnections Membership, you have Peace Of Mind and more control over access to your business in the event of an unforeseen disaster. In addition, if you are away on business, you also always have access to your business operation.


What is vitally important today is having a business backup plan in place before a disaster happens! What TaxConnections has developed for small and medium-sized business owners is the one backup system they need to be up and operating quickly in the event of an unexpected situation. If every business owner spends one hour in preparation and less than one dollar a day, they will have a Virtual Office that ensures they have access to all their business operations through their cell phone. TaxConnections Members have a Virtual Office where members simply upload the links to their cloud services in their TaxConnections Virtual Office. We never ask Members for passwords as all Members control all passwords for themselves.

You can also upload Articles To Your Online Personal Library On Your .

You can also upload Podcasts To Your Professional Profile Profile Page.

Start working smarter with a TaxConnections Membership!

Want us to walk you through a TaxConnections registration? Call 858.999.0053 or email to request a time for personal onboarding. We are happy to help you get started!

View My Virtual Office. Simply select “Manage Resources” To Name Your Resource and Input Link. It is easy to set up and organize all your business links in your TaxConnections Virtual Office.

Cost: .84 cents Per Day For Peace Of Mind To Provide Access All Your Business Resources in The Cloud Accessible Through Your Cell Phone.

Call 858.999.0053 and someone on our team will guide you through registration in half the time!

Solutions For Companies Hiring Tax Expertise - When The Company Says No Recruiters

Having completed searches for more than one thousand management level tax executives over thirty years, our team knows the last quarter of every year is always the busiest. However, this year our clients are dealing with budget cuts that focus on eliminating recruiter fees and software implementations. Armed with the knowledge this is happening to so many of our long-term clients, I want to help you by providing valuable information or what we consider a Life Saver Secret for inhouse tax executives and CFOs needing a tax executive. We are sharing information so you save a lot of time  that would otherwise be wasted dealing with challenges we know are occurring within hundreds of corporate tax organizations today.

Challenges Acquiring Tax Talent Today: Know What The Tax Candidates Are Saying

For Corporate Tax And Financial Leaders who have made the decision to refrain from retaining an expert to conduct a tax search, I will share with you a glimpse of the conversations we are having with sophisticated corporate tax executives in the profession.  The reality is an inexperienced recruiter will cost you access to the best executives available in the market. If you want access to the best in the tax profession, start with someone who is experienced and trusted in the tax search profession.

Learn what many tax executives are telling us in private conversations:

“ I am surprised at the number of inexperienced recruiters calling me about tax roles that are poorly represented by a new generation of recruiters. There is no way I would trust a recruiter to represent me professionally to another company given the statements they made to me. Many recruiters who call me do not really understand what I do or they send an email to me that unprofessionally begins with…Hey!.  I feel like telling them… Hey is for horses:)”

“A recruiter called recently and all they were focused on was diversity, equity, and inclusion; and spent little to no time asking me about my professional goals, education, and technical skills. I found it to be a total turn-off; yet I do not know if it was the company or the recruiter who wanted the information from me. Either way, I was turned off completely to the company and the recruiter.”

“The recruiter could not understand why I was not interested in any tax role reporting to a Controller; and why I would only interview for a lead tax role reporting directly to the CFO. The Head of Tax wants to work hand in hand with the CFO before any transaction takes place. The recruiters lack of understanding and the stated reporting relationship scared me away from considering the company tax lead role.”

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We Are Searching For An Independent ASC740 Tax Expert To Train In-House Corporate Client Located In Connecticut

For the past several days, we have been searching for a tax professional to work with our CFO and Controller client in the Northeast to train them in ASC740 tax reporting rules. If you are a tax professional out on your own working and want to work educating this client on tax reporting, we would love to speak with you. We are surprised so many firms we have contacted regarding this request have turned us down for an introduction to a company with 50 Million in annual sales. We know there are tax professionals working out on their own recently downsized from these firms and we would love to meet you. This role is best suited for a tax professional who is in driving distance from Stamford, Connecticut. Please contact to discuss an introduction as trainer for this client. Thank you in advance for helping me on this project. We frequently receive requests for tax professionals to work side by side with our corporate clients for training purposes. Please join us as a TaxConnections Member if you would like to be considered for projects in tax with corporate clients.

You can help us by referring this message to anyone you know who has ASC740 expertise looking to develop a solid working relationship with this company.

Call 858.999.0053 Office or email with your qualifications.

Tax Executives: Learn How Federal Tax Credits Expert Addison Henry Helps Your Company Legally Reduce Taxes 15% To 20%

Meet the expert in Federal Tax Credits who Tax Executives in banking insurance, and energy companies want to connect with about Federal Tax Credit Investing.  As TaxConnections CEO, I am happy to introduce and connect you with Addison Henry. Please listen to Addison’s Podcast Interview to learn more about him.

Learn how Addison Henry helps publicly and privately held companies reduce their tax liability by 15% – 20%. In short I use C-Corps Tax Liability to invest in federal credits and in the end he saves the investor about 15%-20% on their tax bill. Nothing new or revolutionary, but because of the Inflation Reduction Act more CFO’s, CEO’s, Treasury Dept’s and Holding Companies are paying closer attention. Stay connected, be fruitful and tune in 🙂

Over the past year we have encountered CPA Partners and Corporate Tax Executives who want to meet him. You can reach out to Addison Henry at this link:  (Listen To Vine Podcast on his Professional Page to get to know him.) We guarantee you will enjoy working with Addison as much as we have gotten to know and learn about him, too.