Thinking About Selling Your Accounting Practice? Get An Education Years In Advance

You have spent years building an accounting practice, and then you start dreaming about  selling your practice, and retiring. Most owners find themselves in the position of wishing they would have started planning to sell their accounting practice long before they ever did. We have had the pleasure of speaking privately with hundreds of hard-working practitioners over the years who finally find themselves ready to retire. However, once they receive an education about the process of selling their tax practice, they are stunned to discover they should have had an exit strategy in place years before…even 10 years prior to an exit.

Recognizing the need for practitioners to sell their tax practice, has put together a special program to educate firm owners what they must put in place long before they sell their tax practice another firm. TaxConnections is committed to guiding accounting firm owners by educating them what they can do to ready themselves for the inevitable sale of their practice years in advance of an exit to retirement.

A little-known secret to owners of small tax and accounting practices is if you call big brokers about selling your practice, they are disinterested in working with you if your annual revenue is under 3M. Most of the big power brokers in the accounting profession do not have an interest in speaking with you even at 3M annual revenue and/or EBITDA. It is a good idea to understand why this happens and explain so you do not become disappointed. Our mission is taking you through the process of building and organizing your practice for sale one day. Perhaps, it will be two years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now or longer.  Tax professionals are lifelong learners, and what we teach you about building to sale journey will have a huge impact on the sale price of your tax practice one day.

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Thinking About Selling Or Merging Your Tax Advisory Practice?

We have been approached many times over the years for a solution for small firm business owners who want to sell their practice and need a succession plan. We now have a solution for you and your clients who have been loyal to you over many years of professional services advisory.

Are you working on a succession plan so you can retire comfortably from your tax practice? Have big brokers told you that your practice is too small for them? TaxConnections search services provides a solution for you to transition your practice and your clients to qualified  buyers. TaxConnections has a team of advisors to help you in setting up a succession plan to sell and transition your practice to qualified industry professionals so you can retire.

Small professional services business owners are faced with many challenges today that they have never experienced before in running a tax and accounting practice. Operating a practice is more expensive today with increased costs for website development, cloud services, secured document management software, time and expense software, tax return software, practice management software, payroll software,  human resources software, monthly office rent, numerous insurances, IT support, computers and laptops, phones, remote software, sales and marketing team, employee salaries, 401K Plan Administration Fees, and much more.

Are you also feeling the pressure of increasing costs of the technology you now need to operate your practice efficiently today? The truth is many small firm owners are being financially squeezed with these increased costs and time-consuming activities of learning multiple new software implementations. Do you realize the software you now purchase will have an impact on your sale? The firm that acquires a practice may be able to adopt it or must start from scratch and use their own. This takes more time for the acquisition of your business.  Would you like to know what software implementations are best for the future sale of your firm? We are conducting due diligence for you well in advance of your firm being acquired, which greatly increases your value. TaxConnections will position you and your small practice for sale within the next 12-24 months.

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Retained Tax Executive Search Services: When You Need An Expert On A Tax Executive Search For Your Organization

Kat Jennings provides internationally recognized executive search services for leading tax executives. Kat has been retained by organizations worldwide to locate tax executives with highly specialized tax knowledge and expertise. We have a thorough understanding of the tax business community and a proven record of stellar performances for clients. We are experts in high level tax search and provide a level of service you rarely experience with other firms. With the competition for highly trained tax executives at an all-time high due to tax reform, your organization is best served having a highly qualified tax executive search expert sourcing candidates for you.

TaxConnections will soon launch its executive search division under a new name to be announced to provide laser focus tax executive search services. Stay tuned for major announcement. If you have a current need for a tax executive, please contact or call 502.512.4888 for executive search services.

In order to ensure privacy, tax executives generally do not respond to online ads or submit their resume to portals. Senior tax executives are not comfortable sending their private information into a resume portal to an unknown person only to receive an automated message. This places companies at a huge disadvantage when searching for a senior level tax executive.

In order to access the best pool of tax executive talent, a company greatly benefits working with a search consultant who has earned a high level of trust with tax executives. Over three decades, we have worked tirelessly to build relationships with tax executives most companies rarely have access to on a tax executive search. Here is a sample list of clients:

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Secrets To Learn Working With A Retained Tax Recruiter Vs. Contingency

Learn How You Benefit Retaining A Tax Recruiter

There are many things that can go right in a tax search and there are many things that can go wrong during a tax search. There is a mile wide divide in how search firms operate on your behalf. This post is about things that can happen to you while recruiting for the best tax candidates for your tax organization or connecting with an organization who needs your tax expertise. Either way, you are smart to work with the best tax recruiter you can find who has a proven track record in tax professional search. You should first ask for a tax recruiters’ experience. We always show our client list of successes:

One Question You Should Never Ask A Retained Tax Recruiter

Whenever an experienced recruiter hears this one question, they feel minimized. The question is “Can you go to your files and send me some resumes?” The hiring authority asks, as if it is easy, to find a technically skilled tax candidate from files of thousands of potential prospects. It is not easy to do this work since an expert in tax search must do a labor intensive job of researching thousands of potential candidates, calling tax candidates to present the client tax job description, obtaining permission from a candidate before presenting to a client, screen the tax candidate for hard skills( technical) and soft skills (interpersonal skills),help tax candidates to clean up their resume to highlight their technical knowledge, making an introduction between client and tax candidate and so much more. This is not a five-minute scan of resumes in your database, it could easily take an expert 5 hours, 5 days,  5 weeks or 5 months to identify and screen the right tax candidate(s).

An expert retained tax recruiter takes pride in doing a great job screening tax candidates for a company, they never just pull a random resume like it is a 5-minute job. The job of an expert in tax executive search is much more than that. So please do not ask an expert tax recruiter to just pull resumes from their database about top tax talent since the  search process is much more involved. The tax recruiter feels minimized when a hiring manager communicates they want to see resumes. Finding tax professionals with qualified technical skills, interpersonal skills and meets the needs of both parties is an important part of the tax search and screening process.

What A Good And Bad Tax Recruiter Will Do For You

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Learn How To Staff Your Tax Practice And Get Work Done In Today’s Market

Many of you have shared with us this tax season was a challenging one for many tax firms due to lack of tax staff with three to five years of experience to support Tax Managers, Tax Directors, and Tax Partners. This has been a challenge for firms for a few years now, so what is the solution? There are a few solutions that are currently being adopted by firms nationally and internationally. This post discusses the solutions for firms’ short term and long term. The primary solutions are offshoring the work, onboarding new staff and outsourcing the work to other firms, and under private contract utilizing TaxConnections Executive Search services.

Services provided in offshoring tax work to India started in the 1980s and rapidly accelerated in the ’90s. In today’s world where information technology has become critical to business, the meaning of outsourcing has undergone a drastic change over the years. CPA and accounting firms significantly reduce costs by outsourcing tax compliance services to India. Labor costs in India are much lower than in the United States, with firms saving up to 60% of costs. It means that firms can save a significant amount of money by outsourcing tax services to India. We have encountered many Tax Managers who have been on rotation to offices between the U.S. and India to train the staff on tax preparation. The Big Four firms in India have grown to massive size to outsource client engagements for U.S. multinational clients at competitive costs. The one drawback to this is there has been less emphasis on training tax staff in the U.S.

We have noticed accounting firms and corporations increasing their hiring at the tax intern and staff level. This is good news as they are also making a commitment to train and educate a new generation of needed tax staff by corporate tax departments and public accounting firms. If these organizations offer tax staff a supportive environment to learn and grow, this is good news for a tax staff entering the tax profession. If you do not have enough tax staff, the growing trend is training and growing your own. You build technically stronger Tax Managers when you provide them with the opportunity to grow by transferring their technical knowledge and tax skills to others. We expect to see this trend continue to grow throughout the tax profession. It is a win-win solution for tax organizations.

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The Life Of A Tax Advisor In The Israel War Zone Today

Over the weekend, I reached out to a Tax Advisor in Israel to learn what was is happening on the ground there. Here is what this Israel/US Tax Advisor (who we will keep anonymous) communicated in his letter to me. To protect this Tax Advisor, we are providing portions of his communication. If you believe you have had a tough tax season, you will appreciate learning what it is like for a US/Israel Tax Advisor in Jerusalem today!

To protect his identity, we will call him David. If you would like to support David and his family, providing your commentary through this site will get to him. Few Americans realize what it is really like for the people living in Israel today.

For the record, TaxConnections does not support war of any kind. We support world peace. Pray for peace for all people.

Hi Kat,

THANK YOU FOR REACHING OUT!!!!!    As you know, most of the world does NOT care and/or is brain dead.

We had a very scary night. We already received reports that the Iranian attack was due to hit us between 2 to 4:30 AM.

We prepared our war room, a room that newer buildings have that is specially reinforced to offer some protection in case.

Scuds (remember Sadam Hussein who shot scuds at Israel a few years ago!) landed and exploded nearby.  The war room is NOT strong enough to resist a direct hit, however.   We stocked water bottles, lights, airbeds, and face masks and flashlights for emergency use.

Then, at 1:30 or 1:35 AM,  we heard several huge explosions near us. Our building shook and rattled, but we could not see anything outside of our windows.   We live on the 7th floor of an apartment building in southern Jerusalem.  We are surrounded by Arab Muslim villages who have perpetrated many terrorist attacks against us, so we are ALWAYS concerned about another October 7th massacre emanating from these hostile villages.   Talk about close proximity to your enemy who is a couple of blocks away ( 1/4 mile?).

There were 6 -8 rockets, missiles, and/or drone that struck near us and put the real fear of G-d into us…. our poor dog was howling and scared out her mind also…….and the Home Front Command Air Raid Sirens went off for 10-15 minutes.

Then, there were continuous smaller booms and explosions, but we still could not see anything.  We have clear views to the north, to the east into Jordan, and to the south.   We have the privilege to see the Temple Mount, much of Jerusalem, Jordan, and the Dead Sea from our windows and porch.

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What Every Tax Professional Should Know When Searching For A Tax Job

Build A Personal Tax Brand: Secrets To Being Hired For Tax Jobs You Should Learn Now

Many tax professionals lose wonderful opportunities to be considered for the best tax jobs because they do not know how to position themselves to be selected for these roles. This article focuses on my experiences in tax professional search and what I learned from the actions tax professionals took to rise to the top of the profession. If you are thinking about entering the tax profession, or already in the profession and want to know how to be considered for a tax roles, there are steps you need to take. For the purpose of a tax professional audience, I will break this article into five categories: Public Accounting Tax, Corporate Tax, Law Firm Tax, Independent Tax Services, and Government Tax Roles.

In writing this article, understand the information comes from my experience in working on more than one thousand tax searches over thirty years. You learn a lot when you are speaking with tax professionals in private conversations about their experiences working in these uniquely different tax work environments. You will learn what I learned about these vastly different tax environments; you will learn from this article what tax professionals liked working in a particular environment and the reasons why they decided to leave for another work environment.

Public Accounting/Consulting Firm

A public accounting firm is an ideal place for anyone to enter the tax profession. You will learn alot in a small boutique accounting practice or a mid-level to large firm. This is simply a great  place to begin building your tax and accounting career. If you are fortunate enough to catch the attention of a mentor to guide you, all the better. This is the ideal environment to enter the tax and accounting profession and begin your tax career.

The greatest amount of turnover in public accounting is at the 3 to 5 years of experience where tax staff/tax seniors want to continue to grow. Many tax staff/tax seniors may want to stay until they make manager before they leave the firm. However, the truth is if someone has decided to stay and make manager in public accounting, compared to a tax staff/tax senior who has combined 5 years of experience in public accounting and a corporate tax environment; the hiring executives in corporations prefer hiring the candidate who has combined public accounting/private industry experience. This is a fact. Ask any corporate tax director and they will tell you the same. My advice to younger tax professionals is to focus on the learning experience, not the title.

If you are in public accounting and want to move to another firm, I would then understand the title is the primary driver for most in an accounting firm. What I would advise key hiring managers in public accounting is the best way to retain your professional staff is to invest in their training and education. For instance, you could train your staff in partnerships by sending them to a high-quality partnership  education seminars like Charles Levun and Michael Cohen are nationally trusted trainers in tax partnerships. They go through multiple case studies in their seminars which are highly rated sessions. They generally conduct annual training seminars on tax partnerships in May and June which you can find here:

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Grow Your Visibility: A Gift That Keeps Giving To Tax Bloggers

If you are a writer who enjoys publishing articles about tax topics, you will benefit from growing readers of tax content. With constant changes in tax laws going on nationally and internationally, it is a good idea to publish your articles on a platform interested in reading them. Take a look at our site metrics at to understand we have the audience interested in reading tax content. Whether you are a neophyte or an advanced writer, you grow your audience through your written publications. This is a fact!

TaxConnections has built an audience of tax professionals who write and provide updates on tax rules and regulations around the world, and taxpayers who want to be informed of tax updates. WE have a captured a audience of readers interested in tax articles. How do you get your articles published and distributed globally on TaxConnections? You simple join as a TaxConnections Member at this link: and then send a message tous to post your blogs. One of the remarkable assets we provide our bloggers is a special link to all their blogs posted. For example, underneath the photo under every bloggers professional profile page is a yellow circle stating ” View My Blog”. You can see an example on my Professional Page:  You can see all of your blogs ever posted and you can go to the bottom of each blog to see how many people have read each blog posted. The information is always there! We have found over time many blogs receive 6000 to 7000 views over a six month period. It is a gift that keeps on giving when you post your blog content on TaxConnections.

Whenever you want to educate your clients, simply send them the link that has every single blog posted and this will educate clients on your expertise, Posting your articles on TaxConnections is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your tax expertise. Tuesday through Fridays, TaxConnections distributes your blogs more than one hundred thousand times weekly, or 5.2 millions distributions of blogs annually. This has a great uplift of your online visibility.

Start Your Membership Here:

Start Here To Send Us A Message About Your Blog Being Posted:

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Marketing: Finding A Tax Professionals Is Changing In 2024

For years, finding a tax professional with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience has remained the same. Ask a friend for a referral, look online to see who paid the most to appear in a top ad, spend time looking online and spend even more time looking through multiple links trying to find a tax professional with the specialty skills you need. Time and time again, taxpayers are unable to find a tax professional who has the best skills for the tax work that needs to be done.

For more than thirty years, we have been retained to find a tax professional for clients all over the world who want access to the most qualified tax professionals around the world. During this same time, we have been asked by the executives who have retained us to find a tax advisor who they can hire for their personal tax needs. This is why we have received inquiries like the following requests:

Example Case One

A U.S. Citizen wanted to purchase a MuzzBuzz Coffee Franchise in Australia for their son who moved there; however, they needed tax advice on how to structure the purchase of the franchise. We searched our tax  professional database and referred them to an Australian tax advisor.

Example Case Two

A Japanese Company CEO contacted a former Chapter President of a Colorado Enrolled Agent Association (He found the EA on our site) and asked if they would return his call. The Enrolled Agent was surprised and asked if the call was real. I told him to call the CEO who finally had a conversation with or EA member that he had a manufacturing facility in Colorado and needed tax advice. ( I do not know if he was hired but I do know the call was real).

Example Case Three

A CEO from Greece contacted TaxConnections and asked for a referral to a tax advisor in New York as he owned several large commercial buildings in New York City he was getting ready to sell and requested a referral to a tax advisor. (We referred him to a tax advisor in New York City who spoke Greek, Italian and English).

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Tax Advisors: Why It Is Smart To Shift Your Marketing Strategy Now

According to former CIA Analyst Andrew Bustamonte, nine out of ten people do not take- action when advised to do so. However, “the people who do take- action first gain a competitive edge, a forty percent lead, over those who fail to act first.” Early adopters of new technology tend to be trendsetters and innovators who have early access to new technologies to increase their customer base with more practical solutions. If you are in the business of marketing your expertise or your firms’ expertise, as an innovator you are more likely to try out newer ways to increase your customer base.

While most struggle with old ways of marketing that no longer produces the desired result; early adopters who try new solutions to get ahead in business gain the competitive advantage. It is well-known early adopters are most in tune with what is happening in the world of technology, and they are on the cutting edge, willing to invest the time and budget to try new solutions. Early adopters drive the way for the rest of the industry to find better solutions they need to be more successful in the profession.

Back in 2010, an email came to my desk with an offer to buy Bitcoin at .05, and I did not take action on that opportunity. Today, that same Bitcoin is worth $72,551.40. What I am about to share with you is another opportunity that early adopters have the potential to benefit from. The early adopters who take action will have the advantage over competitors who are searching for ways to market their tax expertise.  I missed an opportunity because of my failure to be an early adopter of something new.

The tax industry, a niche business vertical, is facing the most competitive marketplace in history. As a result, tax advisors are required to raise their visibility, showcase their specialty tax expertise, and cultivate brand awareness to stay competitive.

TaxConnections Marketplace is where talented tax advisors are discovered by high-net-worth individuals, and business executives in small, medium, and large companies worldwide needing a wide range of specialty tax expertise.

TaxConnections Marketplace is implementing artificial intelligence into its platform to enable our AI Brain to search through our tax professional members profiles to identify the advisors with specialty tax expertise our visitors are searching to find around the world.

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and there are technologies emerging that will have a great impact on the tax profession. TaxConnections is working on a conference Thursday, October 24, 2024, about the new technologies, tax, and AI innovations. We are launching our own AI innovations for the world to see. We are making it easier for the world to find your tax expertise online. For this reason alone, you will benefit as an early adopter of our solutions by becoming a Tax Professional Member now in our global tax marketplace.

In the meantime, we want you to know this about AI, “The key factor regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it is a system that does not possess critical thinking or reasoning skills. It generates text or information that stems from a base of information supplied to the system. Any received “input” becomes available for output.”

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TaxConnections Will Transform How Your Tax Expertise Is Discovered Online

We realize you are busy this time of year. However, we highly recommend you are alerted to the transformation occurring in the way people find tax advisors and tax services online.

TaxConnections has been introducing high-net-worth business executives to technically talented tax advisors for thirty years. View clients we have referred tax professionals on searches:

TaxConnections transformation to AI will greatly impact how tax professionals connect with high-net-worth individuals, small and medium businesses, and multinational corporations. We are building our AI transformation around the relationships we have with tax advisors appearing on In other words, your tax expertise will surface in our A.I. search algorithm if you are a  TaxConnections Member or a TaxConnections Sponsor.

We suggest you position your firm Tax Advisors on the soon to be transformed to A.I. search technology. If you are not have a paid subscription on our platform, your tax services will not be found. When you join as a TaxConnections Member, you will appear as referred for new business on our platform.

To drive results and save resources, marketers are using AI to carefully target niche demographics, and optimize marketing campaigns based on valuable insights. Marketers are also
using behavioral targeting powered by AI marketing in front of the right people. Millions of taxpayers come to TaxConnections to find the right tax advisors with specialty expertise. Once AI is implemented (what we feed into our AI Brain), it will be easier for our visitors to find a wide range of specialty tax expertise and resources.

In Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 3rd Edition, 26% of the people surveyed and 45% of AI adopters agree that AI has enabled them to gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

If you would like to have your tax services advisors receive referrals on the TaxConnections AI searches , please reply with a time to speak with you over the phone. We will ensure your visibility gains a  competitive advantage selling tax services. Request a Sponsor summary.

Early Adopters Get The Clients!

All the best,

Kat Jennings, CEO
858.999.0053 X100
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Reasons Tax Professionals Leave Organizations: Reasons Tax Professionals Stay

After conducting more than one thousand tax professional searches over three decades with the support of our team, I have learned why tax professionals leave many organizations. Given the importance of hiring tax professionals, I thought it would be helpful to share information that will help you retain your tax team longer.  This article focuses on the reasons tax professionals shared about leaving and staying in tax organizations.

First, tax professionals are highly educated with many of the people we work with having earned a BS, BA, and/or MST, and/or MBA, and/or JD and/or LL.M and/or CPA. Tax professionals are smart, lifelong learners who often deal with technically sophisticated tax issues. Years ago, I spoke with a tax executive and asked him what he loved most, and he said he loved the transactions that were technically sexy. This was a tax executive who thrived on solving complex tax issues. The tax executives we have come to know over many years are smart and creative and the best of the tax profession.

What drives tax professionals to spend years and money on education, gain specialized training in a public accounting firm, a law firm, and/or a corporation? Why should tax management executives and CFOs plan for 15%-30% attrition annually? People’s lives are constantly changing; management must prepare for changes in their tax organization.  It is how management prepares that  will determine the successes and failures of an organization. I wrote this article to help you address these changes. There are reasons why tax experts move to other organizations and reasons tax professionals stay for many years.

Public Accounting

My advice to anyone entering the tax profession is to start with a public accounting firm to gain the training. What often occurs in public accounting is high turnover at the three-to-five-year level of experience. The reasons that tax professionals provide us most often for leaving are stated below.

Reasons Tax Professionals Leave Public Accounting

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