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Wanted: Head of Tax/Treasury (Silicon Valley)

TaxConnections has been retained by a very successful high technology company in Silicon Valley. The Head of Tax will work closely with C – Suite Executives in managing and reviewing global corporate tax compliance, the global tax provision, transfer pricing and treasury strategy. Responsibilities include managing global outside tax consultants and reviewing processes and procedures. The Head of Tax will partner with internal business leaders to effectively manage exposure. The role requires an individual who can effectively communicate with internal and external partners and provide business options to management executives. The ability to understand the company’s products and monitor transactions to identify areas of risk and tax opportunity it important.

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Tax Manager / Partnerships (Northern California)

The Tax Manager role requires partnership, S corporation, and high-net worth individual tax consulting/compliance experience and the skills to effectively diagnose clients’ needs in order to develop and implement solutions. Primary responsibilities involve providing tax compliance, tax accounting, tax research and planning for partnerships, S corporations and high-net worth individuals for sophisticated clientele. We will build upon your technical strengths in order to expand your expertise in other tax areas. Our firm builds well-rounded tax experts to serve a myriad of client needs which leads to continued professional growth. Our culture is to develop trusted tax advisors with sound judgement with the highest ethical standards in the profession. The Tax Manager/Partnerships will be responsible for a range of projects including:

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Americans Abroad Need Your Help With Tax Reform – Listen To Their Stories

Kat Jennings, CEO

Congressional Tax Reform has the opportunity to end the U.S. practice of imposing direct taxation on people who live in other countries. The majority of Americans are totally unaware of the  issues surrounding Americans abroad. People are shocked to hear these stories. TaxConnections will continue to bring you these important stories of taxpayers around the world.

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Education Makes A Major Difference In A Corporate Tax Career

As a well-known expert in locating tax executives for major corporations around the world with a client list of Fortune 1000 companies, I know what companies search for in hiring for their corporate tax department. Having placed thousands of tax professionals over three decades, I know what it takes to make it to the top of tax organizations. The corporate organizations who retain us on tax searches have very high education expectations. Corporate executives expect their management teams to have advanced degrees and/or certifications and we know from experience having both is the best for your tax career. If you want to climb the corporate ladder in tax, you must have a graduate degree and or a CPA to stay competitive. What kind of education are you receiving today?

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Learn The Truth Watching Stunning Videos And Ask Congress For Tax Reform

Kat Jennings, CEO

Congressional Tax Reform has the opportunity to end the United States practice of imposing direct taxation on people who live in other countries. The majority of Americans are totally unaware of the current issues surrounding Americans abroad. People are shocked to hear these stories. TaxConnections will continue to bring you these heartbreaking stories of individuals around the world caught in this web of financial ruin!

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Alerting CFOs And Tax Executives – Tax Reform Has Big Impact On Hiring For Corporate Tax Departments

Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections

There is something about to happen that most companies are totally unprepared for with tax reform. How do I know? I was right in the middle of the impact of tax reform on corporations during President Reagan’s TRA (Tax Reform Act) of 1986. There is no doubt many of today’s CFOs and corporate tax executives are totally unprepared for what is to come under President Trump’s tax plan. President Trump’s tax reform is guaranteed to create many new jobs in corporate tax just like it did in 1986. Here is why…

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Tax Experts Worldwide Have A Secret You Should Know

TaxConnections is changing the way new business and tax jobs connect with tax professionals around the world! We have been on a journey spanning more than three decades changing how tax professionals connect to the business market. We have proof to share with you given our new link discussing 7 Advantages of TaxConnections. The world is moving at a very fast pace and we are simply taking leading tax experts who adopt our platform into the new frontier first. Our secret is out! Take a close look at thousands of tax professionals all over the world and learn how they are benefitting from our highly visible site every day. It is time to discover the 7 Advantages With TaxConnections at this LINK.


Tax Expert Series- Learn Why Small Business Owners Have No Money After Paying Taxes

Kat Jennings, Brett Thompson

This interview with Tax Lawyer and CPA Brett Thompson is part of our Tax Expert Series. We encourage you to interact with these experts at TaxConnections You are also encouraged to make comments below this post.

Kat: What is the number one problem faced by small business owners and/or taxpayers today?

Brett: Actually, you could ask what the number one problem is faced by all Americans today. Read more

American Workers Abroad – How To Avoid Audit Risk On Form 2555

While Congress offers the foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE form 2555) and the foreign tax credit (FTC form 1116) to lighten the tax burden of American workers abroad, they don’t want it too light!

What Is The Revoked Exclusions Rule?          

Each year a foreign worker can choose to between FEIE and FTC to pay the lowest amount of taxes. The revoked exclusion rule is designed to prevent taxpayers abroad from switching each year between FEIE and FTC. Simply put, if you had been using FEIE then switch to using FTC, then you are prohibited from switching back to use FEIE for a period of five years.

Sadly, retail tax software products offer the choice without communicating the consequences for subsequent years. Also since the vast majority of domestic tax preparers never use form 2555, they are unaware also, of the implications of switching between the two. Revoked exclusions are, in my opinion, a senseless complexity designed to deprive foreign workers of flexibility and to entrap them in the complexity of the tax code. But it is the law. How can we protect ourselves? Let’s dissect what it means to revoke exclusion.
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An Interview With A Tax Luminary – Eric Ryan

This is part of the series of interviews I am conducting of highly respected tax experts and luminaries in Silicon Valley. Many of them will be speaking at the 2017 TEI – High Tech Tax Institute Conference in November. Eric Ryan is one such Silicon Valley tax luminary who was also responsible for receiving the world’s first Bilateral Advanced Pricing Agreement (U.S. – Australia). I know of Eric Ryan’s professional accomplishments since Apple Computer retained me to find him many years ago. Eric Ryan was formerly the Head of Tax at Apple Computer, a National Tax Partner/Transfer Pricing with PWC and is an international Tax Lawyer with DLA Piper, Palo Alto, CA. He understands the world of tax from all perspectives.

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Tax Expert Spotlight Interview – John Stancil

In order to find a tax professional to answer your questions, we spotlight interview our tax experts. This week, we interviewed tax expert John Stancil headquartered in Lakeland, Florida.

John has been practicing for over thirty-five years and is a top tax expert and tax writer. He also serves on our panel of tax experts. Given his diverse client base with individuals, small business and non-profits, John is also an expert on foreign earned income, small business healthcare tax credits, and church and clergy tax issues.
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Job Opportunity – Tax Manager/ Partnerships – Northern California

Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO and internationally recognized tax search consultant, has worked with many firms over the years. One of her clients is an East Bay Area boutique tax practice with former Big Four Tax Partners and has grown to around a 50-person tax practice. They offer a culture of support, respect, flexibility, and opportunity that is refreshing to experience these days.

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