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The tax industry, a niche business vertical, is facing the most competitive marketplace in history. As a result, tax advisors are required to raise their visibility, showcase their specialty tax expertise, and cultivate brand awareness to stay competitive. TaxConnections provides an online marketplace solution for sophisticated taxpayers to connect with leading tax advisors nationally and internationally. We identified the need and provide the solution for taxpayers to access a community of leading, technically sophisticated tax advisors who can be accessed easily online.

Tax advisors who position their profiles on benefit from attracting new tax client engagements and tax jobs from businesses worldwide. The competitive advantage you gain marketing your profile on TaxConnections is a steady stream of sophisticated business executives discovering you. We distribute your blog content more than 100,000 times weekly to tax professionals and taxpayers.

If you are selling tax services, software that helps tax professionals do their job better, or continuing education courses, you will want to be seen on TaxConnections.

We have members who have received more 68,000, 78,000, 88,000 and 98,000 views since posting their professional profiles on TaxConnections:

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TaxConnections Seeks Ambassadors For Each State And Country

TaxConnections seeks Ambassadors in all 50 states and each country to help us build out our subscription platform. If you have knowledge of the tax professional community and enjoy interacting with people on the phone, you will enjoy being one of our Ambassadors. You will be given a state or country and be compensated as a revenue share of your work. You will make your own hours, work remote and have a genuine desire to interact with tax professionals and work towards advising them on how to be successful utilizing our technology. We are an organization that supports and serves tax professionals in becoming more successful. We will not use bots or AI to interact with tax professionals; we want human beings who can listen to the needs of our members and who cares about our tax professional members business needs. This can only be accomplished by a human being. Your compensation is unlimited and tied solely to your outreach production.

If you were in an organization resizing, we are a great place to make connections all over the world. You can do this job moving around the country working with a laptop and cell phone. You have the freedom to be peripatetic, traveling from place to place around the country or world. We will provide you with all the leads since we have a 8M+ database of professionals (1M+ tax professionals and 7M+ small and medium sized businesses).
Contact if interested or call 858.999.0053.

Looking For A Tax Executive? The Cost Of A.I. Versus Human Intelligence Is Greater Than You Think!

Anyone with their eyes on a computer screen today will notice we have literally been taken over by bots and A.I. searches and connecting us these days. I recently did a search on a competing site and discovered A.I. bots wanting to communicate their results. The results were not what I expected. These days when you are searching for a tax executive on sites using A.I. which wants to identify the professionals they chose for you. You may not get what you want, you may only get what you can see, and there is a lot you do not see or hear when searching for a tax professional for your organization.

What is a bot? According to the TechTarget website:

“A bot — short for robot and also called an internet bot — is a computer program that operates as an agent for a user or other program or to simulate a human activity. Bots are normally used to automate certain tasks, meaning they can run without specific instructions from humans.
An organization or individual can use a bot to replace a repetitive task that a human would otherwise have to perform. Bots are also much faster at these tasks than humans. Although bots can carry out useful functions, they can also be malicious and come in the form of malware.

Bots are made from sets of algorithms that aid them in their designated tasks. These tasks include conversing with a human — which attempts to mimic human behaviors — or gathering content from other websites. There are several different types of bots designed to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.”
Have you visited a site recently only to describe the issue in detail only to have it respond to you “ I do not understand?” (3 Times) Has anyone informed you that bots can conduct malicious activity on your computer? For instance, bots can harvest your email addresses; install keylogger bots that track every keystroke you make on your keyboard, and bots can gather highly sensitive information from your computer. You really do not know what programs are built into the bot systems now being forced upon you.

What do you think when sites tell you they can find tax professionals cheaper and better than a human recruiter? I will share with you what I am learning directly from corporate clients behind the scenes who decided to do it on their own to save costs of a human resource recruiter.
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Are You A Tax Expert Who Wants To Be Interviewed In TaxConnections Podcast Series?

We are searching for a wide range of tax experts to be interviewed for TaxConnections upcoming podcast series. TaxConnections will be conducting Spotlight Interviews with tax professionals on their areas of tax expertise. When you are presenting your tax expertise to people searching for it, you must speak to a steady stream of prospective clients in a language they prefer. The biggest mistake tax professionals make in selling tax services is understanding taxpayers have a preferred way you need to communicate with them. If you know anything about NLP communication, learn the following: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to communication where you learn people have preferred way of receiving information.

As examples, I will illustrate this in the way I must communicate with my three sons all in a different way. My eldest son is an auditory learner and uses words like hear, listen, sound. He will say things like 5 years ago I heard you tell me about the sounds of woodpeckers you heard in the woods growing up in Upstate New York. When communicating with Skye I know if I need to get a point across to him that I should start with the word “Listen” since this will catch his attention. Listen to the words a person is saying to identify if they prefer auditory communications. Therefore, it is important to have an auditory message to communicate to audiences who prefer to listen and hear what you have to say in a podcast. Podcast listeners are the best way to reach prospective clients who prefer auditory communication messaging. We will interview you in our podcast.

As a second example, another one of my three sons is an identical twin to his brother. One twin Forrest prefers to communicates in a language that is visual and will use words like see, look, visible, image, etc. When I speak to Forrest I will use words like I would like you to look at this. He remembers information best when he see it written down or on a screen. He is the one looking and reading information on his scientific interests. You will need to show a prospective client who are visual learners something in writing before they are ready to make a decision on your services.
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Wanted: Podcast Host For TaxConnections

Wanted: Podcast Host For TaxConnections has thousands of tax professional members promoting their content and services. Do you have Podcast experience? Do you understand how to interview people to bring out the best in them? Do you have a voice and style that will keep listeners engaged? Do you understand the importance of keeping the public informed of tax rules and regulations most are unaware of in an ever-changing tax environment? Do you know how to ask questions of tax professionals that make it easier for people to understand complex tax issues in a language people can understand? Do you know how to make people laugh and smile while interviewing someone?
When a tax professional is selling or marketing their services, it is important to understand the potential clients have a preferred method of receiving information. There are three primary methods people receive information on the services you are selling: Auditory Learners, Visual Learners, Kinesthetic Learners. Organizations using only one method of communication will not capture the larger audience. This is the biggest mistake people (organizations) make when selling services, people have different ways they prefer to be communicated, and we must all respecta prospective clients unique learning preferences.

Auditory Learners: Enjoy listening to podcasts, and conference calls. They often use words like listen, hear, and they enjoy listening to sounds and music.
Visual Learners: Enjoy seeing and viewing while learning something new. They love videos and often use words like See, View, Look, etc. They learn best from visual cues!
Kinesthetic Learners: Enjoy participating in learning experiences; they enjoy problem solving by doing. They will often use words like participate in or experience something.

The benefits to an individual or Sponsor who becomes TaxConnections Podcast Host is building name recognition in the industry in the tax accounting and legal profession. We are searching for an individual who can bring out the best in tax professionals. We want our Podcast Host to have the ability to communicate with our auditory learners. We will consider an individual as TaxConnections Podcast or an organization as our Sponsor of weekly podcasts. We are very flexible and are interviewing now for our best option for a Podcast Host.

If interested in our Podcast Host role, please reach out to TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings at with your qualifications and contact number to schedule a phone interview.

How Tax Professionals Can Protect Themselves From Unemployment In The Next Lockdown

There is a lot going on around the world including bringing tax professionals back to the office. With recent talk of a new lockdown coming from the government in September, and warnings that people will lose their jobs if they do not get the new round of vaccines, what do you do?

Here is how we are helping tax and financial professionals who want the security of a backup plan. Our Tax Professional Members enjoy a higher degree of privacy since we did not build high level tracking system to track our members every move. We believe in protecting your privacy. As an executive search service firm our beginnings were focused on connecting people around the world with a big emphasis on protecting peoples privacy. We also connect tax professionals with tax professionals and tax professionals and prospective clients. More importantly, we strongly believe in privacy for the professionals who come to our platform. You enjoy more privacy on TaxConnections than major media sites who are tracking your every move and thought.

Have you read LinkedIn’s Legal Service Terms:
We highly recommend you carefully read Glint Services 7.0 through 7.5.

Smart Alerts uses AI-for-HR™ to monitor millions of data points and generate real-time alerts for employee populations that are at-risk for increased attrition, decreased performance, or other changes in key performance indicators.

If a company purchasing data points from LinkedIn who is monitoring your activity, what would they discover about your activity on LinkedIn?

Companies would get zero data points from us since we do not sell our members data to anyone. TaxConnections promotes its members to drive traffic to their services and events. What we do is deliver is messaging from our professional members on services and education events our members provide. Want to reach an exclusive tax audience?
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Learn 31 Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Retained Search)

Having the responsibility to search for the very best in the tax profession, you should know what it takes to find a tax executive for your organization. Any company representative who asks us to just go to our file and send them resumes is the person who lacks knowledge of the retained search process while conducting a search for a tax executive who reduces financial risk to an organization and saves a company millions in what could be money lost forever. My career in retained tax executive search spans thirty years and thousands of placements with clients. The work we do is very demanding; retained tax executive search is work we are committed to do for our clients around the world.

Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Retained Search)

1. CFO/ VP Tax/ VP HR Contacts TaxConnections Executive Search Division About A Tax Executive Search
2. Lengthy Discussion of Tax Executive Role And Highly Specialized Needs For The Company
3. Company Retains Tax Search Expert, Pays Initial Retainer To Start Search (1/3 Fee Upfront)
4. Recruiter Writes Up Job Description Based On Client Needs
5. Job Description Approved By Client, Recruiter Adds More Sizzle Information
6. Recruiter Writes Up Marketing Plan To Conduct Thorough Tax Executive Search
7. Recruiter Starts Contacting Tax Executives In Similar Companies For Interest
8. Recruiter Provides Greater Privacy Wall For All Tax Executive Candidates Being Considered
9. Search For Prospective Tax Executive Candidates Is Conducted Locally, Regionally, Nationally
10. Recruiter Reaches Out To Prospective Tax Executive Candidates Seven Days A Week
11. Interview Prospective Candidates, Understanding Their Professional And Personal Needs
12. Recruiter Interviews And Qualifies Multiple Candidates And Presents To Client
13. Recruiter Presents 8-10 Tax Executive Candidates, Possibly 3-5 On Unique Tax Executive Search
14. Recruiter Provides Detail Discussion On Tax Executive Candidate Strengths For This Role
15. Recruiter Arranges 1st Interview With Candidates In Person Or Via Video Conference
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The High Value Of Corporate Tax Executives

Having the opportunity to work with thousands of corporate tax executives over three decades has provided insightful information many people are unaware of in running a corporate tax function. There are three topics that will be discussed in this article that are important to know. A corporate tax executive may not have the opportunity to communicate this information to top management teams. However, it is important to know this information and what we are privately hearing from corporate tax executives.

Lead tax executives are under more pressure in running a corporate tax function than ever before in history. With multiple tax revenue authorities increasing their activity investigating corporations today to generate revenue, corporate tax organizations are experiencing an increase in audit activity from Federal, State, and Foreign tax revenue authorities. As a result, corporate tax executives have a heavier workload as they manage increased risk for corporate organizations. While many corporate executive teams are searching for ways to cut costs, the tax department needs an increase in its budget to support their growing workload. Note To CFOs and Human Resource EXecutives: Ask your Tax Executives what they need to be more successful for your organization? Then give them the financial support they need.

Over the previous two years, we have experienced the highest amount of turnover in corporate tax departments we have seen in decades. Allow me to share a truth with you most corporate executive teams are unaware of. The impetus of the great exodus and early retirements in the tax profession has a lot to do with the complexity of the tax executive workload. Tax work is a high risk job, demands substantial technical knowledge, has greater complexity nationally and internationally, and many tax organizations are working with understaffed tax teams with an increase in workload. Tax Executives will not tell you they do not know the answer to all your technical questions. However, they know how to find the answers from selected industry experts. Therefor, give them the budgets they need to access industry specialty experts. It is technically very complicated in the world of tax! A tax executives technical knowledge is as sophisticated as a pilot driving a jumbo jet! We are talking about a highly trained and educated group of tax professionals.

Another factor affecting corporate tax organizations today is the difficulty finding staff for their tax departments. In the year 2020, public accounting firms were not hiring staff level tax professionals. The staff who were fortunate enough to be hired were working from home with little mentorship available to them while working alone from home. The pandemic had a devastating effect on training in your children’s schools; it also had an impact on training tax staff. I have personally spoken with corporate tax executives who have looked for over a year for qualified tax staff. Many tax departments are hurting for tax staff support. My recommendation is for corporations to hire and train tax staff themselves as interns and rotate the staff among their tax team so tax staff receive more exposure to how a corporate tax department operates over multiple tax jurisdictions.

The Big Four are burning out their tax staff as many leave due to the stress of extraordinary overtime demands on them in these firms. Unfortunately, the experience has motivated many tax staff to leave the tax profession altogether at the three to five year level. This contributes to the lack of available trained tax staff talent for hire today. In the old days, you knew if a tax staff was trained by Arthur Andersen (who ceased operations August 31, 2002 from the Enron debacle), the tax staff went through a rigorous training program. Nowadays, you put tax staff on zoom call in front of a computer and hope they understand the highly technical concepts.

Another issue privately discussed with tax executives that corporate management teams are likely unaware is the increasing demand of technical expertise required by tax executives today. Tax legislation is changing rapidly across multiple tax jurisdictions. The changes are evolving at a pace impossible for any human to keep up with and take time to identify, assess, and select the best solution for the company. I would certainly not leave the solutions to A.I. as it would likely be favorable to tax revenue authorities. There are often several ways tax planning can be utilized so it is best to have the experience of a tax expert who also understands the issues and corporate business objectives. Give your competent tax executive the support and the budget they need to get the job done properly.

Companies need to understand that many organizations make mistakes which cause them to lose great tax talent. Tax Executives are very valuable to corporations today as they save companies enormous amounts of tax revenue that would otherwise be lost forever. One situation I often see is human resources making the mistake of thinking tax salaries and accounting, and finance salaries are in the same pay range. This is not the case as companies often find out when making offers to new tax executive hires. It is a very sensitive subject and best handled in the hands of a professional who has deep knowledge of the subject matter about tax compensation. Having placed more than one thousand tax executives over three decades and negotiated some of the largest tax executive compensation packages in the tax profession, I know how to help companies get the talent they need that will save companies millions (and sometimes billions in tax revenue over a ten-year period just on the way they structure their IP). Technically talented tax executives are one of the most valuable assets a company has these days. Treat your tax executives with the respect they deserve by supporting them with what they need.

Do you have a need for a tax executive currently or anticipate a need in the future? As an internationally proven expert in completing multiple tax executive searches for corporate clients, please be comfortable contacting me with your questions or needs:

Contact or call 858.999.0053 or text 858.232.4415. Available to speak with you 7 days a week. Call me if you have questions on tax compensation.

Contact me if you would like to participate in our year end 2023 private corporate tax compensation study.

VP Business Development Job (Tax Community)

Technology company seeks a VP Business Development to oversee and manage business strategy, plans and processes that will set corporate goals, expand markets, drive sales, and increase revenue.
You will be responsible for identifying and evaluating new markets, channels, and mutually beneficial business relationships. You have responsibility for developing and analyzing business relationships most beneficial to the company’s short-term and long-term growth and success.

The VP Business Development will collaborate with management on sales and marketing goals to support business development plans over the next 3 years. They will also work with management to hire a team to implement sales and marketing strategies and business plans. Ideal opportunity for a person who loves communicating and working with leaders in the tax profession. Taxpayers are searching for technically talented leaders in the tax profession.

The VP Business Development will have experience working in a public accounting firm, law firm, or tax software company. You must have strong written and verbal communication skills, a positive personality, great integrity, and the ability to prove you can meet company goals and business objectives.

Ideal candidates are individuals who are contemplating public accounting partnership but also considering another career opportunity utilizing their practice development and tax business skills. Compensation and stock incentives tied to revenue goals met. Send resume to to request confidential interview. Your privacy is our clients priority.

CFOs Hiring A Lead Tax Executive: Real Truths You Need To Know

After thirty-three years, and more than one thousand tax executive searches, I have information of value to share with C Suite Executives responsible for hiring a lead tax executive for their corporate team. Those who pay attention to my tax executive search expertise will benefit greatly, I am happy to share my knowledge with you. This article is written for the C Suite team expecting to hire the very best in the tax profession. When you hire the very best, you gain more financial opportunities for your business organization. Hiring the best in the tax profession is one of the most meaningful hires you will make in your organization. This article will share real life stories of what happens behind the scenes when hiring lead tax executives. Look at our track record of tax executive search experiences as proof we know how to find the very best in the tax profession.

It is helpful to know that every executive search for a tax executive is different and unique. The success of a search is making a match of a good marriage including shared values, the level of respect the organization has for the tax function and leadership, melding of c suite executive personalities and company goals, and short term and long-term compensation package. There are myriad of issues that need to be carefully discussed upfront for a successful search. Placing a tax executive in a corporate organization who has access to a lot of private financial information is one we take seriously. You want to get the search done correctly the first time around and not cut corners anywhere because it can cost a company million (billions) in lost revenue to taxes. I have worked with tax executives who have clawed back billions in what would have been lost revenue to taxes in how they structured their IP and transfer strategies.

Background Tax Executive Search Lesson One
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STAY AWARE: Hiring Trends In Corporate Tax Departments Now And For The Future

About five years ago, when we surveyed thousands of executives on corporate tax departments trends, I recall one tax executive’s comment vividly… “ The Corporate Tax Department of the Future Will Be Very Different From The Tax Department Of Today.” This comment was emailed to me by a prescient corporate tax executive five years ago. This tax executive provided an insightful understanding of trends that were about to take place. The focus of this post is to discuss trends we now see that are happening behind the scenes in the tax community.

With thirty years’ experience being retained by corporate tax clients to find tax executives, I am highly qualified to discuss hiring trends well in advance of the market understanding the trends currently unfolding around them. The last prediction posted in my blogs a couple of years ago was easy in that I stated once tax professionals start working remotely, they would not want to go back to the office. In this post, I will bring to your attention where we see rising activity in hiring trends and the cost to corporations who do not understand the importance of the technology experts they employ.

Recently, I communicated to a senior management tax executive of a private equity firm my advice on the most important person they should have in-house on their acquisition team. Over the years, they have learned the importance of a strong in-house tax team who can assess the challenges they will face while conducting mergers and acquisitions. While in the past the focus has been on highly strategic tax planning, these teams are becoming ever more careful of the challenges they face in the integration of the software of two separate entities. In some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars of software purchases would not work to integrate two separate systems. This is a software trap many companies are walking into these days. It is messy and it is very expensive.
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Tax Professionals Tell Us Your Experience With Taxpayers

Dear Tax Professionals,
More than ever, the everchanging tax rules and regulations are a challenge to keep up with for all tax professionals. I have spoken with several tax advisors who were surprised of the effects these tax law changes have on businesses large, medium and small this year. One of the best ways to promote your brand is to become a TaxConnections Member and write us a blog post about your surprise experiences in the changes in tax rules and regulations. There are so many changes to keep up these days.

We have known for a very long time that the tax advisors posting blog content on TaxConnections Blogs are doing the best in growing their businesses. Our loyal readers develop relationships with our bloggers as they get to know and trust tax advisors through their articles and content. What we have developed at TaxConnections is a platform that gets you noticed when you post blog content and answer tax questions which can only be done with your support and membership. Never in my life would I have expected to post a blog like I did today…you should read it as it is shocking to see from the IRS. When the IRS talks about it you know it is a BIG ISSUE.

We currently are searching for Sponsors to support our platform which is very affordable. Please join us and tell us your experience with taxpayers this year. We do a lot on our platform that is distinctly different. Unlike other sites we do not track your every move like the big sites now do to you. We do not believe it is anyone’s business who you know, what sites you are visiting, who you are clicking on and who you may be interacting with on our platform. Most people are completely unaware that these other sites are also tracking if you are searching for jobs and they can sell this information to your employers. Yes, they are watching you! You gave your data to sites who now sell you out! We respect our members privacy and have never sold your data as other sites do!
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