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Why Taxpayers Need Tax Experts More Than Ever This Year

Kat Jennings -Why Taxpayers Need Tax Experts More Than Ever

Although I know little about football, the opportunity to learn from professional athletes is important. Jerry Kramer, former professional American football player, author and sports commentator says ”When the game is over, it is really just beginning”. This is how we should look at the the IRS Individual Tax Return 1040 Form. It received a lot of attention yesterday. Apparently, the IRS has everything it needs to file simple individual tax returns. Although the IRS is on a big push to automate everything and increase it’s access to private data of the U.S. taxpayer through machines, there is something important missing here.

Astute tax professionals know all this software does not include every tax deductions available to taxpayers. The fact that tax software may not include code for all available tax deductions for taxpayers is a quick and easy windfall for the government. Tax software does not help the taxpayer if it does not include all the available tax deductions. However, it does help the government. Taxpayers need tax experts more than ever this year given all the changes in the tax code. I would be shocked if all the new changes in the tax rules have been coded into the tax software you are now using.

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3 Significant Ways To Motivate Your Tax Team This Year

Kat Jennings - 3 Ways To Motivate Tax Teams

A leader’s ability to manage and motivate a team will have significant influence over their morale and motivation. How you lead and guide your team is vitally important to them. Think about this…when a person smiles at you and is very welcoming towards you, it makes your day. As a leader of your organization, you have the power each day to make your people start their day feeling welcome and happy to be at work with a smile. You have the ability to empower them and get them charged up for the day, ready to be their most productive under your management direction. This post discusses three things you can do starting today to gain more productivity from your team.

Greet those you manage daily with a smile and let them know you are there. If you are too busy to talk to your team, send them a positive message of motivational inspiration. If you want motivational quotes, here is an eBook of 250 Motivational Inspiration we developed for you. It takes just a few minutes to select an inspirational quote to forward on to your team each day. These quotes are a great reminder of how some the biggest leaders in the world think or thought in many cases. In my own experience managing teams, people have told me these passages always seemed to arrive at the right time and it helped them throughout their professional and personal lives. These messages do have an impact on people’s lives and thoughts.  Remind people each day that there are many reasons to be positive as you are adding pearls of wisdom to their lives.

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Marketing Tax Services Is About To Change Radically In 2019: Are You Really Prepared For Voice Activated Searches?

Kat Jennings- Marketing Tax Services Is About To Change Radically

Marketing your tax expertise is about to change radically in 2019 and many people will be unprepared for the changes, according to top marketing expert Neil Patel. The adoption of new technologies is driving these changes with the major one being voice activated search. For those individuals now talking into their phones or any voice activated switch product like an Echo Voice or a variety of other products, these are changing the way we live our daily lives. As I was sharing an article on voice activated search with one of my sons recently, he said “Our generation will do anything the easiest way they can figure out. If we do not have to type, and we can ask by voice, then we will do that first.” This was another one of those teachable moments in which one of my three sons ages (24,24,25) was showing me the way instead of the other way around. They can teach us so much about their use of technology.

In 2018, 2 out of every 5 people will use voice search once per day according to ComScore. This means more people will be using their voice to search for everything online. It is predicted that in 2020 fifty percent of all searches online will be done through voice search. It will not be just people speaking into their cell phones or laptops, thirty percent of web browsing will not even take place on a screen device. People will be searching using multiple products like Google Home, Alexa and numerous other voice activated devices.

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The War For Talent Goes Virtual – Tax Professionals Working Virtually

Kat Jennings - The War For Virtual Professionals

The rise of the internet has completely changed the hiring process. The advances in communication technology and internet access have changed the way companies do business today. Many companies have eliminated the traditional office setting to hire professionals who work virtually. What does it really mean to work virtually? Virtual professionals work from a location other than a company headquarters and communicate via telephone, emails and video conferencing. Professionals working virtually may work from home, traveling from city to city, an airport kiosk, and sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant.

Look around today and you will see professionals are working from every imaginable location. The desire to become a virtual professional is increasing each year for very good reasons: virtual professionals are proving to be most productive.  When you offer professionals a virtual work option, a chance to work where they feel most productive, this completely transforms their view of their job as they are more motivated to justify this work arrangement.

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Vice President Tax – Mid West Insurance Company

Vice President Tax Job- Insurance Compamy

The Vice President Tax is the head of tax for all the companies that operate under this privately held parent. The Vice President Tax will be responsible for overseeing and managing the tax function and all relationships with external and internal business partners and identify areas of risk and opportunity for the company including:

  • Manage the co-sourcing agreement with the Companies’ external tax accounting firm for the preparation of the statutory and GAAP income tax provision and accrual, and the tax return preparation and compliance matters for income, premium, property and sales/use.
  • Manages all Companies’ tax audits and examinations and negotiates settlement of disputed issues with the Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory bodies.
  • Represents the Companies at the highest levels of appeal in negotiations regarding tax deficiencies.
  • Controls tax planning responsibilities for all Companies including short and long-range planning to reduce tax expenses to the legal minimum.

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Why Now Is The Time To Establish A Virtual Tax Office – Part 1

A Virtual Office For You In 2019

Now is the time to build your practice around technology that improves your business and improves your personal life. Allow me to explain why virtual office technology is so important to your livelihood, source of income and your business and personal life. Among all of the new technologies, a virtual office will have the greatest immediate impact on your business opportunities today. A Virtual Office is one consistent location in the cloud that others can always reach you for free, and stays with you throughout every business and personal move in your life. It provides a continuous and uninterrupted professional and personal address for others to connect with you no matter how your life changes.

The reason a virtual office is important is that it establishes you with a prime cloud real estate location which enables people to connect with you without paying a fee to do so. As you may be aware, many of you gave up your personal data to sites that now charge others to connect with you online. Your business opportunities are now being blocked by the very sites using your data to build their business. These sites now demand people pay to connect with you online thereby having a negative impact on your business opportunities. The fact is the majority click away when asked to pay to connect with you and many of you are sitting idly by and allowing this to happen to your business today.

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View An Astonishing Achievement By These Tax And Business Professionals For 9 Million Americans Abroad

Kat Jennings - Thank These Gentlemen

This is an important post that we encourage you forward on to any person you know who is an American working and living abroad; or any accidental Americans who are caught up in this tax legislation. Please watch this video where John Richardson interviews Jim Gosart, Olivier Wagner and Solomon Yue about their work on behalf of all Americans Abroad. Although many other significant contributors have helped along the way, these gentlemen have been greatly instrumental in getting tax legislation H.R. 7358 to Congress.

If you have followed any of the initiatives to get this bill in front of Congress, you must know what they have accomplished is astonishing. The goal has always been to make the tax treatment of Americans Abroad fair. The new bill presented in Congress is appropriately called “Tax Fairness For Americans Abroad Act of 2018″ and you should follow it closely.

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Ten Reasons The Virtual Tax Workforce Is Growing Rapidly

Kat Jennings TaxConnections CEO - Virtual Office

Tax organizations have actually been hiring remote for decades; however, the practice is now growing rapidly. Throughout the 80s and 90s multinational corporations set up country tax managers who would report informational back to the headquarters tax team. Although these remote tax professionals once felt removed from headquarters, they now connect in real-time to team members globally through technology.

Technologies like a virtual office, a virtual phone and a virtual mailbox are having a positive impact on the production of many professionals today. As a result,  tax organizations are increasingly growing their tax practices and reducing overhead business costs utilizing low cost new technologies.

1. Greater Number Of Companies Hire Virtual Tax Professionals 

A survey of more than 1,000 companies found that the lack of trained professionals is driving the trend towards virtual workers. Firms who were unable to access tax experts locally are opening their minds and operations to virtual tax talent.

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Give Yourself The Gift Of A Virtual Tax Office This Year

TaxConnections - Virtual Tax Offices

TaxConnections has built Virtual Offices for tax professionals around the world; however, we want to tell you about our evolving iterations and updates. For those of you unfamiliar with TaxConnections Virtual Office, allow me to explain what it is and why it is important to have one.  A Virtual Office enables you to conduct business from any location with cell phone access. While organizations have moved their businesses to the cloud, tax professionals are moving their businesses into the cloud and away from brick and mortar buildings. Early tax professional explorers are staking out virtual office space and acquiring prime cloud real estate. TaxConnections tax members and their virtual offices are already dominating space online.

What we imagined is now a reality, a “virtual office” in the cloud for tax professionals. It is a steady home base throughout a tax career where a tax professional can always be reached. It is a place where your mail always comes to you no matter what city or country you may be traveling. There are no brick and mortar real estate costs, and no landlord; you are free to work from any location on earth. Your entire business is in the cloud, and you are unencumbered and able to travel light.

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CPA Firms Of The Future – Learn Who Will Get The Best Talent!

Kat Jennings- CPA Firms Of The Future

While many firms search to find talent at the 3-7 year level, a better solution is being provided to accommodate a firms’ growth today. We have been studying this phenomenon carefully for a few years now. It is a real problem when stakeholders in CPA firms do not have the expertise available to get the job done. With tax reform creating more work for everyone, the stakes are about to get higher this season and beyond. We have a real solution we have developed for a limited number of CPA firms.  What we do… we do for a limited number of firms because we rather do an extraordinary job for a small number CPA firms than making a promise to the majority. In this post I will first explain why firms are having such great difficulty attracting tax and accounting professionals with 3-10 years of experience and the smartest solution to the fast changing phenomenon in hiring and retention.

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Tax Professionals – Looking For A Tax Job Or New Clients? Learn How To Work Smart (Part II)

Kat Jennings - How To Find A Tax Job

You are a tax professional who has come to the realization that things have changed; you woke up one day and the world of tax is different. Everybody is creating efficiencies and shortcuts and you are trying to figure out what solution is best for you.  Remember my words from the previous post… If you remember any words of this blog post, remember you must stand out in order to get noticed and considered for tax jobs and new clients. We are going to discuss ways we make it easier for tax professionals to stand out.  It is important to understand this as many people are following the crowd of sheep oblivious to what is really happening around them online. Allow me to enlighten you to facts important to know.

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Looking For A Tax Job Or Clients? Learn How To Work Smart

Kat Jennings- Marketing Your Tax Expertise On TaxConnections

With years of experience placing tax professionals around the world, it is a lot of work to find someone a tax job. If you remember any words of this blog post, remember you must stand out in order to get noticed and considered for tax jobs. You absolutely must present yourself professionally online; the more times people see you online the more opportunities you create to be considered by clients and employers.  It sounds simple, right?

Fortunately, new technology created for tax professionals makes it easier to get noticed. You must place your reputation out in front of key decision-makers who can hire you when they have a need. Failure to keep up with technology connecting you to new clients or tax jobs will cost you if you do not know what has changed. This post is dedicated to tax professionals who want to be on the front lines of a fast changing business development environment. This post is for those who want to learn a smarter way to stay out in front of competitors for tax jobs and/or tax clients. If you are a corporate tax professional, tax professional in a firm, independent tax services provider or a new tax graduate, listen and read closely. You will learn how to increases the number of opportunities coming to you. What I will teach you took me years to learn and I want to pass this knowledge along to you.

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