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Get Ready, Get Set To Be A Remote Tax Professional

Kat Jennings

The number of tax professionals who call us each week about remote work is increasingly steadily. Guaranteed the trend towards remote tax jobs will grow dramatically in the years ahead. What tax professionals want to work remote? What is really happening right now causing this trend? How can you raise your hand to be considered for remote tax opportunities? What companies are looking for remote tax workers?

If you have been following my blogs these past few months, you are learning that there are many good reasons the remote tax workforce is growing. Corporations now hire many remote tax experts as consultants; tax and accounting services firms have been outsourcing remote tax consultants for years; law firms are more accepting of research being conducted by lawyers who prefer to work part-time from home; and governments are now studying a remote government tax workforce and implementing test programs. All of these organizations have something in common; they are saving money on rental office space, and many are even saving on computer and phone equipment. Remote workers also reduce the amount of traffic on the road during heavy commute time. Given that some states are now planning to tax those on the road during heavy traffic hours, it is obvious the remote tax work force will continue to grow.

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Senior Tax Manager, International (San Jose, California)

Senior Tax Manager, International In San Jose, CA

TaxConnections has been retained to conduct a search for a Senior Tax Manager, International for a publicly listed company in the San Jose, CA area. Our client seeks a Senior Tax Manager who will report to the VP Tax and assist on a wide range of international tax responsibilities. Your willingness to expand your tax knowledge is key in this role. International experience with multinational operations in Asia and Germany very helpful.

Primary Responsibilities

This role requires an individual with the willingness to assist and take responsibility for a variety of interesting international tax projects as required or needed to include:

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Tax Director, Reporting And Compliance (San Diego, CA)

Tax Director Job

TaxConnections has been retained to conduct a search for a Tax Director for a publicly listed company in the San Diego, CA area. Our client seeks a tax executive to lead an experienced tax team for a company with significant international operations.

This role reports to the VP, Global Tax and is responsible for US GAAP world-wide tax accounting & reporting, including domestic income tax compliance and income tax audits. Technical GAAP and tax skills, strong communication skills, team development and stakeholder management will be integral to the role as the successful candidate will be expected to work with senior internal and external stakeholders, as well as develop and lead a team of tax professionals.

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Using IPA 2015 As A Model For OECD Market Intangible Consultation

William C Barrett

On February 13 the OECD issued a public consultation document requesting input on two pillars developed to address concerns about taxing the digital economy.(1) Pillar 1 deals with profit attributable to the jurisdiction of the customer or user (the market jurisdiction), while pillar 2 addresses base erosion and profit shifting.

Three options are proposed under pillar 1: the user participation proposal, the marketing intangibles proposal, and the significant economic presence proposal.(2)

In July 2015 then-House Ways and Means Committee members Richard E. Neal, D-Mass., and Charles W. Boustany Jr. released a discussion draft of the Innovation Promotion Act of 2015 (IPA 2015), designed to encourage the generation of intangible income in the United States.(3) A key component of the proposed legislation was to define intangible income to which a tax deduction would apply — so-called innovation box income and thus produce a lower effective tax rate on intangible income. IPA 2015 defined the profit attributable to non-marketing intangible income as the ratio of five-year cumulative research and development expenses to five-year cumulative total operating expenses.(4) The proposal reflected concepts similar to the BEPS action 5 definition of non-harmful tax incentive regimes for intellectual property.

This article tries to match the pillar 1 discussion with the guiding principles previously established under the OECD’s BEPS project. It introduces an expanded version of IPA 2015 as a potential way to reach consensus on the allocation of marketing income under pillar 1 and to address concerns that some local tax laws may constitute export subsidies under the WTO rules.

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Eight Reasons The Remote Tax Workforce Is Growing

Kat Jennings

Ever since I posted an article on 1000+ Tax Jobs Coming To You Through TaxConnections, I have been receiving calls and emails from tax professionals regarding full-time, part-time and remote tax jobs.  You will appreciate the reasons remote tax work is growing for tax professionals.  All signs indicate businesses public and private are recognizing the benefits of a remote tax workforce. Here are eight reasons the remote tax workforce is growing.

1. Innovation of computers, phones, connections through video and audio have a major impact on the ability to work remotely. As the remote tax workforce grows on sites like TaxConnections, more companies and governments are now finding it easier to identify this talent.

2. Highly trained Baby Boomers tax professionals (Born 1946 – 1964) want to continue to work and are readily making themselves available for remote jobs today. They prefer to spend the time working from home than managing the increase traffic and delays in transportation. According to Gallop, about one third of today’s workforce comes from the 75 million strong and active baby boomer generation. Baby Boomer tax professionals have a very strong work ethic.

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Big Mistakes Companies Make Using Homemade Excel Spreadsheets: Accounting For Income Taxes

Kat Jennings

The number one request these days for corporations hiring is someone to handle accounting for income taxes. It is a major focus for companies these days because of the complexity involved in these calculations. We have been in contact with thousands of tax professionals regarding accounting for income tax roles and have been asking them how they handle these complex calculations. What I found most interesting are the many Fortune 500 companies who still use an Excel model they designed in-house for accounting for income taxes. On the other hand, I asked technology consultants what issues they see with Excel spreadsheet models. What I learned from experts was the disproportionate amount of time the tax professionals were spending on making sure the Excel spreadsheets are calculating correctly versus the real technical issues in an ASC 740 context.

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Looking For Remote Tax Opportunities? Interested In Attracting New Tax Clients? Get Listed On TaxConnections

Kat Jennings2

One of the many positive influences of the platform is our ability to connect our members with employers who want to hire remote tax professionals. Organizations enjoy the ease of connecting with a wide range of tax experts on TaxConnections. The issue has always been connectivity and this is precisely why we make it easy for everyone to locate the tax expertise and skills they require for a wide range of roles.

TaxConnections is a marketplace of leading tax experts and tax technology. We welcome the opportunity to introduce tax experts with a range range of tax expertise nationally and internationally. Our tax professional members receive higher visibility because we spend considerable time direct messaging executives in large, medium and small businesses worldwide to draw attention to them. Yes, TaxConnections actively promotes its members to high end business executives all over the world. Our goal is driving more business clients and opportunities to you; and our goal is building a higher level of trust in your tax expertise.

Join Us And We Will Position Your Tax Reputation In Front Of People And Organizations Searching For Your Tax Expertise Worldwide.


Remote Tax Jobs – 1000+ Coming Through TaxConnections

Kat Jennings - Remote Tax Jobs

TaxConnections has received calls from multinational corporations, public accounting firms and services firms all over the world to discuss their need for experienced tax professionals. Organizations are changing and so are the needs of tax professionals themselves. Why is the desire to work remotely growing? What are the benefits for organizations that employ remote tax experts? Who is searching to hire a tax professional to work remote?

About two years ago, I received a call from a firm who wanted to hire more than one thousand tax professionals during tax season. They wanted a remote tax workforce and they were searching our site to find experienced tax professionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge. We thought it was wonderful for TaxConnections Members. When I followed up with several tax professionals who worked for them through a busy season, it was then that I realized they paid them by the number of clients they worked with that season. It was a good start for tax professionals who were building new client relationships.

On another occasion, I received a call from an organization who was building a global remote tax practice. They have plenty of work to give remote employees and they pay them by the number of returns they prepare for the firm. They can work when they want and where they want anywhere in the world. Their practice has grown in over 5 countries globally and they love the fact they can simply reach out to our tax professional members as a remote workforce.

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Dealing With IRS Collections During A Financial Hardship

Venar Ayar On IRS Financial Hardship

If you’re already having financial problems, IRS collection actions can make your situation even more difficult. Fortunately, the IRS will consider your financial issues if you ask for a collection alternative.

Request A CDP Hearing

The IRS won’t know about your financial hardship unless you tell them. If your assets are about to be seized, you should make sure you request a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing to explain your situation.

The IRS is usually required to send a Notice of Intent to Levy in the mail before your assets can be seized. You have 30 days to respond to this notice and request a CDP hearing. At the hearing, you can propose collection alternatives, and the IRS won’t levy your assets until the CDP process is complete.

Make sure you read every IRS notice you get and pay careful attention to any deadlines mentioned in the notice.

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Attention: Technology In The Tax Profession Is On High Speed

Kat Jennings

As I spend my days speaking to every imaginable technology company supporting the tax and legal profession, it is an incredible experience learning what is out there. Big companies who created software years ago will be devoured by the newest round of technology innovators on the horizon. In fact, my list of 1700 software innovations is a surprisingly big one. What most adopters of technology may not realize is the younger and newer companies are ahead of the technology game more than they may think. People generally are unaware that the big name companies may be stuck with old lines of code they have yet to update. When you update the code of this software, you update the servers, the browsers, the mobile, the iPad, and you name it. Across the board upgrading your software to 2019 code affects everything. TaxConnections just went through an upgrade from 2013 code to 2019 code and it is expensive and time consuming.

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TaxConnections Complimentary eBooks For Tax Professionals

Free Tax eBooks

In case you have been busy this summer, we want to guide you to a very special page we made just for you. We often receive requests for this information and want to make certain you can access and receive these valuable resources.

You can now access United States Tax Treaties, Global Tax Authority Country Representatives, Verify Law Licenses, Verify State CPA Licenses, Learn About Opportunity Zones, Automobile And Truck Depreciation Charts, Motivational Inspirations, 250+ Best Tax Jokes and much more.

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ASC 740 Intermediate Tax Topics: Stock Comp, States And Uncertain Benefits-Complimentary Webinar Today 9:00 AM PST


We invite every tax professional to take this opportunity to register for today’s complimentary webinars on ASC 740. This tax provision session will cover ASC 740 – Intermediate Tax Topics And Uncertain Tax Benefits. It is about 30 minutes in length and taught by leading  trainer and CEO Nick Frank on the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act and the tax provision. This is one of the most requested repeat webinars we offer on a complimentary basis. It starts in less than one hour!

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