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CFOs And Tax Executives: Hiring Tax Professionals Today

CFOs And Tax Executives: Hiring Tax Professionals Today

Over the last few months, we reached out to CFOs and Tax Executives and asked them how their operations have changed over the past year. We asked them what the experience has been like working from home? Will they continue to work remote? How have corporate tax executives been managing an increased workload ? How will they address the tax hikes coming under a new administration? Are they adding staff to their tax organizations? How will they handle the interviewing and hiring process? The answers to these questions are the focus of this blog post. I will share the information obtained from conversations with CFOs, corporate tax executives, tax partners in accounting and legal firms, and independent tax services providers. Their feedback is a huge reveal in this everchanging market.
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Technology Company Wants Recently Retired Tax Partners

Technology Company Wants Recently Retired Tax Partners

We have a great problem and we are searching for a solution we know Tax Partners can solve. If you are a Tax Partner currently with a firm, or newly retired one, who wants to benefit with business from our technology platform, please call to discuss your background. We have a great problem that is easily solved with current or former Tax Partners with a wide range of tax expertise. Perhaps you took early retirement…we want you at TaxConnections.

TaxConnections is also searching for actively involved Board Members to share in our growth and development. We have a great vision we want to share with you. You will benefit from the knowledge you have gained over many years as an active part of our team. Call Kat Jennings at 858.999.0053 X100 or email to arrange a time to learn more.

How To Smartly Grow Your Tax And Financial Services Firm

How To Smartly Grow Your Tax And Financial Services Firm

Building a brand is vital to raising the visibility of your tax and financial services expertise. The perception you create in your current and prospective client’s minds surrounding the qualities and attributes of your tax services and products is what makes your business grow. As a result of the controversial censure by major social media sites, advertisers representing a wide range of views are searching for alternative platforms to build their brand awareness.

More than ever, tax and financial professionals, and their firms, are required to make more informed and strategic decisions in marketing professional services online. We have conducted valuable research providing insight how to build your brand online and increase your privacy which is being taken from you every day. There are strategies you can implement but you must be educated what is happening around you first. Unfortunately, many people are distracted and not paying attention. Our goal is protecting you! Our mission is educating you how you are currently being manipulated online and show you how to increase your privacy protections with TaxConnections Membership.

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Tax Professionals: You Need To Know… What You Do Not Know (Lesson II)

TaxConnections Lessons

Here Is Lesson II Video

(Video Teaches You: How The IRS Knows About Everything You Do And How They Use The Information In Court) 

Robert Frost, an American Poet, was one of the most highly honored poets of the 20th Century (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963). He wrote a lot about the human condition in early American Life. He wrote the famous poem called The Road Less Traveled.

According to the Poetry Foundation, “The Road Not Taken” begins with a dilemma, as many fairytales do. Out walking, the speaker comes to a fork in the road and has to decide which path to follow:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth …”

The last stanza of several in the poem states:

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Tax Professionals: You Need To Know… What You Do Not Know About Operating Your Business Online (Lesson I)

Tax Professionals: You Need To Know... What You Do Not Know (Lesson I)

You are a tax professional and just want to stay focused on business. You are now working in a world that has changed and much of it has been secret, yet right before your eyes. More than ever, important information is coming out about how you use the internet and you are likely wondering what you should or can believe. Since our inception, TaxConnections has operated differently from all the other sites you may be utilizing right now. We do not sell your data or information nor do we have an App that collects all your personal information. We focus on promoting your professional expertise to drive new clients to you. We run a platform that places a very high value respecting your privacy!

We want to educate our tax professional members about working online and will provide a series “You Need To Know… What You Do Not Know”. If you are working online, as we all are, it is your responsibility to learn a lot more than you may realize or be cognizant of working online. Please follow me in the weeks ahead to learn what you should know operating your business online.

Start by watching this video and making certain your family also watches this YouTube Video:

The Creepy Line

Everyone in the world should watch the above mentioned video!

Then pay attention to the lessons we send you as we offer a solution to our members. You will be a lot smarter operating online.

Lesson One: Apps – What To Consider

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Tax Professionals: Give Your Tax Blogs Worldwide Distribution

Promote Your Tax Blogs On TaxConnections

More than ever, taxpayers desire a connection to tax professionals who make taxes easy to understand. TaxConnections serves as a platform connecting taxpayers with a wide range of tax professional expertise. Our members do an extraordinary job discussing tax issues in a language people can understand. Our members keep taxpayers more informed on taxes issues.

Tax increases are here, and as a result, taxpayers are even more interested in connecting to TaxConnections Members through our platform. If you are a tax professional who wants to increase your client acquisition opportunities, reach people interested in hearing about tax rules and regulations, and how taxpayers are affected, we invite you to join as a TaxConnections Member.

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Learn How TaxConnections Members Are Increasing Revenue For Tax Colleagues In Small, Medium, Large Tax Practices

TaxConnections Referral Network

Over the years, we have observed tax professionals helping tax professionals in other firms. We encourage our members to partner and network with each other to add new services to their practices. TaxConnections network effect is of great value to small and medium sized practices who want to add specialty expertise to their practices.

The purpose of this post is to lead you to experts who will work with you when you refer new business to them. You maintain 100% control over your clients! We encourage all tax professionals who want to add specialty expertise to their practices to reach out to these TaxConnections Members:

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ALERT: Momentum For Digital Dollars And Tax Expertise

ALERT: Momentum For Digital Dollars And Tax Expertise

On June 30, 2020 the US Senate Committee On Banking, Housing And Urban Affairs heard the testimony of the Chris Giancarlo. Mr. Giancarlo formerly served as Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and now is Founder of the Digital Dollar Project. He made three important observations ‘”you should read” in his testimony to the US Senate:

1) America’s financial infrastructure has fallen behind times

2) The world is entering an era when things of value, such as money, contracts, stock certificates, land records, cultural assets like art and music, our votes and even our personal identities will be managed and stored in a secure way. While the first wave of the internet is known as the Internet Of Information, the new wave is called the Internet Of Value.

3) The third observation is that, unless we act, this coming wave of the Internet will place an enormous strain on our aged, centralized financial systems. If we do act, however, we can harness this wave of innovation for greater financial inclusion, capital and operational efficiency and economic growth for generations to come.

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An Easy Way To File 1099s And W2s For Businesses This Year

An Easy Way To File 1099s And W2s For Businesses This Year

The Internal Revenue Service reminded employers that they must file Form W-2 and other wage statements by February 1, 2021, to avoid penalties.

How can a business ensure the process is made easier to file W-2s and other forms this year?

Start Early And Online With eFile4Biz

Good preparation now can help businesses avoid problems later. For instance, employers can get an early start verifying or updating employee information like names, addresses and Social Security numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

Check Out Easy Online Forms Preparation And Filing For Free

Marketing Tax Expertise Online: Accelerate Your Success In The Tax Profession!

Marketing Tax Expertise Online: Accelerate Your Success In The Tax Profession!

We live and breathe strategies that gain attention for tax professionals online. Anyone marketing their tax expertise online can run a check on Google today and discover that when you type in the word “tax professional” you will see 1,330,000,000 Billion results. If you go to LinkedIn and type in “tax professional” you will see 1,890,996 Million results. How do you elevate your tax expertise to the top of the search engines and gain a competitive edge online? We have been testing strategies for years now and have a formula that works for tax professionals.

One of the first lessons we encountered, we learned through our search services division. With all the resources to search online, we knew firsthand all the paywalls that prevented us from finding and connecting with the tax professionals for all the clients who came to us for referrals. A search for you most often requires people to pay a fee for connecting with you online. This was the first obstacle we were determined to overcome for every tax professional’s success. TaxConnections technology was developed so our tax professional members appear on an organic Google search just under LinkedIn. Our tax professional members profiles are linked together on the backend which raises our tax professional members visibility to the top of the search engines together. It is a powerful boost each member receives from day one and they can even gain a powerful link to the TaxConnections site!

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Tax Experts: Wanted For “Business Leader Show” Bookings

Marketing Tax Services

As the CEO of, I want to invite TaxConnections Members who want to speak to our broadcast partners to contact us about being selected to participate in interviews. We are actively reaching out to tax professional members who want to expand their audience and attract new clients in the months ahead.

What Is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is a global digital marketplace that connects tax professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms, tax services firms of all sized with the clients who need them.

How Tax Professionals Benefit?

TaxConnections ensures the world can find you easily online. You gain back control over your online profile so that your reputation is no longer blocked by other sites who put up paywalls or obstacles that prevent others from finding you. You gain higher visibility increasing your business opportunities online.

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Call To Action: Tax Professionals Hedge Your Marketing Bets

Call To Action: Tax Professionals Band Together And Hedge Your Bets

The Awakening: As a tax professional, you want to find a former tax colleague; or a referral for a client requiring specialty tax expertise; or find a tax professional to hire. You are now having an awakening and realize pay walls prevent people from finding tax professionals they are searching for online. What do you do?

The Problem: The problem is the blocking now being done by other media site you may currently be on that prevents others from finding you online. If you are in a corporate tax department, how will someone find you? How will they know you are looking for a job? If you are in a public accounting firm or a law firm, how will anyone find you if they do not know what firm you are working in right now? You must make it easy for people to find you online. You must be proactive and make it easy for people to find your expertise outside of paywall sites! Inaction is causing you to lose opportunities as people must work harder to find you. You must hedge your bets to raise your visibility online!

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