Marketing Tax Services

As the CEO of, I want to invite TaxConnections Members who want to speak to our broadcast partners to contact us about being selected to participate in interviews. We are actively reaching out to tax professional members who want to expand their audience and attract new clients in the months ahead.

What Is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is a global digital marketplace that connects tax professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms, tax services firms of all sized with the clients who need them.

How Tax Professionals Benefit?

TaxConnections ensures the world can find you easily online. You gain back control over your online profile so that your reputation is no longer blocked by other sites who put up paywalls or obstacles that prevent others from finding you. You gain higher visibility increasing your business opportunities online.

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Advertising Tax Services

We are reaching out to TaxConnections Members to refer to business talk show programs. As a TaxConnections CEO, I have developed relationships with business show programs who will interview our members and sponsors. The purpose of this program is to help our members and sponsors get their message out to a steady stream of prospective clients. You must be a member or advertising sponsor to be selected for this business interview. There is no cost to you to be referred to one of these talk show programs.

TaxConnections serves the tax business community by promoting our members to a steady stream of executives in businesses small, medium and large. We deliver our platform directly to the desk of business executives; we promote the content of our members  publications, webinars and events; we spotlight interview members; and direct message to taxpayers all over the world. Our site is supported by Tax Professional Membership Subscription and by organizations marketing their services and products to the tax community nationally and internationally.

Please contact us if you would like to promote and market your services and products under our Sponsor Program. You can also call 858.999.0053 x100 to leave a message and we will get back to you with details on our Sponsor Program.

Marketing Tax Expertise

Every tax and financial professional needs to build a personal brand identity that defines who they are in the market. We built the TaxConnections platform to provide tax and financial professionals with a competitive edge over their competition. The primary reasons you need to build a professional brand on TaxConnections are:

  1. Personal branding gives you increased visibility online. TaxConnections technology positions tax professionals higher on the search engines over their competitors.
  2. Answering tax questions and posting tax blogs have been proven to raise our members profiles on the search engines. Our technology gives our tax professional and financial professional members a competitive edge online.
  3. Your professional brand awareness proves your value and worth for the expertise and services you offer as an expert in your field.
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TaxConnections Membership

Tax and financial professionals who want to drive their tax expertise and reputations to the top of peoples minds are getting their needs met through TaxConnections. What sets our marketing platform apart from any other are the people who visit TaxConnections stay longer and look at more pages than any other site. View Proof.

Why does this happen that our visitors stay more focused on a visit to The answer is it easier to find a tax expert on TaxConnections. Our members pay an annual fee to be listed to ensure the world can find and connect with them for free. We are visited by executives and companies worldwide who come to our platform to find tax experts to hire as outside specialty consultants or for full time employment opportunities. These companies and hiring executives approach you directly.

Every tax and financial professional who joins our platform finds their reputation rise higher on the search engines and more visible to the world around them. We also ensure our members have a Virtual Office in the cloud address. Read Blog Post On our Virtual Office technology here.

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10 Reasons Tax Firms Establish Virtual Offices Online

What is a Virtual Office and why are thousands of tax professionals in public accounting firms, law firms, independent tax services firms and corporate tax professionals establishing a Virtual Office online?

As the CEO of, we have worked for several years on prescient technology. We anticipated the need for tax and financial professionals to prepare for disruptions to their businesses. At the time we started, our thinking was around the business disruptions from floods, fires, hurricanes, moving office addresses, and then came the pandemic. We were born of a generation growing up watching the “Jetsons” so we had imagination for our futures in  business. Long before anyone had an office in the cloud we were building Virtual Offices for the professions. The importance of establishing a Virtual Office in the cloud is you need a presence in the cloud where your expertise can be found and connected to easily online(without other platforms blocking your success).

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marketing tax professional

For those of you reading this article, allow me to give you a little background before you read this entire post. You can count on one hand the number of tax recruiters with a track record of performing for clients worldwide, and I am one of them.  There are a handful of us that truly understand what is happening throughout the market. In my case, here is the client list to back up my statements.

Throughout my career in executive search for tax professionals, I was retained to place the first U.S. tax person working in China for a U.S. multinational corporation. The client was General Motors and they hired me to bring in a bilingual tax professional to work with the China government authorities in Beijing. I was also retained to recruit for genesis international tax legal practices such as DLA Piper and Baker McKenzie; and also retained by Arthur Anderson and KPMG to set up the US tax practices alongside the European ones years ago. For those of you who have worked with me over the years, you understand my deep expertise connecting tax professionals with tax organizations around the world.

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Kat Jennings Marketing Tax Services

There is an awakening occurring for tax professionals in how they are marketing their tax services. While a herd of marketers rely on clicks and impressions they receive to determine results, we are showing tax firms an entirely new way to get results in new client acquisition. We have always been of the opinion that you cannot establish a relationship with a two second click or an impression. If you are surrounded by marketing teams focused on how many clicks and impressions, you need to refocus on how you are building trusted new relationships.

Executives share with me privately how they dislike being targeted and followed around by ads. They have turned their ad blockers on in the masses. We just went through a research project of the marketing folks in the top 100 law firms and public accounting firms. What we discovered was stunning! More than 70% of the marketers for these firms were gone after three years. This number is huge and significant. The turnover was high because the results of marketers were not there, or the marketing professionals in the firms were so challenged by constant rejection they simply left for a more enjoyable experience. What is happening with marketing tax services today? Why should you change how you market your tax services?

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Kat Jennings- Marketing Your Tax Expertise On TaxConnections

With years of experience placing tax professionals around the world, it is a lot of work to find someone a tax job. If you remember any words of this blog post, remember you must stand out in order to get noticed and considered for tax jobs. You absolutely must present yourself professionally online; the more times people see you online the more opportunities you create to be considered by clients and employers.  It sounds simple, right?

Fortunately, new technology created for tax professionals makes it easier to get noticed. You must place your reputation out in front of key decision-makers who can hire you when they have a need. Failure to keep up with technology connecting you to new clients or tax jobs will cost you if you do not know what has changed. This post is dedicated to tax professionals who want to be on the front lines of a fast changing business development environment. This post is for those who want to learn a smarter way to stay out in front of competitors for tax jobs and/or tax clients. If you are a corporate tax professional, tax professional in a firm, independent tax services provider or a new tax graduate, listen and read closely. You will learn how to increases the number of opportunities coming to you. What I will teach you took me years to learn and I want to pass this knowledge along to you.

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For many of you who have been following my tax search expertise for years, you know that my background is in helping tax professionals and tax organizations be more successful. This is precisely why I built… to continue to help tax professionals promote their tax expertise worldwide. Thousands of members from more than 100 countries are now utilizing TaxConnections to build tax brand identity, attract new clients, identify staff and consultants for their tax departments, and find a wide range of tax expertise around the world. I also know large tax organizations turnover at the rate of 25%-30% a year so tax executives leading tax organizations today must constantly be prepared for the inevitable changes.

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TaxConnections Complimentary Webinar For tax Professionals-Thursday, April 6th 2017 at 1:00PM EST /3:00PM CT /4:00PM EST

  1. A Virtual Tax Office Tour To Reduce Your Overhead
  2. Tax Experts- Ask Tax Question (High Traffic Platform)

Due to the high number of visitors searching for tax experts through our new mobile platform, you are invited to view this exciting client acquisition feature during our complimentary webinar on Virtual Tax Offices today Thursday, April 6th 2017 at 1:00PM EST/3:00PM CT/4:PM EST. Read More

Kat Jennings

Tax Professionals are moving into the world of Virtual Offices. Every day tax professionals in corporations, law firms, public accounting firms, independent tax services and financial wealth planning firms are moving into Virtual Offices. The benefits for tax professionals are many including reduced overhead, better access to deeply discounted resources, free applications and longer free trials. Every TaxConnections Virtual Office provides curated resources that save our members – time and money.

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Building your revenue pipeline is an integral part of your business and this program helps you build it in a three-part webinar series. The webinar series has the goal of building your sales plan for 2017 and includes: Rethinking your sales mindset – it’s about being a trusted advisor not a salesman; Defining your target market so you can stop wasting time chasing the wrong leads; Creating your own unique strategies to reach potential clients; An interactive step-by-step process to achieve your goals; Working copies of templates and checklists to create your plan for 2017 and keep yourself accountable.

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