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TaxConnections Complimentary eBook For Tax Professionals: 200+ Best Tax Jokes, Tax Jokes And Fun Tax Forms

Free Tax Jokes eBook

While many tax professionals are busy filing tax returns to meet the September 15th filing deadlines, we want to make certain you all have access to our Complimentary eBook with over 200 tax jokes, tax quotes and fun tax forms. It is very popular and we want to remind you of the copy waiting for you to download with our compliments.

This eBook is a healthy stress reliever so we recommend you take a moment to enjoy the smiles and laughter you will have from this eBook. It is especially written for TaxConnections Inc. visitors.

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250+ Inspirational And Motivational Quotes To Manage Your Team And Life

It is important to feed your your mind with inspirational and motivational thoughts each day; in fact, it is healthy. There are people around us that look at the world in many different ways. You have the ability to redirect the minds those around you in a positive way. It is the person with a great attitude that people are most attracted to be around and listen to most. Our complimentary eBook “250+ Inspirational And Motivational Quotes” provides you with phrases you can pass on along to those around you.

Use this compilation of inspirational quotes to communicate with those you manage in your professional life and as well as friends and family in your personal lives. Inspirational quotes help you connect with people and let them know you care, you are thinking about them, and you want to invest the time in them. Start your day reading these quotes and sharing them. We have done the research in compiling these quotes for you to share.

We invite you to download this eBook and use the inspirations to motivate your team, friends and family.

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Register For Complimentary Webinar Today: ASC 740 Valuation Allowances


This complimentary webinar today is an in depth discussion of valuation allowances including evaluating positive and negative evidence, impacts on the tax rates and interim implications. This course includes the implications of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. The Instructor is nationally recognized ASC 740 expert Nick Frank.

We invite you to join us today. Webinar Starts within the hour!

Date: Friday, August 16, 2019

Time:12:00Noon PST/11:00AM CT/10:00AM CT/9:00AM PDT

Register Here For Complimentary ASC 740 Webinar

Meet Tax Professionals With Greater Opportunity For Success


In the words of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, “You just cannot beat the person who never gives up.” This is what you need to remember to succeed in the tax profession. Tax professionals who never give up and keep getting up to bat, create higher visibility and create more opportunities for success.

One of the many positive influences of the platform is our ability to connect our members with people who want to hire tax professionals. Organizations enjoy the ease of finding a wide range of experienced tax professionals on our tax platform. Our visitors spend less time searching for tax expertise. We welcome the opportunity to introduce tax professionals with a wide range of tax expertise nationally and internationally to key decision-makers around the world. TaxConnections is an extraordinary marketplace of leading tax experts.

TaxConnections tax professional members receive higher visibility because we spend considerable time direct messaging executives in large, medium and small businesses worldwide to draw attention to our members expertise. Yes, TaxConnections actively promotes its members to high end business executives all over the world. Our goal is driving previous and new client opportunities to you; and our goal is building a higher level of trust in your tax expertise.

Join Us And We Will Position You In Front Of People Searching For Tax Expertise Worldwide.


It Is Time To Discover A Great New Tax Calendar

Akore Tax Calendar

It is one of the best tax calendar software tax professionals will enjoy this year. This Award Winning Tax Calendar offers an extraordinary experience for any tax professional who wants to organize all corporate tax returns domestic and international; or a tax services firm managing all of their clients. It is smart and affordable; even better the company will scan all the documents for you. You would be very wise and ahead of the upcoming tax year to take a tour through this easy to use, low cost Tax Calendar.

Register for a tour to learn for yourself what this tax calendar offers large, medium and small corporate tax organizations; and tax services firms in organizing every client and filing date due. No more late notices, no more penalties, no more spending time looking for tax files and notices. It is all securely stored in the cloud or you can store it in your own servers; the choice is yours.

TaxConnections is in the process of reviewing over 1700 software companies this year and are very impressed at the low cost and high value of the Akore Tax Calendar. Tax professionals enjoy being organized with software that saves them so much time.

Register For A Tour That Is Simply Amazing.


Free eBooks From TaxConnections To You

FREE eBooks For Tax Consultants

TaxConnections has updated many eBooks this year that will help you throughout the year. These are free and cover a wide range of topics that may be of interest to our tax and business professional community. Please take this opportunity to download as many of these complimentary eBooks as you like. The titles of these eBooks are as follows:

-United States Tax Treaties
-Global Tax Authority Country Representatives
-Verify Law License
-Verify CPA License
-Interview Guide For Management
-Preparing For Interviews
-200+Best Tax Jokes
-250+Motivational Inspirations
-Presidential Executive Orders
-Learn About Opportunity Zones
-Automobile Depreciation Charts
-2019 Federal Individual Tax Rate Charts

Access Complimentary eBooks Here



ASC 740 In Depth: Valuation Allowances – Complimentary Webinar For Tax Professionals Friday August 16th, 2019

ASC 740 Webinar- Valuations

This complimentary course is an in depth discussion of valuation allowances including evaluating positive and negative evidence, impacts on the tax rates and interim implications. This course includes the implications of the Tax Cuts. Instructor is nationally recognized ASC 740 expert Nick Frank.

Date: Friday, August 16, 2019

Time:12:00Noon PST/11:00AM CT/10:00AM CT/9:00AM PDT

Register Here For Complimentary ASC 740 Webinar

Tax Director, Reporting And Compliance (San Diego, CA)

Tax Job 2

TaxConnections has been retained to conduct a search for a Tax Director for a publicly listed company in the San Diego, CA area. Our client seeks a tax executive to lead an experienced tax team for a company with significant international operations.

This role reports to the VP, Global Tax and is responsible for US GAAP world-wide tax accounting & reporting, including domestic income tax compliance and income tax audits. Technical GAAP and tax skills, strong communication skills, team development and stakeholder management will be integral to the role as the successful candidate will be expected to work with senior internal and external stakeholders, as well as develop and lead a team of tax professionals.

Primary Responsibilities

Read more

Depreciation Deduction Charts For Owners Of Passenger Automobiles, Trucks And Vans And Leased Vehicles

Automobile Depreciation Charts

According to IRS Rev. Proc. 2019, this revenue procedure provides: 1) tables of limitations on depreciation deductions for owners of passenger automobiles first placed in service by taxpayer during calendar year 2019; and (2) a table of amounts that must be included in income by lessees of passenger automobiles first leased by the taxpayer during calendar year 2019. The tables detailing these depreciation limitations and lessee inclusion amounts reflect the automobile price inflation adjustments required by 280F(d)(7). For purposes of this revenue procedure, the terms “passenger automobiles” includes trucks and vans.

The Depreciation Charts also include: 1) Depreciation limitations for passenger automobiles acquired before September 28, 2017, and placed in service during calendar year 2019 for which the additional first year depreciation rules apply 2) Depreciation limitations for passenger automobiles acquired after September 27, 2017 and placed in service during calendar year 2019 for which the first year depreciation rules apply 3) Dollar amount for passenger automobiles with a lease term beginning in calendar year 2019.




Complimentary Webinar: ASC 740 Intermediate Topics: Stock Comp, States and Uncertain Tax Benefits


This Friday, August 2, 2919 complimentary webinar course will discuss the intermediate ASC 740 topics such as stock compensation, Sec. 162(m), states income tax issues and uncertain tax benefits. It is a great course for practitioners new to ASC 740 or brushing up on their skills.

Nick Frank is a well-known expert on the tax provision and has been teaching these courses to tax professionals in corporations and public accounting firms. Nick has worked with every type of tax provision software on the market today and sought to simplify the process so everyone understands it. Tax provision is complex but Nick Frank makes it easy to do. Register for the August 2, 2019 online webinar. It is with our compliments!



Corporate Tax Executives: Tour This Amazing New Tax Calendar


One of the most important responsibilities of every corporate tax department and tax professional providing tax services is keeping track of important tax due dates. Awareness of due dates will help avoid penalties and late fees. Every business has important due dates for tax returns and extensions, payment of estimated taxes, retirement accounts, IRS filings and more. How do you keep track of all of it for your company? How do you keep track of all tax due dates for multiple clients?

While reviewing more than 1700 different types of software available to tax and financial professionals, we have identified Tax Calendar software that is powerful and inexpensive. We now search for new software with powerful features, low cost, easy to use and without the big marketing budgets. There are some real winners out there and we ask you to take notice of them and take a complimentary tour. You can make your decision from there. We just want to show you this Tax Calendar software impressed us the most at the best prices. They will even scan and organize all the corporate tax returns for your organization. It is amazing!

Check Out This Tax Calendar Today

– Your Key To A Successful Corporate Tax Function


ASC 740 The Basics – Perms, Temps, NOLs And Credits – Complimentary Webinar Series Starts Today

You are invited to a complimentary ASC 740 training session which  is about 30 minutes in length and will cover various facets of state taxes including separate versus unitary states, state modifications under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, state NOLs and state uncertain tax benefits.

Webinar: ASC 740 The Basics – Perms, Temps, NOLs And Credits

Date: Friday, July 19, 2019

Time: 12:00PM EST/11:00AM CT/10:00AM MT/9:00AM PST