Tax Advisors: Why It Is Smart To Shift Your Marketing Strategy Now

According to former CIA Analyst Andrew Bustamonte, nine out of ten people do not take- action when advised to do so. However, “the people who do take- action first gain a competitive edge, a forty percent lead, over those who fail to act first.” Early adopters of new technology tend to be trendsetters and innovators who have early access to new technologies to increase their customer base with more practical solutions. If you are in the business of marketing your expertise or your firms’ expertise, as an innovator you are more likely to try out newer ways to increase your customer base.

While most struggle with old ways of marketing that no longer produces the desired result; early adopters who try new solutions to get ahead in business gain the competitive advantage. It is well-known early adopters are most in tune with what is happening in the world of technology, and they are on the cutting edge, willing to invest the time and budget to try new solutions. Early adopters drive the way for the rest of the industry to find better solutions they need to be more successful in the profession.

Back in 2010, an email came to my desk with an offer to buy Bitcoin at .05, and I did not take action on that opportunity. Today, that same Bitcoin is worth $72,551.40. What I am about to share with you is another opportunity that early adopters have the potential to benefit from. The early adopters who take action will have the advantage over competitors who are searching for ways to market their tax expertise.  I missed an opportunity because of my failure to be an early adopter of something new.

The tax industry, a niche business vertical, is facing the most competitive marketplace in history. As a result, tax advisors are required to raise their visibility, showcase their specialty tax expertise, and cultivate brand awareness to stay competitive.

TaxConnections Marketplace is where talented tax advisors are discovered by high-net-worth individuals, and business executives in small, medium, and large companies worldwide needing a wide range of specialty tax expertise.

TaxConnections Marketplace is implementing artificial intelligence into its platform to enable our AI Brain to search through our tax professional members profiles to identify the advisors with specialty tax expertise our visitors are searching to find around the world.

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and there are technologies emerging that will have a great impact on the tax profession. TaxConnections is working on a conference Thursday, October 24, 2024, about the new technologies, tax, and AI innovations. We are launching our own AI innovations for the world to see. We are making it easier for the world to find your tax expertise online. For this reason alone, you will benefit as an early adopter of our solutions by becoming a Tax Professional Member now in our global tax marketplace.

In the meantime, we want you to know this about AI, “The key factor regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it is a system that does not possess critical thinking or reasoning skills. It generates text or information that stems from a base of information supplied to the system. Any received “input” becomes available for output.”

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TaxConnections Member Exceeds 98,000 Views

It is important you are aware of the value of TaxConnections Membership. One of our members, Peter Scalise has been with us for awhile and has utilized our technology marketing system perfectly. Peter Scalise submits blog posts and answers tax questions regularly. Both of these activities increase his visibility online and are proof Peter’s number of views utilizing our technology works to get him noticed with more than 98,000 VIEWS!

When you write blog post we distribute it to our white-listed audience interested in tax matters. Membership ensures you have a wide distribution channel for the services you are selling. Having your blog posts, conferences, seminars and continuing professional education distribute to our tax network is so valuable and affordable! It cost sales than one dollar a day to promote and position yourself on our platform.

If you do not write, you can quickly answer a tax question which is a great way to connect with a steady stream of prospective clients. Everyone submitting a tax question remains anonymous; everyone answering a tax question receives credit. We encourage our members who are asked the same question over and over again to submit the question and answer it; the next time a client asks them a question they have been asked hundreds of times, simply send them the link with the question and answer. In addition, when taxpayers type the same question into the internet browsers our members are appearing with their answers.

These marketing strategies are very effective at drawing a steady stream of prospects towards you. Use our Q&A feature as it is there to promote your specialty tax expertise and make it easier for clients to find you online. It takes 5-7 minutes to answer a tax question.
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Kat Jennings- How Tax Professionals Rise To the Top Of Search Engines

Imagine meeting 100 tax professionals; imagine they all have a similar set of technical tax skills; imagine they all have great interpersonal skills. Why do 16% of tax professionals in this group rise to the top of the profession? Why do they have higher visibility? Why do they get access to the best tax jobs? Why do they attract a steady stream of prospective new clients? Why are they having greater success? Why are tax professionals with less years of experience surpassing more seasoned tax professionals? The reason has a lot to do with strategies and technologies these tax professionals are utilizing today. Is there an easy formula? Yes, there is an easier way and we will show you how to rise to the top 16% in the tax profession.

According to Everett M. Rogers, an American communication theorist and sociologist who originated the diffusion of innovations theory, there are five types of adopters of innovations. Roger’s research identified fascinating personality traits that help us organize how people will accept new innovations. It is important to know what they are if you want to be in the top 16%. Everett Rogers divides people into personality traits in order to describe them. Keep in mind people may have a combination of these traits or they may display some traits at times and others at times.
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