TaxConnections Member Exceeds 98,000 Views: Learn His Marketing Strategy Utilizing A Tax Centric Media Site

TaxConnections Member Exceeds 98,000 Views

It is important you are aware of the value of TaxConnections Membership. One of our members, Peter Scalise has been with us for awhile and has utilized our technology marketing system perfectly. Peter Scalise submits blog posts and answers tax questions regularly. Both of these activities increase his visibility online and are proof Peter’s number of views utilizing our technology works to get him noticed with more than 98,000 VIEWS!

When you write blog post we distribute it to our white-listed audience interested in tax matters. Membership ensures you have a wide distribution channel for the services you are selling. Having your blog posts, conferences, seminars and continuing professional education distribute to our tax network is so valuable and affordable! It cost sales than one dollar a day to promote and position yourself on our platform.

If you do not write, you can quickly answer a tax question which is a great way to connect with a steady stream of prospective clients. Everyone submitting a tax question remains anonymous; everyone answering a tax question receives credit. We encourage our members who are asked the same question over and over again to submit the question and answer it; the next time a client asks them a question they have been asked hundreds of times, simply send them the link with the question and answer. In addition, when taxpayers type the same question into the internet browsers our members are appearing with their answers.

These marketing strategies are very effective at drawing a steady stream of prospects towards you. Use our Q&A feature as it is there to promote your specialty tax expertise and make it easier for clients to find you online. It takes 5-7 minutes to answer a tax question.

Having your professional profile on can be the tipping point to attract the attention and clientele you deserve. We respect your privacy and never sell your data to anyone. We greatly value our relationship with you and come to you first to refer people around the world searching for your expertise.

Know when you are supporting TaxConnections through your membership, we will be thinking of you first!

You can, add video to your professional page with a simple youtube link, and can upload articles to your profile page through your Virtual Office feature. Soon we will release the Podcast Library for you to upload your Podcasts. Having all this information on one page is a great way to build trust with the marketplace. Taxpayers want to work with tax experts they trust.

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