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Expensive Problems Related to New IRS 1040 Rules For S Corporation And Partnership Basis Calculation Attachments

Expensive Problems Related to New IRS 1040 Rules For S Corporation And Partnership Basis Calculation Attachments

How to Avoid Annoying & Expensive Problems Related to New IRS 1040 Rules for S Corporation and Partnership Basis Calculation Attachments

What You’ll Learn
Why IRS is now forcing tax preparers to include S Corp & Partnership basis information on Form 1040How to calculate basis for S corps and partnerships for purposes of filling out Form 1040

What to do when the client has no idea what his basis is, cannot understand why you need such a thing, you never asked about this before, and so forth and so on, a.k.a. “Yada Yada Yada.”

How tax preparers can turn basis problems into income earning opportunities

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Best Opportunity For Accounting Graduates In 2020 And Beyond

Accounting Graduate Opportunities

What is the best opportunity for accounting graduates in 2020?

Well before we can answer that question, first it’s crucial to realize that accounting graduates for 2020 are entering a thoroughly altered employment landscape, and one that’s continuing to shift under our feet.

The traditional employment route envisioned by many college graduates in accounting—get your first job at a big accounting firm, then evaluate your options once you have a few years’ experience at a big firm—is becoming less appealing and less available with each passing year.  This article from Accounting Today, based on an AICPA study, shows that accounting firm hiring of college accounting graduates is down by 30% over the past few years.  For existing employees at these larger accounting firms, pay cuts and layoffs are happening with regularity.

The major trends driving this new reality are not likely to reverse or slow down anytime soon:

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Satisfy Your CTEC Hours And IRS Hours With One Course

Satisfy Your CTEC Hours And IRS Hours With One Course
Course Description
  • Knock Out Both Your CTEC and Your IRS Hours with one relevant, convenient, NOT BORING update & refresher course.
  • Trusted and Enjoyed by thousands of CTEC Tax Preparers since 2011. Proven track record!
  • Created by Actively Working Tax Pros. Who creates these other courses? Are they actively working tax pros who do tax returns for real clients?  🤔
  • The Ultimate Convenience. No missed classes. Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

Course Instructor: Andy Freiburghouse, known as Andy Frye in the tax world is a consultant and Enrolled Agent licensed to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.

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What Is The Best Marketing Technique For Tax Professionals?

Marketing Tax Expertise

What Is the Best Marketing Technique for Tax Professionals?

What is the best marketing technique for tax professionals?  If you could only choose one marketing method, what would it be?  This is a common dilemma all tax professionals face: how can I concentrate my marketing efforts on stuff that actually works?

Most tax pros answer this dilemma by saying that referrals are the best marketing method.  Yes, agreed, referrals are the best way to acquire new clients.  The “catch” with referrals is that it’s something that’s outside of our control.  It’s something that someone else does.  Yes, there are ways that we can increase the likelihood, quantity, and quality of referrals—and we absolutely should do those things, as a top priority—but I can’t wake up this morning and control whether or not someone refers me.

In the course of serving thousands of tax clients myself, while also training and supporting over 20,000 of my fellow tax professionals through Pronto Tax School, I’ve noticed one marketing technique that works better than any other for tax professionals seeking to grow your client base and your career.

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