Attention Tax Professionals: The Importance Of Changing How You Market Your Tax Services

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There is an awakening occurring for tax professionals in how they are marketing their tax services. While a herd of marketers rely on clicks and impressions they receive to determine results, we are showing tax firms an entirely new way to get results in new client acquisition. We have always been of the opinion that you cannot establish a relationship with a two second click or an impression. If you are surrounded by marketing teams focused on how many clicks and impressions, you need to refocus on how you are building trusted new relationships.

Executives share with me privately how they dislike being targeted and followed around by ads. They have turned their ad blockers on in the masses. We just went through a research project of the marketing folks in the top 100 law firms and public accounting firms. What we discovered was stunning! More than 70% of the marketers for these firms were gone after three years. This number is huge and significant. The turnover was high because the results of marketers were not there, or the marketing professionals in the firms were so challenged by constant rejection they simply left for a more enjoyable experience. What is happening with marketing tax services today? Why should you change how you market your tax services?

For years, I heard from Partners in firms struggling in the area of client acquisition. Partners are under constant pressure to acquire new business throughout their careers. TaxConnections solves the marketing  challenge for them on our platform. This is a problem we worked hard to solve at , a solution that does the heavy lifting involved in marketing tax services. The other day I heard for the 1000th time a corporate tax executive tell me, “I spend the majority of my days avoiding the phone calls from marketers.”

It is a brutal field out there for marketers these days as prospective clients are in overtime to avoid your calls. Marketers have a tough job these days. A job with constant rejection and few results creates high turnover in service firms today. It surprises me that firms hire people to market who often have no relationships with the business people they are marketing to. Acquiring new clients is a relationship business! You must build trusted relationships and that is what we excel at on the TaxConnections platform.

Firms are throwing away huge marketing budgets on everything you can think of and discovering it does not works. Firms are feeling burned by standard advertising without results in new client acquisition. This is all changing now as we have been testing our marketing platform for over seven years now. We know what works and have proof of it with our clients. TaxConnections provides advertising services for tax, accounting and legal professionals. Our site does not look like advertising as we worked very hard to give it the feel of native advertising (advertising that does not look or feel like an advertisement). TaxConnections does not rely on impressions and clicks; TaxConnections builds relationships between the tax experts on our site and the businesses who visit our site searching for tax expertise.

Building trusted relationships to acquire new clients is what works and we developed the marketing technology platform that precisely addresses this issue. We built a tax focused marketing platform that is consistently outperforming all competitors in building business relationships. You can see the proof looking at our Amazon Alexa Analytics Metrics. You can also see proof again on these comparisons of the global accounting and legal alliances. Our visitors spend more time on our site because they are interested in finding tax expertise.  Every week we hear from people all over the world who love our site. Our metrics also consistently proves it!

For those of you who have an awakening that your marketing initiatives are no longer working let me share real life stories with you. A couple of our Advertisers came up for renewal recently and I asked them “So tell me how you feel about TaxConnections versus the other sites you were advertising on?” They both gave me the same excited response “I love what you are doing to acquire new clients for us.” One client has two in-house sales and marketing folks who were able to seat 3 people while marketing on a well-known business professional site working all week on an event; we seated 103 in a webinar event for them during the same time frame. We did this month after month for a year and they are true believers now. What we are doing on TaxConnections has an amazing impact in helping firms acquire new clients. They are keeping this secret close as they are now outperforming their competitors for the business services they offer. I have asked them for testimonials several times and now have the feeling they do not want their competitors to know how they are outperforming them in sales of their products and services:)

One secret that I will share with you in this post is that we position our site in front of the top executives in the Fortune 500 to 5000 every month. These executives are receiving messages to look at our site for tax expertise. No one else out there has a platform like TaxConnections that is specifically reaching executives at companies about their needs for tax expertise. There is no other tax technology marketing platform like ours in the world. We work to build trusted relationships between you and a steady stream of prospective new customers. We offer a range of marketing packages for every budget. If you are a tax professional with a limited budget, you can start with a TaxConnections Membership where we share a lot of information with you every week in client acquisition, the new way! It is vitally important to your tax practice that you change how you are marketing your tax products and services.

If you are a firm, we have customized services you can purchase in blocks of hours or marketing packages. It is all about time and more importantly it is about time you learn what works in building new relationships online. Call us at 858.999.0053 to discuss your particular needs in developing new clients for your tax practice.

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