Why Are There So Many Tax Jobs? Why Are Tax Professionals Unable To Connect With These Jobs Easily Today?

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For those of you reading this article, allow me to give you a little background before you read this entire post. You can count on one hand the number of tax recruiters with a track record of performing for clients worldwide, and I am one of them.  There are a handful of us that truly understand what is happening throughout the market. In my case, here is the client list to back up my statements.

Throughout my career in executive search for tax professionals, I was retained to place the first U.S. tax person working in China for a U.S. multinational corporation. The client was General Motors and they hired me to bring in a bilingual tax professional to work with the China government authorities in Beijing. I was also retained to recruit for genesis international tax legal practices such as DLA Piper and Baker McKenzie; and also retained by Arthur Anderson and KPMG to set up the US tax practices alongside the European ones years ago. For those of you who have worked with me over the years, you understand my deep expertise connecting tax professionals with tax organizations around the world.

There is something happening today in the market regarding tax jobs and how people connect to tax jobs today. You would think it would be easier, and in many ways technology has been good to us. However, there is an underbelly of obstacles making it more difficult for tax professionals to connect with the thousands of tax jobs available today. If you are a tax professional reading this article, you may be surprised to learn you are constantly being blocked from people ever reaching you in the first place. As an expert in searching for tax professionals around the world, you deserve to know why people are unable to connect with you about new tax opportunities to advance your tax career.

This week I did a search on LinkedIn and realized when I typed in the word “tax recruiter” that I could not connect with anyone except through LinkedIn InMail Service. You now must pay to send a message and connect with just about everyone. If you go over the allotted 15 emails a month (which you can go through while having coffee at their desk), you can pay $1.00 per InMail message. If you check LinkedIn, they state “Simply put, LinkedIn is an ad format similar to an email that is delivered to a LinkedIn user’s personal message inbox on the platform. The InMails are sent on a pay-per-second basis, and cost is anywhere from $.30 to $1.00 per second depending on your target audience.” The date of this statement from LinkedIn was September 17th 2017. I am still looking for the updated costs to 2020. For the record, I did receive a message from LinkedIn that when my membership comes up in May 2020 they are no longer offering the membership I previously had as it is being discontinued. This translates to “we are raising prices and the price you have been paying is discontinued, no longer available. Get ready for more charges on your credit card as you are now paying for InMails.

There is a lot coming to you this year in terms of costs online. We are moving the opposite direction in reducing your costs and raising your visibility at the same time. First you need to be educated on some of the challenges you face going forward. I will then provide you an easy solution to help you remove the current obstacles to your professional success.

As someone searching for tax professionals daily, here are the three primary challenges to finding and connecting with tax professionals online. There are many of them and I will address just a few in this post to enlighten you.

Obstacle One: If you list your professional profile on a site for free, they make money by selling access to you. If people, former colleagues, clients, employers, friend are trying to reach you on LinkedIn they must pay to connect and send a message. Guess what! You are losing opportunities every day when your professional qualifications are being blocked when people are forced to pay to connect with you or send you a message. The majority of people walk away when faced with all of these obstacles. In fact, they may even simply go on to the next task and never connect with you after all. You are losing opportunities when people are asked to pay to send you a message. I will share with you how to remove this obstacle in minutes later on in this post.

Obstacle Two: Your companies and firms prevent recruiters from ever reaching you through email screening. They go though and block recruiter’s emails from ever reaching you in the first place. They will also block phone calls to you about tax opportunities. You likely did not know this but it happens every day. Another thing we experience is many companies no longer even have a real person at the front desk answering phones. You must know the extension of the person you are calling or you do not get to that person at all. Imagine opportunities of a lifetime are passing you by…because there really are people trying to reach you and never do because they do not have your extension to reach you!

Obstacle Three: The way you present your professional life online costs you opportunities every day. Ninety percent of the professional profiles we see will benefit from an online makeover. It is imperative you understand the power message you send out with your online personal brand. As a tax professional, you were never provided expertise in school on personal branding. Today, you must have one to rise to the top of the tax profession and you must work at it consistently.

Let me share an important observation in getting to the top of the tax profession. Over the years, I have studied intently “How is it that two tax professionals with the same qualifications have completely different career tracks? Why does this tax professional make a certain amount of income and another with the same professional qualifications, education and credentials make 10X more in their tax career?”  The answer is very clear to me after three decades in the tax search profession. The one making the most did the very best job of building a personal brand. You must develop a personal, outside of your company brand, to succeed and those who do not will be passed by for opportunities.

Obstacle Four: It pains me to see tax professionals spending all this money on building a web page for themselves without knowing the end game. If you build a site it does not mean visitors will come to you. You must invest a lot of time and money to get visitors to notice you once you have built a site.  No one tells you that you must spend money to drive traffic to your site.  All you really need is a TaxConnections personal branding site to drive more people searching for your tax expertise to you. You can have one up easily in less than thirty minutes and less than three hundred dollars. You can even link your current company site to your TaxConnections profile to get a trusted lift for your tax expertise.

In my opinion, why even build a website with multiple pages if no one visits all the pages. Take a look at this research we did and you will notice a distinct pattern on how many page views on big sites you know or may even be part of right now. We compared the top global accounting firm alliances. My point is that if your building a website with multiple pages they will likely get little traffic.

The Solution:

How do you get noticed above the more than 10M-15M tax professionals worldwide?

What you need to do is get a lift online with a personal branding page. TaxConnections personal tax brands links our member’s profiles together online with our proprietary technology to ensure our member’s profiles rise to the top of the search engines. TaxConnections members are on a known authority site that the search engines can trust. More importantly, anyone around the world can find a TaxConnections Members and send a message for free. Our visitors and member are always making connections because they could not connect on LinkedIn without paying a fee.

For the past several years, we have been building a solution dedicated to elevating tax professional brands in ways that improve a tax professionals’ visibility and connectivity.  As a tax professional, you find yourself too busy throughout the year learning new tax laws and meeting tax deadlines, there is little time to spend marketing your personal brand. The importance of a personal brand about you, your tax skills and expertise, technology skills, companies, should never be underestimated. We have been watching break out stars outperform incumbents in the profession.

All you need to improve your visibility and connectivity online is a personal brand site that is up in less than 30 minutes and receives a steady stream of visitors who are interested in tax expertise. See  the proof at Amazon Alexa Analytics.  As a member we sent you tips that are easy to implement and take your personal brand and tax expertise to the top for more attention and opportunity.

Today is the day to join as a TaxConnections Member. Our goal is improving access to you in order to drive more opportunities throughout your tax career. Your online visibility is affecting you more than you know. Stop making people pay to connect with you and a world of opportunities will flow through over time. You must do so consistently throughout your tax career. It requires a slow, consistent methodology and this is what we built for tax professionals worldwide. We get you noticed and ensure you rise above all competitors.

(Do your tax colleagues a favor and send this post on to your best tax friends, you will change the course of your entire tax career and theirs, too! This article is not posted on LinkedIn so we ask you to distribute it to every tax professional you know.)


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