TaxConnections has a wide range of tax professionals with tax specialties. One of our members specializes in taxes for truckers, limo drivers and rideshare drivers. They are all taxpayers in the profession of transportation. When I interviewed TaxConnections Member Daniel Farmer, he told me he has enjoyed a lifelong interest in trucking and transportation. Daniel currently works out of Clearwater, FL where he manages an accounting practice serving small to medium size businesses. In fact, when Dan told me he has a collection of trucks I asked him to share it with us.  Read More

Kat Jennings

Due to the high number of visitors searching for tax advisors through our new mobile AskTaxQuestion platform, we are launching earlier than expected.

We have a limited number of tax experts positions available and recognize from the high traffic activity that this will be one the smartest marketing investments you will make in your tax reputation this year. We only have a few positions left!

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My desire to describe a generation of distinguishable tax experts in corporations, accounting firms, law firms and academia made me think of a “taxonaut” or “taxnaut”. When you look up the word “naut” in the dictionary it states the definition is one of a voyager; or likened to a voyager! There is a new generation of tax professionals voyaging out into a new world of tax explorers. They are being Read More

You Are Invited To Be Part of Internet History…
Join TaxConnections as we present incredible Tax Experts on Small Business Day at the Internet Tax Summit on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 beginning at 8:00AM (PDT).

Get your Complimentary VIP Ticket to watch and listen to Tax Experts on various topics affecting Small Business and Taxpayers.

8:00AM (PDT):
Why Are Home Based Businesses Being Targeted For Audits?
Clifford Benjamin, United States Tax Association, Daytona Beach, Florida Read More

What Are Your Tax Filing Obligations As A U.S. Citizen Living Abroad?

Learn From ExpatTaxProfessionals By Clicking On These Videos.
Introducing Tax Experts: Ephraim Moss and Joshua Ashman, ExpatTaxProfessionals, U.S. And U.K.

Ephraim Moss



Joshua Ashman


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Internet Tax Summit

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TaxConnections is spotlighting Tax Experts during the Internet Tax Summit September 21-23rd 2105. An entire day of the Internet Tax Summit will be devoted entirely to C-Suite Executives and Corporate Tax Leaders. As this historical three-day event unfolds online, TaxConnections places the spotlight on Tax Experts who will educate corporate tax executives on tax trends that will affect their bottom line. Corporate management teams are often unaware of how business transactions will affect them from a tax perspective. The Tax Experts at the Internet Tax Summit will break issues down into real stories affecting real companies and costing them millions of dollars in tax revenue.

There are CEOs and CFOs who are paying attention to great tax strategies! The goal of the Internet Tax Summit is to introduce the talents of current and emerging tax experts who Read More

“Passion is absolutely necessary to achieve any kind of long-lasting success.” In a minute, I will share with you who that quote belongs to but for this moment  remember that passionate people have very strong beliefs. As I was arranging speakers for the Internet Tax Summit, the passion these tax experts have in protecting taxpayers and businesses was prevalent. You know when you encounter people in life with purpose and passion for what they do; you know they get things done.  You can expect to encounter tax professionals who get things done at TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit. You are  invited to meet and interact with Tax Experts in this historical event where individual taxpayers and business leaders meet tax experts during an online event. It is free so all you need to do is register and we will send you a link to access the Internet Tax Summit. Read More

During the TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit, we will spotlight 25 Tax Experts who will be sharing their knowledge of tax trends that are stunning even the most veteran tax experts! We are delighted to announce that our Speakers/Sponsors for the Internet Tax Summit will be working directly with Clay Vandiver who formerly worked under Phil Gurin who produced Shark Tank. Clay has recently joined full-time after producing and selling two projects to major cable networks and earning a development deal with Discovery Networks.

TaxConnections has a few Tax Spotlight/Sponsorships left for the Internet Tax Summit event. Please contact us today to secure one of the last remaining Tax Expert Spotlight positions by contacting You will work with Kat and Clay as we Read More

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We have received many calls regarding TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit September 21-23rd 2015. For the very first time in history, we are inviting Tax Experts to educate taxpayers and businesses on very important tax issues most people have no knowledge of these days. The information we are receiving from leading tax experts is Read More

There is a great deal of excitement as we line up TaxConnections Tax Experts for the first Internet Tax Summit in history hosted by  September 21-25th 2015.  We have reached out to several Presidential Candidates whose campaign teams are now contacting us to discuss scheduling and participation in the very first Internet Tax Summit in history.  We are very encouraged by the feedback and hope to make our first announcement of a Presidential Candidate’s participation very soon!

During TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit one of our Tax Expert  Speakers, Dr. George Mentz has agreed to discuss “10 Tax Ideas For Presidential Candidates That Will Turn The Country Around”. In addition, we believe that all of our Tax Expert participants will bring to light the problems faced by taxpayers today as they provide solutions to help taxpayers Read More

With thousands of tax professional members benefitting from their association with, we are super excited about the conversations we are having with those who have already committed to sponsor and speak at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meets Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit in September 2015. In my discussions with tax experts I am stunned at the behind the scenes trends that are occurring as we open up conversations at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit. For instance, I just learned that some of these so called FREE APPS that file your taxes are very costly to the taxpayer. One tax expert was telling me that they did a comparison with a taxpayer who had their return done by a FREE APP and then done by a trained Tax Advisor. The FREE APP got the Taxpayer a $4,500 refund; the Tax Advisor found many things Read More