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What Tax Professionals Can Learn From Martial Arts Icon Bruce Lee

Kat Jennings -Motivational Inspirations

Bruce Lee was a great icon of the martial arts, actor and personal growth master. His philosophy is timeless, as is his approach to creating a better life. For him, there was only one direction — forward.

“If you always put limit[s] on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there — you must go beyond them.”

If you talk to any extreme endurance athlete, they will tell you emphatically that the key to success lies in their mind, not their bodies. Their bodies will succumb to the pain if and only if their minds allow it to. They will condition their minds as much as their bodies because they know if they allow a single thought of doubt or weakness, the game is over.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

The most successful people are often not the smartest, because when you are “smart” you of course need to calculate, analyze and ponder before embarking on a new goal or tackling a project. Lee’s principle is more true today than when he said it.

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Why Smart Companies Are Hiring Tax Executives Over 55 Today

Kat Jennings - Hiring Tax Executives Over 55

According to the United States Department of Labor, the “U.S. is undergoing a demographic shift that is changing older Americans’ relationship in the workplace. The average and median age of the U.S. population is rising, and the composition of the workforce with it. By 2020, it is estimated that workers 55 and over will make up 25% of the U.S. civilian labor force, up from 13% in 2000.

In addition, individual workers are tending to remain in the workforce longer and retire later. The number of workers over the traditional retirement age of 65 is seeing a marked increase, and it is projected that they will make up even more of the American labor force by 2020. Employers rate older workers high on characteristics such as judgment, commitment to quality, attendance, and punctuality.” Smart companies have increased the interviewing and hiring of tax executives over 55 and it is a movement on the rise.

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Tax Jobs – Learn Why They Never Make It To You

Kat Jennings- Tax Jobs - Learn Why They Never Make It To You

Do you ever wonder why it is such a challenge to find a tax job? Yet there are thousands of tax jobs available worldwide every day. It would be easy to write a book on all the challenges tax professionals face to find a tax job. Unless you are in the trenches finding tax jobs for tax professionals every day, you have no idea of all the obstacles encountered during a tax job search. Three decades assisting tax professionals in securing tax opportunities makes me an expert on the topic. My objective is to guide you through a process that has many trap doors that prevent you from readily accessing tax jobs.

Why do you rarely hear about great tax roles at events with your tax colleagues? Why are there tax jobs you never hear about until you discover a tax executive you know just landed this plum role? How are tax professionals approached and chosen today for the best tax jobs on the market? How can you increase your visibility to be considered for wonderful tax roles? It is time to learn how to turn the tide of greater tax career opportunity to your advantage.

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Finding A Tax Job Is An Art – How To Write An Online Professional Summary

Kat Jennings - Building On Online Tax Professional Profile

An “online professional summary” communicates a vital message about you, your tax expertise and motivates people to take action. This is the first glimpse of your technical tax skills, your career accomplishments and goals. The primary goal of an online professional summary is to present your tax expertise in a way that motivates readers to take an interest in you and/or take action.

The start of successful companies starts with an elevator pitch that draws attention to the persons business. As a business professional, it is important to promote your tax expertise with a short written elevator pitch we call an online professional summary.

My counsel to tax professionals “If you do not promote your tax expertise, who is out there promoting you?” The best way to get ahead is through promotion of your tax skills and expertise to as many people that you can. Otherwise, you remain invisible to the world which ensures you have obstacles to your success. The reason the many tax professionals I personally counsel are more successful than on their own is because of my expertise packaging tax professionals in ways they get noticed.

An elevator pitch is an impactful presentation about who you are and what tax expertise and soft skills you offer. An online professional summary is vitally important to your success throughout your tax career. It is the “first impression”  others have of you online. The goal is to write a tightly focused professional summary that motivates others to want to know and contact you.

How do you write an online professional summary?

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Finding A Tax Job Is An Art – Learn How To Present Yourself

Kat- Find A Tax Job 2

One of the most important documents you create in your career is your professional resume and your online resume.

It is the first impression of who you are as a tax professional. With three decades experience reviewing more than one million resumes, I understand what it takes to get a tax professional an interview with a company; and why doors are literally shut on tax professionals being considered for a tax job within 15 seconds.

Early on in my executive search career, I ran into a myriad of obstacles connecting tax professionals with the corporate decision-makers who ultimately hire them. There are actually many obstacles that will be discussed; however, the biggest is often your resume presentation. This is when 99% of tax professionals get screened out of the interview process. A majority of tax professionals simply fail to gain an interview with the written resume they presented.

This was a scenario I saw over and over again; tax professionals eliminated within 15 seconds because the person reviewing their resume did not understand it or it did not contain the information the company was searching for in a person. In my opinion, a resume screens you in or out in 15 seconds and then if they like what they see they will spend maybe three minutes more before they make a decision to see you.

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Director of Tax Job – Corona, CA

Director of Tax Job - Corona, CA

TaxConnections Inc. has been retained to conduct a search for a Director of Tax in Southern California/Orange County area. Our client is a 3B multinational holding company that offers an exciting and fun work environment aligned with a highly professional management team. This company is an exciting dream job for a Head of Tax who wants to be located in Southern California.

Responsibilities:  The Tax Director will be responsible for overseeing and managing relationships with external and internal business partners to improve processes and procedures for the tax organization. The Tax Director must have the ability to identify areas of risk and tax opportunity for the company in all areas of international, federal, state, local, sales and use tax. Role involves a wide range of domestic and international tax matters including consolidated income tax provision, tax compliance and transfer pricing.

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The Art of Searching For A Tax Job – Know The Trap Doors

Kat Jennings- The Art of Finding A Tax Job new

More than ever in my thirty years of counseling tax professional careers, I have recently interacted with numerous tax executives who have been given bad advice while searching for a tax job. There are many trap doors that prevent tax professionals from getting through the front door of a corporate tax department, a public accounting firm or a law firm in the first place. Having been in the trenches placing thousands of tax professionals during my career, and experiencing these trap doors firsthand, you need to know what they are in order to navigate your search for the best tax jobs! This post is the first of a series I will write on “The Art of Searching For A Tax Job – Know The Trap Doors.” Follow my expert advice and you will be far ahead of competitors for tax jobs.

Allow me to outline the topics in this series so you will continue to follow these important posts:

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Tax Professional Success: 3 Reasons Tax Reputations Rise  

Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO

With years of experience educating tax professionals how to succeed in the tax profession, I learned a lot building What I want to share with you are the three strategies to focus on that will have a huge impact on your tax professional career. Implementing these strategies will have you rising above the competition. There is a saying  “evolve or get fossilized” and it is the perfect reminder that a new generation tax advisor is evolving online. There are tax professionals making smart marketing moves online and you need to learn who is out in front and how they do it.

Here are the actions tax professionals take that are having a huge impact on their tax careers and future in the profession.

Write Tax Blog Posts – Tax professionals writing and posting blogs are getting all the attention from readers. Our readers are hungry for tax posts that are educating them.  Blogging is an ideal way to educate others and build relationships with a steady stream of prospective new clients and fans. Blogging opens minds and doors for you; greatly increases referral business and it builds trust for your tax expertise. Tax professional bloggers who draw the most attention write in a language people can understand. Many of the Fortune 500 to Fortune 5000 CFOs and CEOs who have retained me to find them a tax expert have asked me privately “Find a tax professional who can explain tax issues in a manner I can understand.” TaxConnections does an excellent job of positioning our members who write blogs right in front of corporate executives around the world.

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Tax Professionals – Tax Question Of The Week

Each Friday we publish a tax question from one of our site visitors who arrive from more than 190 countries and territories around the globe. This week we have an interesting question for our tax professional members with international experience.

“We are a trading company located in Bahrain. Most of our purchases are from UAE and payments via Telex Transfer. After implementation of TAX in UAE, suppliers are adding 5% Tax in our invoice and we are forced to include this amount in TT.

We cannot charge this money to our customers because we are not in UAE. Are we considered as the end user in UAE TAX LAW? Is there is any chance of exemption?”
Please provide your comments below to the CEO who seeks the help of our tax professional members. We greatly appreciate your insight.

Senior VP Tax Job – Family Office (Southern California)

TaxConnections Executive Search Services Division has recently been retained to conduct a search for a Senior Vice President Tax for a family office in the Los Angeles, CA area. This very likable CEO has a global diversified portfolio of investments including private equity, real estate and media business holdings. This is a very special opportunity for a tax executive with family office expertise!

We would genuinely appreciate your taking the time to review the Senior Vice President Tax opportunity and refer this to anyone you know who may be interested in learning more.

An ideal Senior Vice President Tax candidate will be currently working in a family office environment and/or a Partner in a Big Four firm experience; real estate investment firm, investment fund, private equity or asset management.

Senior Vice President Tax

Responsibilities include global tax strategy, tax planning and compliance; review and filing of all domestic and international corporate, personal, partnership and other income and indirect tax returns; and implementing and managing company’s income tax and indirect tax compliance activities (partially insourced and partially outsourced); and supervision of an outstanding, incumbent tax team.  The Senior Vice President Tax will work directly with family office CFO in identifying and developing effective tax strategies and planning techniques to minimize overall tax burden of consolidated group of companies and minimize overall costs associated with the tax structure. The Senior Vice President of Tax will lead acquisition structuring and due diligence including tax integration efforts.

In addition, the role requires research and analysis of tax issues; working with external advisors on domestic and foreign authoritative tax laws, corporate strategies, decisions, regulations and rulings; and advising senior management regarding the impact and tax liabilities. The Senior VP Tax will also oversee all tax-related payments; review and preparation of income tax projections for cash flow modeling; liaise with domestic and foreign business units, and external service providers, on tax matters and issues related to their operations and/or employees (income tax, VAT, withholding tax, property etc.) and manage the coordination of audits and inquiries by various taxation authorities.

If interested to learn more, please contact Kat Jennings for privacy.



Corporate Tax Provision: Want To Know What Financial Statement Auditors Have Increased Their Focus On?

Webinar, Corporate Tax Provision

(Complimentary Webinar – Friday, July 20th 2018 at 8:00AM PDT)

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable corporate tax provision instructors in the country.  TaxConnections brings you another webinar on the corporate tax provision with Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO as the instructor. 

With the enactment of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act there are three areas that tax professionals need to prepare and focus on since there is increased focus from auditors. We know this because we are talking to companies who are informing us of these trends. Here are three areas Nick will prepare you for given the increased attention by the Auditors on them:

  1. Uncertain Tax Benefits – Expect more uncertain tax benefits arising from the uncertainty around the operation of the new law.
  2. States – States are going to be more significant and there will be more variation between states as they adopt different parts of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act.
  3. SOX Controls – For most companies, the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act will cause the most significant changes in the process ever. Companies need to demonstrate that adequate controls are in place and that changes were made appropriately and accurately.

This complimentary webinar is specifically for corporate tax professionals or for tax professionals in CPA firms doing the tax provision as an outsourced provider. Attend this webinar and you  will more prepared than other professionals who will be scrambling to catch up later this year.

Register Here To Attend The Complimentary Webinar On Friday July 20th 2018

Time: 8:00AM PDT/9:00AM MT/10:00AM CT/11:00AM EST

If you are unable to make webinar this Friday, please register and we will keep you informed of future dates.


TaxConnections Gift: Motivational Inspirations eBook

TaxConnections, Motivational Inspirations eBook

We are inspired by the number of tax and financial executives,  and CEOs of companies all over the world who visit TaxConnections to find a tax professional and ask tax questions. TaxConnections Members receive the attention of CEOs in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada China, India, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand, Russia and the United Kingdom(to name a few) who visit our site to gain the advice of tax experts worldwide.

In addition, TaxConnections Executive Search Services Division has conducted more than one thousand tax executive searches over the years. One of the many things I learned from CFO clients who retained us to conduct searches for tax experts you should learn. CEOs and CFOs search for tax experts who can break tax down into a simple language they can understand; they need a strong tax coach on their management team. They also want to find a tax professional who inspires and motivates a tax team to productivity.

TaxConnections Motivational Inspirations eBook is our gift to you to help inspire a new generation of tax professionals coming into the profession.

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