Are You A Tax Expert Who Wants To Be Interviewed In TaxConnections Podcast Series?

We are searching for a wide range of tax experts to be interviewed for TaxConnections upcoming podcast series. TaxConnections will be conducting Spotlight Interviews with tax professionals on their areas of tax expertise. When you are presenting your tax expertise to people searching for it, you must speak to a steady stream of prospective clients in a language they prefer. The biggest mistake tax professionals make in selling tax services is understanding taxpayers have a preferred way you need to communicate with them. If you know anything about NLP communication, learn the following: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to communication where you learn people have preferred way of receiving information.

As examples, I will illustrate this in the way I must communicate with my three sons all in a different way. My eldest son is an auditory learner and uses words like hear, listen, sound. He will say things like 5 years ago I heard you tell me about the sounds of woodpeckers you heard in the woods growing up in Upstate New York. When communicating with Skye I know if I need to get a point across to him that I should start with the word “Listen” since this will catch his attention. Listen to the words a person is saying to identify if they prefer auditory communications. Therefore, it is important to have an auditory message to communicate to audiences who prefer to listen and hear what you have to say in a podcast. Podcast listeners are the best way to reach prospective clients who prefer auditory communication messaging. We will interview you in our podcast.

As a second example, another one of my three sons is an identical twin to his brother. One twin Forrest prefers to communicates in a language that is visual and will use words like see, look, visible, image, etc. When I speak to Forrest I will use words like I would like you to look at this. He remembers information best when he see it written down or on a screen. He is the one looking and reading information on his scientific interests. You will need to show a prospective client who are visual learners something in writing before they are ready to make a decision on your services.
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