Learn 31 Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Retained Search)

Learn 31 Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Retained Search)

Having the responsibility to search for the very best in the tax profession, you should know what it takes to find a tax executive for your organization. Any company representative who asks us to just go to our file and send them resumes is the person who lacks knowledge of the retained search process while conducting a search for a tax executive who reduces financial risk to an organization and saves a company millions in what could be money lost forever. My career in retained tax executive search spans thirty years and thousands of placements with clients. The work we do is very demanding; retained tax executive search is work we are committed to do for our clients around the world.

Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Retained Search)

1. CFO/ VP Tax/ VP HR Contacts TaxConnections Executive Search Division About A Tax Executive Search
2. Lengthy Discussion of Tax Executive Role And Highly Specialized Needs For The Company
3. Company Retains Tax Search Expert, Pays Initial Retainer To Start Search (1/3 Fee Upfront)
4. Recruiter Writes Up Job Description Based On Client Needs
5. Job Description Approved By Client, Recruiter Adds More Sizzle Information
6. Recruiter Writes Up Marketing Plan To Conduct Thorough Tax Executive Search
7. Recruiter Starts Contacting Tax Executives In Similar Companies For Interest
8. Recruiter Provides Greater Privacy Wall For All Tax Executive Candidates Being Considered
9. Search For Prospective Tax Executive Candidates Is Conducted Locally, Regionally, Nationally
10. Recruiter Reaches Out To Prospective Tax Executive Candidates Seven Days A Week
11. Interview Prospective Candidates, Understanding Their Professional And Personal Needs
12. Recruiter Interviews And Qualifies Multiple Candidates And Presents To Client
13. Recruiter Presents 8-10 Tax Executive Candidates, Possibly 3-5 On Unique Tax Executive Search
14. Recruiter Provides Detail Discussion On Tax Executive Candidate Strengths For This Role
15. Recruiter Arranges 1st Interview With Candidates In Person Or Via Video Conference

16. Recruiter Provides Detailed Information On Qualified Candidates For Tax Executive Role
17. Recruiter Requests References On Tax Executive Candidates, And Conducts Private Background Inquiries To Determine Industry Peers Perception Of Tax Executive (Best With Experienced Tax Recruiter, More Difficult For Recruiters Without A Deep, Long Term, Trusted Tax Network)
18. Recruiter Arranges 2nd Interview Round With Candidates And Executives , (1/3 Fee Invoiced)
19. Recruiter Provides Progress Report On All Candidates Being Considered, Including Compensation Information For Market Comparisons And Analysis Study For Client
20. Recruiter Provides Feedback On Tax Executive Candidates Interest Throughout The Process
21. Collect Detailed Compensation Data On Top Tax Executive Candidates Being Considered
22. Recruiter Checks Academic Degree And Certifications From Candidates Being Considered
23. Recruiter Arranges 3rd Round Of Interviews With Executives Regarding Candidate(s)
24. Reference Check On Candidates, Three Levels Deep Regarding Overall Fit With Client
25. Careful Monitoring Interest Level of Top Candidates, Report This To Client
26. Negotiate Offer To Tax Executive Candidate, An Offer That Is Accepted
27. Recruiter Involved In Extending The Offer To Tax Executive To Ensure Acceptance
28. Recruiter Stays In Contact With Candidate From Resignation To Start Date
29. Recruiter Invoices Client For Final Payment Due On Search, We Charge 25% Base And Bonus
30. Recruiter Educates Tax Executive On Most Professional Way To Resign To Employer
31. Recruiter Follows Up With Client And Candidate Regarding Transition To New Tax Role

Steps In The Tax Executive Search Process (Contingency Search)

1. Client Calls Multiple Recruiters About Search For Tax Executive, No Loyalty To Any Recruiter
2. Contingency Recruiter Puts In Time With No Guarantee To Ever Be Paid
3. Contingency Recruiter Hears About Multiple Tax Job Openings, Explores Other Tax Jobs, Distracted
4. Contingency Recruiter Jumps To New Searches Paying The Highest Fees, No Mutual Commitment
5. No Loyalty From Recruiter Because There Was No Commitment Fee Upfront
6. Weeks Later A Recruiter Calls Client With Candidate They Spent Days To Find
7. Company Decides HR Found Someone Else And Has No Need To Talk To Recruiters Candidate
8. Recruiter Wastes Time With Client Who Ignores Their Calls About A Candidate
9. Recruiter Works For Weeks For Free, Now Cannot Pay Their Bills Or Feed Their Family
10. Recruiter Decides To Leave The Tax Recruiting Profession, Contingency Search Has High Recruiter Turnover

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