How Tax Professionals Can Protect Themselves From Unemployment In The Next Lockdown

There is a lot going on around the world including bringing tax professionals back to the office. With recent talk of a new lockdown coming from the government, and warnings that people will lose their jobs if they do not get the new round of vaccines, what do you do? Tax Professionals are preparing a backup business plan and insurance policy online.

Here is how we are helping tax and financial professionals who want the security of a backup plan. Our Tax Professional Members enjoy a higher degree of privacy since we did not build high level tracking system to track our members every move. We believe in protecting your privacy. As an executive search service firm our beginnings were focused on connecting people around the world with a big emphasis on protecting members privacy while promoting their tax services brand. We connect tax professionals with other specialty tax experts and tax professionals and prospective clients. More importantly, we strongly believe in privacy for the professionals who come to our platform. You enjoy more privacy on TaxConnections than major media sites who are tracking your every move and thought.

Have you read LinkedIn’s Legal Service Terms:
We highly recommend you carefully read Glint Services 7.0 through 7.5.

Smart Alerts uses AI-for-HR™ to monitor millions of data points and generate real-time alerts for employee populations that are at-risk for increased attrition, decreased performance, or other changes in key performance indicators.

If a company purchasing data points from LinkedIn who is monitoring your activity, what would they discover about your activity on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn sells your activity on LinkedIn to employers through their Glint Services which is tracking your activity and engagement on LinkedIn. Gee, I wonder if an employer will have those engaged in looking at a new tax job will be in the first group to be laid off when an employer downsizes an organization? The best way to protect yourself is establish a trusted relationship with a recruiter to make the call for you. Use another family members or friends IP address to look at tax jobs to provide more protection for yourself.

Companies would get zero data points from us since we do not sell our members data to anyone. TaxConnections promotes its members to drive traffic to their services and events. What we do is deliver is messaging from our professional members on services and education events our members provide. Want to reach an exclusive tax audience?Contact to learn more.