CFOs Hiring A Lead Tax Executive: Real Truths You Need To Know

After thirty-three years, and more than one thousand tax executive searches, I have information of value to share with C Suite Executives responsible for hiring a lead tax executive for their corporate team. Those who pay attention to my tax executive search expertise will benefit greatly, I am happy to share my knowledge with you. This article is written for the C Suite team expecting to hire the very best in the tax profession. When you hire the very best, you gain more financial opportunities for your business organization. Hiring the best in the tax profession is one of the most meaningful hires you will make in your organization. This article will share real life stories of what happens behind the scenes when hiring lead tax executives. Look at our track record of tax executive search experiences as proof we know how to find the very best in the tax profession.

It is helpful to know that every executive search for a tax executive is different and unique. The success of a search is making a match of a good marriage including shared values, the level of respect the organization has for the tax function and leadership, melding of c suite executive personalities and company goals, and short term and long-term compensation package. There are myriad of issues that need to be carefully discussed upfront for a successful search. Placing a tax executive in a corporate organization who has access to a lot of private financial information is one we take seriously. You want to get the search done correctly the first time around and not cut corners anywhere because it can cost a company million (billions) in lost revenue to taxes. I have worked with tax executives who have clawed back billions in what would have been lost revenue to taxes in how they structured their IP and transfer strategies.

Background Tax Executive Search Lesson One
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