Wanted: Podcast Host For TaxConnections

Wanted: Podcast Host For TaxConnections TaxConnections.com has thousands of tax professional members promoting their content and services. Do you have Podcast experience? Do you understand how to interview people to bring out the best in them? Do you have a voice and style that will keep listeners engaged? Do you understand the importance of keeping the public informed of tax rules and regulations most are unaware of in an ever-changing tax environment? Do you know how to ask questions of tax professionals that make it easier for people to understand complex tax issues in a language people can understand? Do you know how to make people laugh and smile while interviewing someone?
When a tax professional is selling or marketing their services, it is important to understand the potential clients have a preferred method of receiving information. There are three primary methods people receive information on the services you are selling: Auditory Learners, Visual Learners, Kinesthetic Learners. Organizations using only one method of communication will not capture the larger audience. This is the biggest mistake people (organizations) make when selling services, people have different ways they prefer to be communicated, and we must all respecta prospective clients unique learning preferences.

Auditory Learners: Enjoy listening to podcasts, and conference calls. They often use words like listen, hear, and they enjoy listening to sounds and music.
Visual Learners: Enjoy seeing and viewing while learning something new. They love videos and often use words like See, View, Look, etc. They learn best from visual cues!
Kinesthetic Learners: Enjoy participating in learning experiences; they enjoy problem solving by doing. They will often use words like participate in or experience something.

The benefits to an individual or Sponsor who becomes TaxConnections Podcast Host is building name recognition in the industry in the tax accounting and legal profession. We are searching for an individual who can bring out the best in tax professionals. We want our Podcast Host to have the ability to communicate with our auditory learners. We will consider an individual as TaxConnections Podcast or an organization as our Sponsor of weekly podcasts. We are very flexible and are interviewing now for our best option for a Podcast Host.

If interested in our Podcast Host role, please reach out to TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings at kat@taxconnections.com with your qualifications and contact number to schedule a phone interview.