R&D Tax Credit Powerhouse Firm Supports Tax Advisory Firms In The United States And United Kingdom

Source Advisors, a market leading tax consulting firm provides R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, §179D, §45L, and LIFO inventory solutions nationwide for more than 38 years, has launched GOAT.tax, an automated research & development tax credit SaaS platform to service clients across a variety of industries. Many CPA firms now outsource its R&D Tax Credit services to Source Advisors who is providing white labeled outsourced services to public accounting firms.

With over 50 dedicated R&D tax credit professionals ready to provide support, GOAT.tax takes all the guesswork out of a complex tax incentive by offering an easy-to-use, self-guided experience along with payroll system integration. Their SmartCreditEngine crunches the numbers to make sure each company gets their maximum tax benefit.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this automated software to the market. Launching GOAT.tax gives smaller businesses and start-ups the opportunity to learn about their eligibility for the R&D tax credit. GOAT.tax will service industries and companies that previously overlooked the possibility of claiming the R&D tax credit due to more limited research expenses. The SaaS platform compliments our current Source Advisors R&D tax credit practice, which will continue to provide best in class service to larger clients that want a more consultative approach,” said Chris Henderson, President of Source Advisors.

Would you like to outsource your firms R&D Tax Credit work to leading experts? Contact Eric Larson, Source Advisors. 415.730.5247 or Eric.Larson@SourceAdvisors.com.

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2 comments on “R&D Tax Credit Powerhouse Firm Supports Tax Advisory Firms In The United States And United Kingdom

  • Interesting trend! Outsourcing R&D Tax Credit services to Source Advisors seems like a smart move for CPA firms. Leveraging their expertise and white-labeled services could streamline operations and enhance client offerings

    • TaxConnections Admin

      Yes, many CPAs firms are looking to leading tax experts at Source Advisors to outsource their R&D Tax Credit work since it is completed under a white label arrangement. The CPA firm keeps their clients, CPA firms maintains control and Source Advisors does the work for CPA firm; everyone is happy. If you are a firm wanting to outsource your R&D Tax Credit work to Source Advisors, contact Eric Larson at https://www.taxconnections.com/Eric-Larson/12275762/United-States/profilepage and he will coordinate it all for you.


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