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Corporate Tax Executives: Hiring Trends You Need To Know

When you have been searching for tax executives for 30+ years you see hiring trends long before tax organizations realize what is happening. For tax executives who have worked with me over many years to build their tax organizations, I am going to share what we are seeing in the market right now so you are better prepared.

There is an explosion of tax opportunities about to reach the market of the likes I have not seen since TRA 1986 under President Reagan. Read more

Tax Advisor’s Reference Guide – 292 Pages Of Individual Federal Tax Return Instructions

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With all the changes in taxes this year, it takes an ace tax advisor to figure them out. Therefore we want to make certain our members and followers have access to the most up-to-date information in preparing clients individual federal tax return.  We are providing you the Tax Advisors Reference Guide with 292 pages published by the IRS  for those of you preparing federal tax returns for tax clients. What is also wonderful about this publication is it provides all the Tax Forms you will need to prepare tax returns in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese. Read more

A Secret Few Know About A Graduate Tax Degree

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While speaking to the Dean of a graduate tax program recently, I shared with them an important fact. The majority of corporations, public accounting, and law firms all require a graduate tax degree to get through the front door to interview today (or they want to see you are enrolled in a graduate tax program).  If you have a graduate tax degree like an MST, MLST or an LL.M, you made a great career decision already as these tax professionals are the ones who are being hired by major firms today.   Read more

Tax Advisors Reference Guide On President Trump’s Executive Orders On The Elimination of 298 IRS Existing Regulations #2

You would never know what was hidden in these regulations unless you conduct extensive research which we did for our members. We will be providing our research to our members.  Based on a preliminary review, these proposals could be very far reaching and effect a wide range of our member’s clients. These proposals deserve your immediate review!

TaxConnections Members should study this very important information in order to make comments or request a public hearing on areas that will impact you and your clients. If you want to comment or request a public hearing please make note of the date of May 14, 2018. You must make a request for a public hearing before this date.

Read more

Looking For A Tax Job ? – TaxConnections Community Provides More Opportunities

Kat Jennings, CEO, TaxConnections

By popular demand, many companies are requesting to advertise their tax jobs on TaxConnections.  Smart companies understand it makes sense to advertise tax jobs on the leading tax community for tax professionals. If you have an open tax role in a corporation, law firm, public accounting firm or independent tax practices, we highly recommend you post with us.

As the world of tax changes, the best way to connect with the tax community is on

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Tax Advisors – Work Smart With New Client Acquisition Strategy

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You have a tax practice and want to build clientele! What do you do?

What you must do is develop a smarter marketing strategy. The first step in any marketing development strategy is to place yourself in the mindset of a prospective client; start thinking like one!

Where would you go to find a tax advisor? You think a prospective client will go to FaceBook or LinkedIn to find a tax advisor? It is unlikely yet so many tax professionals are still wasting time and money on sites that yield no new clients for them. I know tax advisors who have spent thousands of dollars advertising and posting on sites and have never gained one new client. Read more

Tax Question Of The Week: Who Knows The Answer?

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During the final stages of an IRS Appeals Level of an OIC, I then received an audit for my 2015 corporate tax return. My personal side was settled and a figure agreed upon( took two years to get to this status). My question is “Does this mean that my OIC already negotiated will have to withdrawn?”

Is the OIC withdrawn automatically in Appeals? Are the Auditors attempting to take away the negotiated OIC and I have no choice in the matter? Is there any part of the code section that would tell me how this is handled. I am unable to find it and the lawyer representing me is unable to find any code section to protect an already negotiated OIC settlement.

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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Tax Senior Manager (Los Angeles, CA)

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Our experienced M&A tax services team—made up of former IRS employees, tax practitioners from the Big Four accounting firms, and tax attorneys from nationally prominent law firms—has a unique understanding of the tax code and its provisions that address business transactions. We’re members of and frequent speakers at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, and a number of other organizations. Read more

Tax Manager – Sales, Use, and Property (New Jersey)

Sales And Use Tax Manager in New Jersey

Responsibilities include the timely and accurate completion of filings and various tasks related to the Company’s corporate sales, use, property and miscellaneous tax compliance. The Tax Manager will interact with the in-house tax department, IT, accounting and finance teams, co-sourcing service providers, and government tax agencies in meeting tax compliance and tax audit requirements. Responsibilities include the following: Read more

Senior Tax Manager/Transfer Pricing And International (New Jersey)

Senior Tax Manager- Transfer Pricing New Jersey

Responsibilities involve a wide range of international tax matters including transfer pricing, international aspects of consolidated income tax provision, and international elements of US tax compliance. Coordinate with international finance organization regarding international audits, income tax and transaction tax compliance.  Role is responsible for providing technical tax leadership, with an emphasis on transfer pricing and international tax. Position is responsible for transfer pricing and international tax matters for the Americas consolidated group including preparation and/or review of international portions of the consolidated tax provision, preparation and/or review of international reporting requirements for the US consolidated return. Read more

Head of Tax and Treasury (San Francisco)

Head of Tax And Treasury San Francisco California

The Head of Tax and Treasury will work closely with C – Suite Executives in managing and reviewing global corporate tax compliance, the global tax provision, transfer pricing and treasury strategy. Responsibilities include managing global outside tax consultants and reviewing processes and procedures. The Head of Tax and Treasury will partner with internal business leaders to effectively manage exposure. The role requires an individual who can effectively communicate with internal and external partners and provide business options to management executives. We are searching for a lead tax executive who has the innate ability to identify areas of risk and tax opportunity it important. Read more

Tax Manager (Pleasanton/Northern California)

The Tax Manager role requires tax consulting experience and the skills to effectively diagnose clients’ needs in order to develop and implement solutions. Primary responsibilities involve tax compliance, tax accounting, tax research and planning projects for sophisticated clientele. Experience in U.S. federal, international, state and local tax and tax provision is desired in this role.  This boutique practice will build upon your technical strengths in order to grow your expertise in other tax areas. The firms focus is to build well-rounded tax experts to serve a myriad of client needs which leads to continued professional growth. The firm develops trusted tax advisors with sound judgement with the highest ethical standards in the professionThe Tax Manager will be responsible for a range of projects including: Read more

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