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Free Webinar Today! Last Chance To Join

Kat Jennings

Free TaxConnections Webinar Friday, August 19th 2016 (two different times available):

Learn How To Get Ahead Faster And Gain A Significant Competitive Advantage In The Tax Profession

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You’re Invited To A Free Webinar—Friday, August 19th, 2016

Kat Jennings

Free TaxConnections Webinar Friday, August 19th 2016 (two different times available):

Learn How To Get Ahead Faster And Gain A Significant Competitive Advantage In The Tax Profession

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Free TaxConnections Webinar—Friday, August 19th, 2016

Kat Jennings

Free TaxConnections Webinar—Friday, August 19th 2016 (Two Different Times Available)

Learn How To Get Ahead Faster And Gain A Significant Competitive Advantage In The Tax Profession

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Want A Significant Competitive Advantage Landing A Tax Leadership Role In The 500K To 1M+ Range?

Kat Jennings

For more than 30 years, Kat Jennings, CEO of TaxConnections has encountered every imaginable situation a senior tax executive will face landing a senior level tax job. Kat is going to counsel 20 senior tax executives through the process during September 2016. The biggest companies in the world have hired Kat to find senior tax executives including these clients. She knows what will get you hired and what does not work, having negotiated many 500K-1M plus packages for tax executives worldwide.

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Happy Thanksgiving From TaxConnections

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welcometurkeymissyThanksgiving is the day we are reminded to set aside time for thanksgiving and praise for the tax professionals and tax organizations we serve.

1. We are grateful for the thousands of tax professionals on the front lines of innovation at

2. We are grateful for the tax professionals who have trusted our counsel regarding advancing tax careers and tax organizations.

3. We are grateful for every client who has hired us to conduct searches for their tax departments (TaxConnections Search Services division acquired during 2015).

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Meeting CEOs And CFOs Who Love Their Head of Tax – Figuratively!

Kat Jennings - TaxConnections

A CEO of a privately-held company contacted me recently about their Head of Tax retiring. I call the Head of Tax or VP Tax by the acronym “HOT” because the great ones are really on fire when it comes to saving a company revenue that otherwise would be lost forever. In this case, the company CEO hired the Head of Tax many years ago and what was remarkable was the CEO deeply appreciated and valued their work. He recognized the VP Tax saved the company hundreds of millions over the years; he recognized the value the VP Tax brought to the organization overall. It was refreshing to be part of this conversation and listening to the CEO discuss his sincere appreciation for the outstanding contributions of the VP Tax. Frankly, it is not too often that I hear a CEO talk about how much they appreciated and admired their Head of Tax. Whenever I do hear these Read more

TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit And Shark Tank

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During the TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit, we will spotlight 25 Tax Experts who will be sharing their knowledge of tax trends that are stunning even the most veteran tax experts! We are delighted to announce that our Speakers/Sponsors for the Internet Tax Summit will be working directly with Clay Vandiver who formerly worked under Phil Gurin who produced Shark Tank. Clay has recently joined full-time after producing and selling two projects to major cable networks and earning a development deal with Discovery Networks.

TaxConnections has a few Tax Spotlight/Sponsorships left for the Internet Tax Summit event. Please contact us today to secure one of the last remaining Tax Expert Spotlight positions by contacting You will work with Kat and Clay as we Read more

TAX EXPERTS WANTED: TaxConnections Spotlighting Tax Experts In 2015

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One of the great advantages of working at is our ability to observe behind the scenes traffic and analytics. As I write this blog today, we are observing about 300 hits a minute coming into the TaxConnections site searching for tax expertise. What is even more fascinating is that visitors are spending 14 minutes on average looking around our site. What makes the TaxConnections Community powerful is the range of tax experts who are easily discovered by our visitors with our tax media marketing technology. We also receive calls and email messages daily from people searching for all types of tax expertise and we refer this new business to our members. To benefit from technology that promotes your tax services to our incoming daily traffic, you must take action and join us as a TaxConnections Member. Read more

Wow! Real Life Tax Conversations Major Media Is Not Openly Talking About…

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With thousands of tax professional members benefitting from their association with, we are super excited about the conversations we are having with those who have already committed to sponsor and speak at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meets Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit in September 2015. In my discussions with tax experts I am stunned at the behind the scenes trends that are occurring as we open up conversations at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit. For instance, I just learned that some of these so called FREE APPS that file your taxes are very costly to the taxpayer. One tax expert was telling me that they did a comparison with a taxpayer who had their return done by a FREE APP and then done by a trained Tax Advisor. The FREE APP got the Taxpayer a $4,500 refund; the Tax Advisor found many things Read more

How To Land The Best Tax Jobs

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For those of you who do not understand how the system really works, I am going to make 100 Tax Professionals a lot smarter about the process of finding the best tax jobs. The system is broken in many places and knowing where the cracks are will help you climb out of and around them to access the best tax jobs out there. We are only allowing one hundred participants so register now before all the seats to this webcast are sold old. It comes with lots of BONUSES!

How To Land The Best Tax Jobs – May 15, 2015 at 9:00AM (PDT
First 100 Tax Professional Registrants Only – SOLD OUT

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Expert Advice – How To Land The Best Tax Jobs

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You are invited to a complimentary webinar – “How To Land The Best Tax Jobs” presented by an internationally recognized expert on the topic, Kat Jennings.  Things have changed for tax professionals who find themselves searching for a new tax job or even thinking about a change in the future. The success of your tax career will have a lot to do with very strategic moves you must make. Now is the time to learn what is happening behind the scenes that is changing the very way your tax career will progress or stall. The goal is of this webinar is to arm you with tools that give you the greatest potential for success in your tax career.

Date: Friday, March 20th 2015      /      Time: 9:00AM PDT (California)


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Limited Seating

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Complimentary Webinar: How To Land A Great Tax Job – Secrets From A Successful Tax Headhunter


As a highly experienced expert in executive search and internationally recognized tax recruiter with a record of successful placements with multinational organizations, I offer extraordinary insight for tax professionals who want to find a great tax job.  My track record proves I know what it takes to get hired by these organizations. There are obstacles you are not even aware of that are preventing you from making great connections to tax jobs. I am going to teach you what they are and how to easily overcome the challenges during this training session. The purpose of this webinar is to help you land a great tax job.

During this hour session, we are going to cover: Read more