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Happy Thanksgiving From TaxConnections

welcometurkeymissyThanksgiving is the day we are reminded to set aside time for thanksgiving and praise for the tax professionals and tax organizations we serve.

1. We are grateful for the thousands of tax professionals on the front lines of innovation at

2. We are grateful for the tax professionals who have trusted our counsel regarding advancing tax careers and tax organizations.

3. We are grateful for every client who has hired us to conduct searches for their tax departments (TaxConnections Search Services division acquired during 2015).

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TaxConnections Search Services Division- Exclusive VP Tax and Tax Director Searches

Tax Connections Search Services Division

TaxConnections conducts very high level tax executive searches through our private client services division. We handle Tax Director, Senior Tax Director, VP Tax and Global Head of Tax searches. The majority of our clients come to us with the expectation that we provide thorough, highly skilled search services for them. We would like to list two high level searches we are currently conducting for clients. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about these leading tax opportunities, please contact  or call 858.999.0053.

Company: Real Estate Investment Company- Privately Held (Oregon)

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