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Learn The Truth Watching Stunning Videos And Ask Congress For Tax Reform

Kat Jennings, CEO

Congressional Tax Reform has the opportunity to end the United States practice of imposing direct taxation on people who live in other countries. The majority of Americans are totally unaware of the current issues surrounding Americans abroad. People are shocked to hear these stories. TaxConnections will continue to bring you these heartbreaking stories of individuals around the world caught in this web of financial ruin!

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Meeting CEOs And CFOs Who Love Their Head of Tax – Figuratively!

A CEO of a privately-held company contacted me recently about their Head of Tax retiring. I call the Head of Tax or VP Tax by the acronym “HOT” because the great ones are really on fire when it comes to saving a company revenue that otherwise would be lost forever. In this case, the company CEO hired the Head of Tax many years ago and what was remarkable was the CEO deeply appreciated and valued their work. He recognized the VP Tax saved the company hundreds of millions over the years; he recognized the value the VP Tax brought to the organization overall. It was refreshing to be part of this conversation and listening to the CEO discuss his sincere appreciation for the outstanding contributions of the VP Tax. Frankly, it is not too often that I hear a CEO talk about how much they appreciated and admired their Head of Tax. Whenever I do hear these Read more