A Secret Few Know About A Graduate Tax Degree

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While speaking to the Dean of a graduate tax program recently, I shared with them an important fact. The majority of corporations, public accounting, and law firms all require a graduate tax degree to get through the front door to interview today (or they want to see you are enrolled in a graduate tax program).  If you have a graduate tax degree like an MST, MLST or an LL.M, you made a great career decision already as these tax professionals are the ones who are being hired by major firms today.  

Want proof? Look at every multinationals tax job posted online today and you will see the requirements for a graduate degree.  A graduate tax degree is now the “golden pass” to a lot of opportunity in the marketplace when you want to compete for the top tax jobs in corporations, public accounting firms and law firms. If you still do not believe me perhaps you should look at my track record with multinational clients hiring.  I really do know what I am talking about on this subject matter.

One of the reasons TaxConnections was built was to bring forward – thinking tax professionals together on a tax media platform that supports and encourages success. The greatest successes do not happen overnight but they do occur over a period of time for those who work smart at it. We will teach you how to work smart by building an individual tax brand identity that attracts new opportunities to you throughout your tax career. We will teach you how to outperform competitors by building a great reputation for your tax expertise. It is smart business to establish a strong identity for your tax expertise if you are in a corporation, law firm, public accounting or an independent tax services firm. It is the best insurance policy you will ever have in place for a lifelong tax career.

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