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Why Taxpayers Need Tax Experts More Than Ever This Year

Kat Jennings -Why Taxpayers Need Tax Experts More Than Ever

Although I know little about football, the opportunity to learn from professional athletes is important. Jerry Kramer, former professional American football player, author and sports commentator says ”When the game is over, it is really just beginning”. This is how we should look at the the IRS Individual Tax Return 1040 Form. It received a lot of attention yesterday. Apparently, the IRS has everything it needs to file simple individual tax returns. Although the IRS is on a big push to automate everything and increase it’s access to private data of the U.S. taxpayer through machines, there is something important missing here.

Astute tax professionals know all this software does not include every tax deductions available to taxpayers. The fact that tax software may not include code for all available tax deductions for taxpayers is a quick and easy windfall for the government. Tax software does not help the taxpayer if it does not include all the available tax deductions. However, it does help the government. Taxpayers need tax experts more than ever this year given all the changes in the tax code. I would be shocked if all the new changes in the tax rules have been coded into the tax software you are now using.

Tax software is fraught with issues and implementations that most people are unaware of and are costly to the taxpayer. They are a windfall to the government though if you miss the tax deductions. This year TaxConnections asks Tax Professional Members to share with us examples they have found that would have cost the taxpayer plenty if they go by the way of tax software over human tax expertise. We welcome the opportunity to show the taxpayer how much more money they save utilizing the services of an educated tax mind.

Over the years, many tax professionals have privately shared  stories about tax deductions that were nowhere to be seen on the tax software. Why does this happen? With all the changes resulting from the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, be smart and place your tax return in the hands of a qualified tax expert at Or would you prefer to allow the IRS to calculate the taxes you owe?Educated tax advisors identify tax deductions that are not even programmed into the tax software right now or perhaps ever.

“Just when you think the game is over, it is really just beginning”.

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Kat Jennings, CEO