During this holiday season, we want to reach out to extraordinary tax professionals who want to increase success in their business. For TaxConnections, success means building an online platform that enables taxpayers to connect with a wide range of tax professionals with specialty expertise worldwide. What makes TaxConnections distinctly unique from any other media site for tax professionals?

It turns out that tax professionals who position their specialty expertise on our platform have received a very big gift – higher visibility and greater privacy online. The focus of this article is to explain how valuable this privacy gift is for you.

Our business strategy has always been to protect the privacy of our members with the online platform we built.  It is important for tax professionals to have a highly visible brand that is easily found online, and not blocked by paywalls that prevent others from reaching you. More importantly, when you discover the amount of data behemoth social media sites are now tracking on you, take a more thoughtful approach to how you market your tax expertise online.

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TaxConnections Invites Tax Professionals To Tax Network (2 Years For Price Of One)

Tax Professionals,

There are many exciting new changes occurring behind the scenes at https://www.taxconnections.com/membership/sign-up . In order to assist many who are on a budget at this time, we offer a July 4th Holiday Weekend SPECIAL from today to midnight July 4th a two year membership for the price of one. This is for first time members only and there is a time limit to midnight on July 4th, 2022. Please take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you write and have content, we will distribute your blogs to our visitors and readers from around the world. Look at how much time visitors spend according to Amazon Alexa site metrics.

We also provide 25% off on all Sponsorships this weekend ONLY! If interested in Sponsorship, please contact Kat@taxconnections.com or call 858.999.0053 up until July 4th 2022 for a discount on Sponsorship. Time Limit of this offer is strictly enforced.

Sign up for 2 years for price of one year membership TODAY.

How To Smartly Grow Your Tax And Financial Services Firm

Building a brand is vital to raising the visibility of your tax and financial services expertise. The perception you create in your current and prospective client’s minds surrounding the qualities and attributes of your tax services and products is what makes your business grow. As a result of the controversial censure by major social media sites, advertisers representing a wide range of views are searching for alternative platforms to build their brand awareness.

More than ever, tax and financial professionals, and their firms, are required to make more informed and strategic decisions in marketing professional services online. We have conducted valuable research providing insight how to build your brand online and increase your privacy which is being taken from you every day. There are strategies you can implement but you must be educated what is happening around you first. Unfortunately, many people are distracted and not paying attention. Our goal is protecting you! Our mission is educating you how you are currently being manipulated online and show you how to increase your privacy protections with TaxConnections Membership.

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TaxConnections Give Tax Professionals A Valuable Lift

TaxConnections is reaching out to all tax professionals to huddle together to raise their online profile. With most tax professionals paying high fees to gain visibility, TaxConnections is the only solution online for raising your visibility at the lowest cost. What we have communicated to tax professionals all over the world is that their professional profiles are often hidden behind paywalls which prevent people from ever finding the tax professional they seek. Additionally, each month we reach out to executives all over the world to promote the tax experts on TaxConnections. Look at these metrics with proof people are paying attention to tax professionals on TaxConnections.
We are building new iterations of a Virtual office for tax professionals and we know it is valuable real estate. Now is the time to get in and establish your position on our platform. Secure your virtual real estate and establish yourself higher online.

Here is how it works for tax professionals:

Tax Professionals Looking For A New Opportunity: $30 Annual Tax Professional Membership

Tax Professionals Appear Higher On Searches: $300 Annual Tax Professional Membership

Tax Professionals Having Blogs Distributed: $300 Annual Tax Professional Membership

TaxConnections also offers a program for firms who want to advertise products and services. You can reach kat@taxconnections.com to discuss your specific marketing needs.

Kat Jennings - Become A TaxConections Member

Two years ago, we were contacted by a company who wanted to hire 3000 tax professionals on a seasonal basis. The company was challenged to find tax talent and so they came to us. What is important to understand is that they needed to find a better way to hire a remote online tax workforce, so they came to us for one. There are a lot of changes occurring in the tax marketplace right now. How do you get noticed by companies who are searching for your tax expertise? How do you access the growing trend in the virtual or remote tax workforce? It is all about positioning yourself in a way that makes it easy to find you and your tax expertise online. Even if you are not searching for a tax job you need to work smart and position your tax expertise online today.

Most tax professionals are hidden behind pay walls or multiple click barriers and are not easily found. How do I know these barriers exist? As a highly trained tax executive search expert, I know the obstacles and challenges more intimately than most anyone out there since I live and breathe tax professional search. What I see now are payment barriers set up all over the internet that prevent others from ever connecting with you in the first place. You are blocked by barriers and most of you are simply unaware of these obstacles to your success. Your name and reputation may be at the back pages of search engines (never to be discovered) or the front pages of sites who now request a payment upgrade before anyone can connect with you. These barriers are costing you dearly many tax opportunities and clients.

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When a tax professional starts searching for a new tax job they often do not know where to start! With thirty years of experience consulting to multinationals, I want to help as many people as possible. Therefore, I created a complete step by step course on “How To Find A Tax Job”. Included in the course are the following: How To Get To The Top of The Tax Profession; Resume Template, Building Your Online Professional Summary, Contact A Hiring Manager, How To Approach A Hiring Manager; Types of Interviews; 10 Great Questions To Ask During An Interview; Top Ten Interview Mistakes; What To Do After An Interview. The course is free with every TaxConnections Annual Membership.

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In the next 2.5 years more than 3 Billion people will come online, flipping internet capacity on its head from 25% today to more than 75%! Thousands of tax professionals, representing more than 75 countries, have already positioned themselves in front of the taxpayer traffic at www.taxconnections.com.

Our members are gaining more business and the biggest clients of their tax careers through subscription membership. Read the Testimonials: https://www.taxconnections.com/testimonials

What do you receive with a TaxConnections Membership?

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The feedback from in the “Best Tax Webinar of The Year” was extraordinary as we drew more than one thousand attendees. Many asked for a copy of the presentation and we are now producing a better version for those who attended and those who wanted to attend and were unable to do so. As a result, we are now in production with a 30 minute video presentation that will be available in a week covering the following topics:

1. How to gain authority over millions of pages of tax professionals on the web in one day

2. How to move your tax reputation to viral status; we discovered this secret when we noticed thousands of visitors going to one of our members profile page

3. How tax professionals are landing the biggest tax clients and tax jobs of their careers Read More

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for those of you who sent emails and made calls to us after the training webinar titled “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year.” We opened up your eyes about the importance of gaining credibility, trust and authority for your tax expertise by getting featured in the media. Your tax reputation is built by executing a very deliberate plan to establish you as an authority in the eyes of the media.

Many of you requested more information about positioning yourself as a Media-Recognized Tax Professional. Getting featured in media powerhouses like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS is the wisest investment you can make in yourself. Our encore presentation held yesterday afternoon pulled the curtain back on how any tax professional can leverage media exposure to position themselves as the “go-to” expert. Read More

With millions of site visitors coming to TaxConnections this year, we are driving to meet the demands of our visitors who come to find a wide range of tax expertise around the world. This is the last two days this SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER will be available and your last opportunity to save $199.95.

When you register for a one year membership before midnight July 31st, you will receive the second year free. This offer is not available August 1st.

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Behind the scenes at TaxConnections, we are witness to many exciting breakthroughs effecting a tax professionals future! We are now experiencing changes that are shifting the futures of tax professionals right before our eyes. The most obvious change comes from our ability to drive new business to the tax professionals who have ventured to the TaxConnections site. From our members own words to your eyes you can see what happens.  See TaxConnections Member Testimonials. TaxConnections is shaping the futures of tax professionals and those that need their expertise.

This morning I picked up a phone call to help a tax professional in New York get on our site, our conversation turned from a help call to a lot of questions regarding what we are doing for tax professionals and ended in an Investor call. That was a surprise to both of us! More Read More