Complimentary Tax Blogger Series: 14 Smart Blog Secrets Any Tax Professional Can Master To Acquire New Clients

Kat Jennings- Complimentary Tax Blogger Series

TaxConnections is approached by many writers who want to post their articles on our site in order to receive distribution of their content to our global readers. We post content written by TaxConnections Members in order to drive new clients and business opportunities to them. We know for a fact that our bloggers gain higher visibility in the market for their tax expertise and the attention of a steady stream of prospective opportunities. We cannot impress upon you enough the value of your written ideas.

Your tax blog posts provide readers an opportunity to get to know you through your writing. What you are doing is engaging the public with you and your ideas and tax expertise. As many people search for tax help this time of the year, you have an opportunity to reach an audience truly interested in your tax expertise. Our tax bloggers are attracting new clients, opportunities and fans.

We discovered that tax bloggers often have written articles for their own sites but they do not have enough interested readers. TaxConnections solves this problem by offering access to our distribution network of readers who are very interested in reading about tax. You can check Amazon Alexa Analytics anytime for proof we outperform every site out there in terms of how much time and how many pages viewed by visitors on each visit. TaxConnections visitors enjoy reading tax blogs and searching for tax expertise. You are smart to be seen and heard on TaxConnections. TaxConnections has a series of 14 Secrets To Writing Tax Blogs for success. They arrive to your inbox each Friday for the next 14 weeks. If you would like these valuable tips you can register to receive them at this link:


As TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings founded the leading tax platform connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide. TaxConnections blogs educate tax professionals and taxpayers on the impact of tax laws affecting citizens all over the world.

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