With thousands of tax professional members benefitting from their association with www.taxconnections.com, we are super excited about the conversations we are having with those who have already committed to sponsor and speak at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meets Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit in September 2015. In my discussions with tax experts I am stunned at the behind the scenes trends that are occurring as we open up conversations at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit. For instance, I just learned that some of these so called FREE APPS that file your taxes are very costly to the taxpayer. One tax expert was telling me that they did a comparison with a taxpayer who had their return done by a FREE APP and then done by a trained Tax Advisor. The FREE APP got the Taxpayer a $4,500 refund; the Tax Advisor found many things Read More

Congratulations to Peter Scalise of Prager Metis CPAs, LLP who received the highest number of searches to his tax professional profile page on TaxConnections during 2013. With more than 7125 views in the year, everyone would like to know how Peter had so many prospective clients paying attention to his tax services. The answer is he utilized every feature available on www.taxconnections.com to build visibility and trust for his tax services and expertise. Marketing experts know that you need to build familiarity with clients first, familiarity builds trust, and trust is why people come to you for tax services. There are many of our gold annual members who made it to the top of the search results in TaxConnections including: Brian Mahany, Hugo van Zyl, Kathryn Morgan, Howard Liebman, Larry Langdon, Steven Potts and so many others who took the lead in marketing their tax reputations online Read More