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Why Are Home Based Businesses Being Targeted For Audits?
Clifford Benjamin, United States Tax Association, Daytona Beach, Florida Read More

The ongoing IRS tax scam that has topped the Dirty Dozen list for the past three years is the phone call where the person on the other end impersonates an IRS agent. These scammers target the most vulnerable taxpayers, which include the elderly, recent immigrants and those whose first language is not English. These scammers are counting on those Americans not being aware of how the IRS works.

So, in this case, just one bit of knowledge goes a long way in foiling the IRS scammers’ attempts at stealing your refund or filing a false tax return in your name.

Here is the only thing you really need to know. The IRS doesn’t call, they send a formal letter. Sear this into your brain. Read More

Vincent Burroughs who lives in Oregon was selected by the IRS for an audit of his tax returns. Little did he know that the IRS was going to clean him out in more ways than just his bank account.

Let me explain – maintaining a friendly but professional demeanor can be important to an audit or tax dispute. But having sex with a government agent for a better audit result – well not such a good idea. Yet a lawsuit involving an allegedly alluring—and demanding—female IRS agent suggests that sometimes facts and figures can become overwhelming. If you believe the plaintiff, Mr. Burroughs, passion it seems can overtake a tax audit. Read More