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With thousands of tax professional members benefitting from their association with, we are super excited about the conversations we are having with those who have already committed to sponsor and speak at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meets Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit in September 2015. In my discussions with tax experts I am stunned at the behind the scenes trends that are occurring as we open up conversations at the 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit. For instance, I just learned that some of these so called FREE APPS that file your taxes are very costly to the taxpayer. One tax expert was telling me that they did a comparison with a taxpayer who had their return done by a FREE APP and then done by a trained Tax Advisor. The FREE APP got the Taxpayer a $4,500 refund; the Tax Advisor found many things the FREE APP did not and their refund was $12,000! Guess who the government prefers you use?

Another thing I learned the media is not talking about openly is that there were a significant number of people who did not file a tax return this past year. A well-known tax preparation company has quietly been talking about that phenomena and are watching the trend closely. We have invited an ACE Tax Expert to discuss what they know about this trend. What is really happening here and what are the consequences? How do we correct the course?

Issues abound for expatriates as we invite leading tax experts to discuss these matters. The hot topic is FATCA and FBAR and people are paying attention as the rules are having unintended consequences for many. Entire families are being affected deeply by FATCA and these real like situations will be discussed during the 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit. It is important to listen and learn what citizens in other countries are saying about how they are being taxed living and working in other countries.

A tax lawyer who is the most respected Whistleblower lawyer in the country is certain to take you into a world that is not for the faint of heart. It is a tough and gritty business and these folks work tirelessly for their clients. Having personally represented whistleblowers who had to find another tax job, I hold a very unique perspective on the hell they go through when no one wants to employ them. If I can get one of these whistleblowers to come forward and discuss their personal experience I will do so. In the meantime, we will introduce you to one of the finest whistleblower lawyers in the country during this special event.

We will also devote an entire day of this extraordinary weeklong internet Tax Summit to corporate tax strategies. Tax experts will share sophisticated strategies that save  organizations millions of tax dollars that would  otherwise be lost each year. Many organizations lose money simply because they are unaware of these cutting edge tax planning strategies. Our mission is bringing legal rules and regulations to everyone’s attention during TaxConnections 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit.

Internet transactions are now  being taxed and is an unfolding nightmare for many businesses small, medium and large…you will learn about this at the Internet Tax Summit.

Healthcare taxes are here and what we do not know will hurt us financially… we will bring in a leading tax expert to explain.

All these new taxes are not going away and we must deal with them. TaxConnections Members are Tax Experts who are passionate about saving taxpayers money…

If you are a Tax Expert and you have a remarkable story to tell, please contact me immediately about becoming a speaker at TaxConnections Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts Internet Tax Summit in September 2015.  We know our audience will be glued to their seats listening to these stories… Stay Tuned…

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