Get to know TaxConnections Member George Mentz, JD, MBA, GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

George Mentz presented at the recent TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit where he discussed the top tax ideas for the Presidential Candidates, 2016, with insight on possible changes to the tax code and tax reform.  Listen to this intense discussion about the candidates and to the key tax issues that can help working families become more productive and help make this country great again.

See all the video’s from the Internet Tax Summit with PowerPoint Presentations, Bonus give-aways, etc., HERE.

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There is a great deal of excitement as we line up TaxConnections Tax Experts for the first Internet Tax Summit in history hosted by  September 21-25th 2015.  We have reached out to several Presidential Candidates whose campaign teams are now contacting us to discuss scheduling and participation in the very first Internet Tax Summit in history.  We are very encouraged by the feedback and hope to make our first announcement of a Presidential Candidate’s participation very soon!

During TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit one of our Tax Expert  Speakers, Dr. George Mentz has agreed to discuss “10 Tax Ideas For Presidential Candidates That Will Turn The Country Around”. In addition, we believe that all of our Tax Expert participants will bring to light the problems faced by taxpayers today as they provide solutions to help taxpayers Read More