Virtual Office

Are your professional content assets scattered all over the internet? Learn how to bring all your content assets together to elevate your personal brand.

A valuable feature of TaxConnections Membership is our Virtual Office technology.

The most important benefit of Virtual Office technology is the ability to store all your important business assets in one online location.  A Virtual Office works to build trust in your expertise by linking together all your professional assets to your TaxConnections Professional Page.

Do you know linking all your professional assets to one online location gives you the greatest advantage over competitors.  We ensure all your online assets are linked together to elevate your reputation and visibility higher on the search engines!


RESUME PROFILE- Your TaxConnections Professional Profile is free and accessible to a steady stream of Prospective Clients.

ARTICLES –  Organize and link ALL YOUR ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS to your online Professional Profile Page.

AUDIO PODCASTS Organize and link ALL YOUR PODCASTS to your online Professional Profile Page.

BLOGS Organize and link ALL YOUR BLOGS so visitors can VIEW MY BLOG under your photo(s).

PERSONAL LIBRARY Organize and link ALL YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLES to your online Personal Library and Professional Profile Page. You save time by having them all accessible on one link.

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Virtual Office For Tax Professional

When we started building the TaxConnections our goal was to help every tax professional work from any location worldwide through our virtual office technology. We have learned a lot along the way about getting tax professionals noticed. We have learned how to drive new clients and tax jobs to tax professionals. What is a virtual office and what are the benefits to tax professionals?

Here are TaxConnections Membership highlights:

1. Niche tax professional platform visited by businesses small, medium and large worldwide.
2. Our site metrics prove visitors stay a long time because they are interested in tax expertise.
3. As an authority site for tax professionals, our members appear high on an organic web search.
4. Each tax professional members receives a virtual office which is valuable online real estate.
5. Upload articles in your Virtual Office Tax Library. Clients and employers want writing samples.
6. Upload and organize url links on your desktop to access them from your mobile phone.
7. Establish your virtual website to receive a steady stream of traffic.
8. Establish a powerful link to your current website, if you have one.
9. We bring you valuable tools and resources to operate in the cloud.
10. Everyone can message you for free through TaxConnections Membership.

Attract new business and tax jobs with a TaxConnections Membership. We now offer tax professionals who have been laid off or under financial stress a Special Membership Rate to support you during this time.

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TaxConnections Virtual Office

TaxConnections Virtual Office enables tax professionals to organize important links and access them from any location on their cell phone. Our Virtual Office saves money as you no longer need a physical address to operate a business; it saves you time since all your important business links are organized and accessible from your mobile phone; we never have access to your passwords as we take you to your links for you to input your passwords for security; and provides autonomy to work from any location. You do not need to buy a service that connects you to your office computer so it saves our members a lot of money. You can view how to use your Virtual Office on the Special Membership page.

TaxConnections has set aside a Special Membership for anyone who has been laid off, currently unemployed, in school, or simply under financial stress. This Special Membership is only $30.00 per year and gives you a full page professional branding page you use as your personal website. It is easy to build in 30 minutes and we drive an audience interested in hiring tax professionals. We are currently in the process of building a back end matching system that helps you connect with tax jobs and tax recruiters all over the world.

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Kat Jennings _ Virtual Office

Recently, I read an article by Thomson Reuters COO, Brian Peccarelli which definitely caught my attention. In particular, was the fact that the country of Estonia has been attempting to put its entire government online. The e-Estonia program has enabled citizens to file taxes, sign documents, vote and allow foreigners to become e-residents. Estonia’s e-Residency program allows anyone from around the world to become citizens, companies, and digital nomads. The world of the peripatetic professional is on the rise.

According to the E-Residency 2.0 Whitepaper, one day at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday morning, three people are granted e-Residency in the Republic of Estonia – a consultant named Pierre who in any given year works from five different countries; Azumi, a programmer from Japan; and video artist Miguel from Brazil. By 2 o’clock that afternoon, our brand-new e-residents have already registered companies in the Republic of Estonia. Pierre starts his company through e-Residency because he wants to be based in a transparent and trusted jurisdiction with paperless management, Azumi registers his company so he can offer services within the EU market, and Miguel does so because he wants to produce a VR film and hopes to find partners among the global community of e-residents. The following week, Pierre hires Silvia, an accountant from the southern Estonian town of Võru. Azumi teams up with Tõnu, a graphic designer from Tartu, and Miguel finds a producer called Paul and recruits him as CEO.

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A Virtual Office For You In 2019

Now is the time to build your practice around technology that improves your business and improves your personal life. Allow me to explain why virtual office technology is so important to your livelihood, source of income and your business and personal life. Among all of the new technologies, a virtual office will have the greatest immediate impact on your business opportunities today. A Virtual Office is one consistent location in the cloud that others can always reach you for free, and stays with you throughout every business and personal move in your life. It provides a continuous and uninterrupted professional and personal address for others to connect with you no matter how your life changes.

The reason a virtual office is important is that it establishes you with a prime cloud real estate location which enables people to connect with you without paying a fee to do so. As you may be aware, many of you gave up your personal data to sites that now charge others to connect with you online. Your business opportunities are now being blocked by the very sites using your data to build their business. These sites now demand people pay to connect with you online thereby having a negative impact on your business opportunities. The fact is the majority click away when asked to pay to connect with you and many of you are sitting idly by and allowing this to happen to your business today.

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TaxConnections - Virtual Tax Offices

TaxConnections has built Virtual Offices for tax professionals around the world; however, we want to tell you about our evolving iterations and updates. For those of you unfamiliar with TaxConnections Virtual Office, allow me to explain what it is and why it is important to have one.  A Virtual Office enables you to conduct business from any location with cell phone access. While organizations have moved their businesses to the cloud, tax professionals are moving their businesses into the cloud and away from brick and mortar buildings. Early tax professional explorers are staking out virtual office space and acquiring prime cloud real estate. TaxConnections tax members and their virtual offices are already dominating space online.

What we imagined is now a reality, a “virtual office” in the cloud for tax professionals. It is a steady home base throughout a tax career where a tax professional can always be reached. It is a place where your mail always comes to you no matter what city or country you may be traveling. There are no brick and mortar real estate costs, and no landlord; you are free to work from any location on earth. Your entire business is in the cloud, and you are unencumbered and able to travel light.

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While many tax experts are preparing clients for April 15th, we realize that tax lawyers, tax and financial planners and many others are excited about being the first to access extraordinary marketing tools we developed for promoting tax expertise. We have worked passionately to build online marketing tools that make all the difference in the world to the tax profession. Our technology is exceeding everyone’s expectations as you will discover from private metrics and information shared with you during this session.

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