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TaxConnections Virtual Office In The Cloud Raises A Tax Professional’s Visibility Online

TaxConnections Virtual Office In The Cloud

TaxConnections reminds our current members and new members how to set up their Virtual Office in the cloid. It is actually quite simple as every TaxConnections Member has a Virtual Office. We have been in development of a cloud based Virtual Office for years now and people are finally paying attention. What is a Virtual office and what is the benefit to the tax community we serve? TaxConnections Virtual Office establishes our members presence and raises their visibility on web searches; gives members a full-page mini website; establishes members online Tax Library to upload documents and articles to their professional profiles online; enables members to upload links to favorite URLs to access their desktop computers from their phones; and it doers so much more.

What TaxConnections Members notice first is that the world can now find them online easily, read their full page profile, and send them messages for free. What we are doing to help tax professionals under financial stress or looking for a tax job at this time is offering them a Special Membership this year. It is more important than ever to make it easy for others to connect with you online. It is also important for you to know that you need to make it easier for people to communicate with you for free.

Take Action Today! You will see the difference as a TaxConnections Special Member.

Virtual Office Helps Tax Professionals Work Remotely

TaxConnections Virtual Office

TaxConnections Virtual Office enables tax professionals to organize important links and access them from any location on their cell phone. Our Virtual Office saves money as you no longer need a physical address to operate a business; it saves you time since all your important business links are organized and accessible from your mobile phone; we never have access to your passwords as we take you to your links for you to input your passwords for security; and provides autonomy to work from any location. You do not need to buy a service that connects you to your office computer so it saves our members a lot of money. You can view how to use your Virtual Office on the Special Membership page.

TaxConnections has set aside a Special Membership for anyone who has been laid off, currently unemployed, in school, or simply under financial stress. This Special Membership is only $30.00 per year and gives you a full page professional branding page you use as your personal website. It is easy to build in 30 minutes and we drive an audience interested in hiring tax professionals. We are currently in the process of building a back end matching system that helps you connect with tax jobs and tax recruiters all over the world.

Join As A Special Member Tax Professional Looking For A Tax Job.

TaxConnections Virtual Offices: Tax Advisor’s Valuable Asset

TaxConnections Virtual Office

Tax Professionals who have adopted TaxConnections Virtual Offices have called to thank us for our technology and especially so during the new age of social distancing. While other companies were touting renting virtual office space as the new norm, TaxConnections has spent years building virtual offices in the cloud for tax professional members. The time has come and we are years ahead of anyone with our technology. The best part is that every one of our members can use their own technology and we never have access to their passwords or confidential information.

TaxConnections Virtual Offices Provide The Following Benefits For Tax Professionals:

1) You do not need to pay for an expensive connection service to your desktop computer to locate important links on your office computer. TaxConnections Virtual Office enables you to
organize all your computer desktop links so you can access them from your cell phone.
2) You do not ever give us your passwords as we never need or have access to them to ensure privacy.
3) You establish valuable online real estate with a TaxConnections Virtual Office in the cloud.
4) You ensure people can find you online and send a message for free as a TaxConnections Member.
5) We offer a Special Membership to anyone who is laid off or retired during this time.
6) We offer special advertising opportunities to our TaxConnections Members.
7) We connect tax professionals with companies looking for tax expertise.
8) We are an inexpensive advertising platform for companies who have cancelled tax conferences and want to access a niche business tax community.

Get started and establish a virtual office presence with a TaxConnections Membership.

Have You Ever Considered The Importance Of A Virtual Mailbox?


If you are moving or traveling a lot, you will want to consider the value and importance of having a Virtual Mailbox. Many people are unaware of an amazing new mailbox resource that has all your mail scanned and emailed to you. The trusted service will even deposit checks for you! They take a picture of the envelopes and email them to you first so you can determine what you want the service to open, scan and email to you or send the letter to the location you are at any given moment.

The Virtual Office resource is great if you are planing on extended travel or find yourself moving around a lot. What if you are caring for a parent and cannot get to their mailbox easily to handle matters for them. The Virtual Mailbox team is a trusted and proven resource that is providing a valuable service to many people today. It is an important component to building a virtual remote office.

Learn More About A Virtual Mailbox

Build Your Virtual Office With TaxConnections Membership

We  are adding new resources each month to work virtually.


Why Now Is The Time To Establish A Virtual Tax Office – Part 1

A Virtual Office For You In 2019

Now is the time to build your practice around technology that improves your business and improves your personal life. Allow me to explain why virtual office technology is so important to your livelihood, source of income and your business and personal life. Among all of the new technologies, a virtual office will have the greatest immediate impact on your business opportunities today. A Virtual Office is one consistent location in the cloud that others can always reach you for free, and stays with you throughout every business and personal move in your life. It provides a continuous and uninterrupted professional and personal address for others to connect with you no matter how your life changes.

The reason a virtual office is important is that it establishes you with a prime cloud real estate location which enables people to connect with you without paying a fee to do so. As you may be aware, many of you gave up your personal data to sites that now charge others to connect with you online. Your business opportunities are now being blocked by the very sites using your data to build their business. These sites now demand people pay to connect with you online thereby having a negative impact on your business opportunities. The fact is the majority click away when asked to pay to connect with you and many of you are sitting idly by and allowing this to happen to your business today.

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Ten Reasons The Virtual Tax Workforce Is Growing Rapidly

Kat Jennings TaxConnections CEO - Virtual Office

Tax organizations have actually been hiring remote for decades; however, the practice is now growing rapidly. Throughout the 80s and 90s multinational corporations set up country tax managers who would report informational back to the headquarters tax team. Although these remote tax professionals once felt removed from headquarters, they now connect in real-time to team members globally through technology.

Technologies like a virtual office, a virtual phone and a virtual mailbox are having a positive impact on the production of many professionals today. As a result,  tax organizations are increasingly growing their tax practices and reducing overhead business costs utilizing low cost new technologies.

1. Greater Number Of Companies Hire Virtual Tax Professionals 

A survey of more than 1,000 companies found that the lack of trained professionals is driving the trend towards virtual workers. Firms who were unable to access tax experts locally are opening their minds and operations to virtual tax talent.

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