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TaxConnections has built Virtual Offices for tax professionals around the world; however, we want to tell you about our evolving iterations and updates. For those of you unfamiliar with TaxConnections Virtual Office, allow me to explain what it is and why it is important to have one.  A Virtual Office enables you to conduct business from any location with cell phone access. While organizations have moved their businesses to the cloud, tax professionals are moving their businesses into the cloud and away from brick and mortar buildings. Early tax professional explorers are staking out virtual office space and acquiring prime cloud real estate. TaxConnections tax members and their virtual offices are already dominating space online.

What we imagined is now a reality, a “virtual office” in the cloud for tax professionals. It is a steady home base throughout a tax career where a tax professional can always be reached. It is a place where your mail always comes to you no matter what city or country you may be traveling. There are no brick and mortar real estate costs, and no landlord; you are free to work from any location on earth. Your entire business is in the cloud, and you are unencumbered and able to travel light.

What we also imagined are tax professionals having a backup plan in case of loss of electricity, flood, hurricane, snow storms, earthquakes, fires, etc.  A Virtual Tax Office is your insurance policy against a disaster where all your phones and computer equipment are down due to some unforeseen event. What if your community was affected by a disaster and you no longer have access to the services you require to run your business. TaxConnections Members are up and running with their cell phones and online business during any disaster.

What happens if your business is hit by an electrical storm and blows out your internet switches and fries your equipment. What do you do? You first call your internet provider who is so busy with thousands of calls coming to them they are unable to take your call. You call your IT support people who are unable to do anything without internet connections. Your phones are down; you need to reach clients or discuss a new business opportunity. What do you do? You need a backup plan. You need insurance when things go wrong you can be up and running quickly to operate from a point in the cloud.

There are many selections we are making for the Virtual Offices and we have done so carefully after considerable research this past year. Over several posts we will introduce several components of Virtual Tax Offices and what they can do for you and your tax expertise. This week we will introduce the Virtual Mailbox for those of you who smartly want to set up a business address that leaves you free to travel anywhere in the world.

With TaxConnections, tax professionals have the ability to register for a Virtual Mailbox . Wherever you move or travel, your mail is opened, scanned and emailed to you daily. You can also request your private mail sent unopened and mailed to you wherever you request. The Virtual Mailbox is an extraordinary asset for our members who want to be free to roam and work. It is the best service and the lowest price on the market. Do not be fooled by the high priced services. This is economical which we know you appreciate.

In my next post, I will share with you our selection of a Virtual Phone System. There are many we researched and spoke directly to the companies; and we found a favorite one we tested, use now and are very happy with, and have been for a long time. You will learn about a virtual phone system that has no contract, forwards calls to your cell phone with a simple app, hooks into your computer so you can take it anywhere with you and plug it in, and the company even give you a phone you can hook up to your laptop.  Oh, video conferencing, chat and phone support is also included. It is a wonderful virtual phone service and super thrifty.  If your computer is down due to some electrical issue, you have a back-up app on your phone to have your business up and running within minutes. It is disaster proof phone system for any business and a perfect asset in your virtual office.

Become an early adopter of Virtual Tax Offices in order to be on the leading edge of these extraordinary changes. We will teach you how to get set up now and for your future.

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Kat Jennings, TaxConnections, CEO and Founder and Advisory Team provides three areas of services: 1) Internationally recognized, retained executive search services for multinational corporations, public accounting firms, and law firms; 2) Introductions of sellers to buyers of small and medium size accounting firms; and 3) Provide brand building and education services that support and prepare accounting firm owners to buy/sell an accounting practice. We focus on educating the journey to sell a practice and how to increase firm revenue prior to any sale. Our program ensures you start years prior to a sale by learning what is expected of you during the selling process, and introducing firm Partners to cross selling opportunities that are easy to implement and reduce your workload at the same time. We introduce you to value added connections to smartly grow revenue in your accounting practice.

Kat Jennings has been retained by organizations worldwide to locate tax professionals with highly specialized tax knowledge and expertise. She has a thorough understanding of the tax business community, with a proven record of stellar performances matching professionals with organizations. Bringing two parties together to work successfully is the art of understanding personalities, cultural fit, expectations by both parties, flexible or inflexible work environments, understanding what drives and motivates each party, and revolves around the personality and ethics of each executive team.

Kat is a widely recognized expert in high level, tax executive search, as well as connecting buyers and sellers of accounting firms. TaxConnections provides and educates small to medium size accounting firms owners and Partners how to prepare and sell their firms so they can build a succession plan for their retirement. With larger firms seeking to acquire smaller accounting practices, there is a real need to help firm owners prepare to be acquired. Most firm owners are unaware they are not ready to sell when they decide to retire. TaxConnections educates firm owners’ what they need to do years in advance of selling an accounting firm practice.
Senior tax executives expect the utmost privacy when being introduced to multinational organizations about a new tax opportunity under consideration. Having said that, companies searching for a new head of tax expecting tax executive candidates to submit their resume through a resume portal, will never see a full slate of outstanding tax executives available due to a candidates’ desire for greater privacy. This is why privacy focused Uber Tax Recruiters consistently outperform in-house recruiters on tax executive searches.

We offer our clients a Performance Retainer Agreement arrangement so their HR department can still recruit and compete with the tax candidates we present on Head of Tax searches. The client pays us a partial fee upfront, and if they find a candidate they deem better than we introduce to them, we forfeit the final fee. Most of the time, they love and prefer our private introductions to tax executive candidates better than what they source through their own resume portals.

When we represent selling/buying small to medium-sized firms, firm owners/partners also demand greater privacy when considering the sale of their practice. TaxConnections provides a safe place to discuss their business needs, elevate their practices’ online reputation, and increase revenue through new streams of business development by outsourcing work and partnering with other firms. Over three decades, we have worked tirelessly to build relationships between firm owners most organizations rarely have access to in the world of tax. There are numerous possibilities you may never have considered previously to bolster the value of your practice and service offerings.

As a globally recognized consultant to multinational organizations, accounting firms, and law firms searching for tax expertise, Kat has been retained by public accounting firms, law firms, and corporations worldwide including Apple Computer, AC Neilson, Accenture, Agilent Technologies, Allergan, Alza, American Express, American Media, Aon, Baker & McKenzie, Barclays Bank, Bechtel, Cargill, Carl Zieuss Vision, Century Aluminum, Chevron, Clorox, Citigroup, Commercials Metals, Constellation Energy, Countrywide, Del Monte, Deloitte Touche, DFS, DLA Piper, E&J Gallo Winery, Electronic Arts, Ernst &Young, Fox Entertainment, Fremont Investments, General Electric,General Motors, Herbalife, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, Intel, Jones Lang LaSalle, Kimco Realty, KLA Tencor, Koch Industries, KPMG, Levi Strauss, Liberty Mutual, LKQ, Loews, Logitech, Lucas Film, Maersk, McKesson, Nalco, Newell Rubbermaid, Nissan, Oracle, Orbitax, Pacific Gas & Electric, PwC, QAD, SAIC, SanDisk, Sanmina, Sempra Energy, SONY, Synopsys, Ticketmaster, Trimble Navigation, Toyota, Univar, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Vertex, Yahoo, Xilinx, and many more not listed here.
Contact Kat at 858,999.0053 Office/858.232.4415 Cell or to request a private consultation regarding the sale of your practice, adding top talent to your organization, or merging your practice with another firm owner with a book of business. The possibilities are endless; if you have a dream of a new vision for your professional life; we will scout opportunities throughout the market to make it happen.

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