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Virtual Office Helps Tax Professionals Work Remotely

TaxConnections Virtual Office

TaxConnections Virtual Office enables tax professionals to organize important links and access them from any location on their cell phone. Our Virtual Office saves money as you no longer need a physical address to operate a business; it saves you time since all your important business links are organized and accessible from your mobile phone; we never have access to your passwords as we take you to your links for you to input your passwords for security; and provides autonomy to work from any location. You do not need to buy a service that connects you to your office computer so it saves our members a lot of money. You can view how to use your Virtual Office on the Special Membership page.

TaxConnections has set aside a Special Membership for anyone who has been laid off, currently unemployed, in school, or simply under financial stress. This Special Membership is only $30.00 per year and gives you a full page professional branding page you use as your personal website. It is easy to build in 30 minutes and we drive an audience interested in hiring tax professionals. We are currently in the process of building a back end matching system that helps you connect with tax jobs and tax recruiters all over the world.

Join As A Special Member Tax Professional Looking For A Tax Job.

Tax Professionals – Need To Access Your Office From Any Location? Get A Virtual Office Today!

TaxConnections Virtual Office

Have you ever been in the position where your desktop computer stopped working or your internet was down? Or perhaps you needed to evacuate your office for some reason (i.e. flood, fire, hurricane, or any number of things that could affect your business). It has always been our belief that you need a backup office in the cloud; and you should be able to access the things most important to you in your office via your cell phone. We have accomplished this for all of our members.

TaxConnections Members have all of these features for less than one dollar a day:

  1. Virtual Office, Your Cloud Based Office
  2. Mini Website Promoting Your Tax Expertise
  3. Steady Stream of Prospective Clients
  4. Marketing Services That Draw Attention
  5. Distribution Of Your Profile To High End Audience
  6. National And International Clients Find You
  7. No One Ever Pays To Send You A Message
  8. Everyone Always Sees Your Full Profile
  9. Metrics That Outperform Competitors
  10. Promotion And Distribution Of Your Blogs
  11. Promotes You When You Answer Questions
  12. No Need For Remote App To Access Files

We offer all of the services above to you for less than one dollar day. Discover the growing world of tax professionals who are building trust with a steady stream of prospective new clients.
All TaxConnections Members have a Virtual Office that they can use anytime. A TaxConnections Virtual Office organizes and stores all the links you need to operate your business from any location in the world(through your mobile phone). It is simply amazing!

Now you have great business backup plan!