It is no secret that accountants make a lot of money. Thousands seek this highly lucrative career every year so that they can build the lifestyle of their choice. The median salary for accountants is approximately $67,000. However, you may be surprised to find out that there are many ways to advance your salary.

Depending on your field and expertise, you can add an extra boost to your bank account. These are some of the best ways to make more in your accounting career. Read More

TaxConnections is a tax media site promoting the authority and expertise of tax professionals worldwide. We are here to drive new business opportunities to our members and help them gain more visibility in the market. Due to demand, we now have an Executive Search Services division where our readers can go to view high-level tax jobs on our retained search division handles.

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Recently, my colleagues have seen glimpses of my eBook How To Find A Tax Job- Secrets of a Tax Headhunter and they remind me people need to know this information! In April 2014, my eBook will be released but today I simply want to tell you why I wrote the book. Tax professionals will gain a competitive advantage armed with this information and that is why I want to share it! My goal in writing the book is to turn the odds in favor of tax professionals searching for a tax job. You will learn how to draw more tax jobs to you! You will learn about the problems that are preventing tax professionals from attracting more tax opportunities. I will provide real solutions to the current  obstacles tax professionals face in finding a tax job.

My experience in executive tax search motivated me to build Read More

Congratulations to Peter Scalise of Prager Metis CPAs, LLP who received the highest number of searches to his tax professional profile page on TaxConnections during 2013. With more than 7125 views in the year, everyone would like to know how Peter had so many prospective clients paying attention to his tax services. The answer is he utilized every feature available on to build visibility and trust for his tax services and expertise. Marketing experts know that you need to build familiarity with clients first, familiarity builds trust, and trust is why people come to you for tax services. There are many of our gold annual members who made it to the top of the search results in TaxConnections including: Brian Mahany, Hugo van Zyl, Kathryn Morgan, Howard Liebman, Larry Langdon, Steven Potts and so many others who took the lead in marketing their tax reputations online Read More