Tax Advisors Marketing For Tax Clients – Learn How These Tax Professionals Attracted The Attention of 1000s

Congratulations to Peter Scalise of Prager Metis CPAs, LLP who received the highest number of searches to his tax professional profile page on TaxConnections during 2013. With more than 7125 views in the year, everyone would like to know how Peter had so many prospective clients paying attention to his tax services. The answer is he utilized every feature available on to build visibility and trust for his tax services and expertise. Marketing experts know that you need to build familiarity with clients first, familiarity builds trust, and trust is why people come to you for tax services. There are many of our gold annual members who made it to the top of the search results in TaxConnections including: Brian Mahany, Hugo van Zyl, Kathryn Morgan, Howard Liebman, Larry Langdon, Steven Potts and so many others who took the lead in marketing their tax reputations online this year.

Our tax professional members good news gets even better as the traffic at TaxConnections soars ensuring much higher visibility of their tax services in 2014. TaxConnections site traffic has increased up to 60X per month over the same time last year; as a result, their tax services are being viewed by as much as 60 times more prospective clients than last year. If we stay on this growth trajectory, Peter Scalise may see as many as 427,500 views in 2014. TaxConnections knows that these views build tax reputations that will convert into new clients for our members in the coming year. Tax professional members of TaxConnections are enjoying the benefits as adopters of our innovative marketing tax services technology.

We will share with you a few of our primary drivers of traffic: 1) TaxConnections Microsite technology has a built in traffic driving component that is what the lawyers call our secret sauce 2) TaxConnections members who post tax blogs or answer tax questions receive constant attention from our site visitors 3) We discovered one tax professional member who took the code available to our members in the “Social Media” widgets located at the bottom of the TaxConnections home page and then placed the Tax Expert widget on all his Email communications next to his signature. Whenever anyone sees the Tax Expert widget next to his signature on his email and they click on it traffic increases to their microsite on TaxConnections. You can compare any of our members microsites with their own websites and you will see clearly what we are talking about. TaxConnections microsite is the best investment you will make in your tax career in 2014 because it sells your tax services for you! Merry Christmas!

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