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Did You Recently Graduate From A Tax Program? Are You Searching For A Tax Job? Learn How To Strategically Improve Your Tax Opportunities

Prior to building TaxConnections, I was an internationally recognized tax headhunter to multinational corporations, law firms and public accounting firms. TaxConnections was built to generate connections for tax graduates by giving them a niche tax platform to be seen and heard. All tax graduates must have an online public relations strategy. TaxConnections provides a platform to be more visible to the people searching for tax expertise online. Whether you are a new tax graduate or an experienced tax professional, you must make it easy for people to find you online. Your visibility will determine your success.

Last year there was quite a media storm about colleges and universities churning out students who had no access to jobs after graduation. While reading these media stories, Read more

How To Find A Tax Job – Secrets of A Tax Headhunter – Free eBook Offer Today Only!

Recently, my colleagues have seen glimpses of my eBook How To Find A Tax Job- Secrets of a Tax Headhunter and they remind me people need to know this information! In April 2014, my eBook will be released but today I simply want to tell you why I wrote the book. Tax professionals will gain a competitive advantage armed with this information and that is why I want to share it! My goal in writing the book is to turn the odds in favor of tax professionals searching for a tax job. You will learn how to draw more tax jobs to you! You will learn about the problems that are preventing tax professionals from attracting more tax opportunities. I will provide real solutions to the current  obstacles tax professionals face in finding a tax job.

My experience in executive tax search motivated me to build Read more