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Recently, my colleagues have seen glimpses of my eBook How To Find A Tax Job- Secrets of a Tax Headhunter and they remind me people need to know this information! In April 2014, my eBook will be released but today I simply want to tell you why I wrote the book. Tax professionals will gain a competitive advantage armed with this information and that is why I want to share it! My goal in writing the book is to turn the odds in favor of tax professionals searching for a tax job. You will learn how to draw more tax jobs to you! You will learn about the problems that are preventing tax professionals from attracting more tax opportunities. I will provide real solutions to the current  obstacles tax professionals face in finding a tax job.

My experience in executive tax search motivated me to build As a former internationally recognized expert in tax search, I learned how things really work behind the scenes for those who want to find a tax job. When a wonderful site called LinkedIn came along to help make connections, many tax professionals privately told me they wished they had a site of their own, one just about tax professionals. In addition, my executive search firm was approached by LinkedIn to purchase a license to search the LinkedIn database ($10,000 cost). I did not purchase the license to search the LinkedIn database as my firm had already acquired over 1.5 Million tax contacts. However, these experiences motivated me to create a tax media platform where anyone could connect with tax professionals for free! TaxConnections was created as the first professional media site for tax experts worldwide.  The goal is to take tax professionals to the top of the search engines together on a tax centric platform and enable consumers to connect with any of our members in one click for free! TaxConnections technology puts all traffic control back in a tax professionals hands so more tax opportunities find them! Our members are now making valuable connections through TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals! If you are a tax professional, and you would like a 45-Day Free Trial Tax Professional Membership, join us today!  If you do so, we will also send you a free copy of my eBook when it is released next month! No credit card is required!

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As TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings founded the leading tax services marketplace for tax consultants and corporate decision-makers online. Our mission is building strong, trusted relationships between corporate tax and financial executives and tax experts providing a wide range tax services and resources worldwide. In addition to TaxConnections online “Find A Tax Professional” and “Ask Tax Question” search features, we also provide internationally recognized retained search services to multinationals who want “best in the profession” corporate tax executives. Contact or call 858.999.0053 at

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