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Corporate Tax Executive Compensation in 2017 – The Real Story

When you spend years acquiring compensation data on corporate tax executives you learn a lot! TaxConnections conducts a compensation study every two years given the enormity of the project. This requires an extraordinary amount of effort to compile information, match up technical responsibilities for specialized tax roles, organize the information by geographical regions, and make sense of a wide range of equity programs. We conduct compensation studies in order to help corporate management teams attract the tax talent they need. These studies are not money-makers given the great deal of time it takes to prepare them. It is difficult to obtain salary information as people must trust you in order to get the real story! We must also organize it in a fashion that makes sense when you step out of the realm of base plus bonus and into the realm of equity and perks which are as vast as the sea. What you need to know is the real story behind corporate tax compensation if you want to successfully retain and keep the very best tax talent on the market..

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If Unmeasured, Is It Really Success? An Introduction To Measuring Tax Function Value

An introduction to measuring tax function value

One of the challenging topics in tax management is how to measure the success of the function.  Some of the most seasoned tax leaders of the largest organizations will say the main measure of success is the “no surprises” rule; If corporate management is never surprised by a tax result, the tax department and its leaders are deemed successful.  Although the sentiment is understandable, this highly subjective notion is hardly something that can be Read more

Smooth (Tax) Operators Enable Alignment:

Stephen Day

An introduction to the tax operating model

A client called our team in to discuss their “tax transformation roadmap”.  These types of meetings are always challenging. After introductions, the project manager began to explain that their tax transformation would kick off with an MS SharePoint implementation and build from that piece of technology forward.  Although “beginning with the end in mind” is typically a good principle, tactical steps that place too much emphasis on a Read more

Creating Tomorrow’s Tax Value With Today’s Successes

An introduction to sustainable tax value

Shortly after I was appointed chief tax officer (CTO) of a public company, a local attorney sent me a small congratulatory gift.  It was book called 101 Corporate Tax Loopholes.  That did not sit very well with me.  While “loopholes” may be legally defensible, it just sounds bad.  So, in typical smart-alecky Read more

What They Didn’t Teach Us in Tax School: A Guide To Delivering Enterprise Value Through Intentional Tax Function Management



It did not take long to realize that no one had trained me to be the leader of a tax function.

I attended one of the top accounting/tax schools.  I followed the prevailing advice to begin my career with a “Big 6” firm to gain “the best training” possible for CPAs.  Technically, I had a sound background and good mind to apply the knowledge.

The assignments in the “Big 6” firm were exciting.  The clients Read more

Tax University Program Graduates Searching To Find Tax Jobs Meet Corporate Tax Leaders Online

Tax graduates work very hard to obtain a great education; they are then booted from the education nest only to struggle in finding a tax job. I was determined to find a solution to this problem and knew the only way to solve it was build it for tax graduates.  What I learned consulting to multinational tax clients for thirty years was the challenge they faced finding and connecting with a fresh group of new tax graduates each year. Hundreds of times, tax executives of major corporations would ask me “Where are the tax graduates? Read more

New Generation of Tax Graduates Find Tax Jobs- An Innovative Evolution By TaxConnections

Years ago, I was invited to Thomas Jefferson School of Law by Professor and Assistant Dean William H. Byrnes to speak to his students in the Tax Program in San Diego, CA.  Professor Brynes has since moved on to Texas A&M as the Executive Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Special Projects. What you will learn is that Professor Byrnes was the first person I ever observed start long distance learning programs for Read more

What Really Happens To The Tax Department When Your Company Is Acquired

The announcement of a merger or an acquisition of a company can affect everyone from Wall Street to the person walking home on the street that day. It sends waves of excitement, thoughts of one’s career security and confusion all at the same time. Every time a call arrives from a tax professional working in a corporate tax organization that is being acquired, fortunately my years of experience with these situations enables me to help them knowing what to expect. Read more

Tax Departments Managed Across Multiple Locations

Regardless of how your tax team is organized, managing a tax organization across multiple locations is always a challenge. Even the most savvy management executives seek to find innovative ways to make people feel more connected. Whether you have a corporate tax team of 200 spread across 50 countries, or a corporate tax team of 10 spread across  3 countries; you must always strive to be creative to be effective. Years ago, everyone in the tax department was expected to be working in the same location; and now things have progressed to managing geographically dispersed teams. Read more

New Technology Helps Build Tax Organizations

The focus of my career has been guiding tax professionals and tax organizations in their growth and success. In this post, I will share the roadblocks most tax leaders face in finding the highly technical tax expertise they need for their organizations. There is a connectivity challenge tax leaders face today and one that I spent more than three decades identifying, researching and ultimately solving. Read more

Tax Department Interview Guide – Questions To Ask Anyone Wanting To Work In Your Tax Department

An organized approach to interviewing will greatly enhance the accuracy of the selection process. It will also create a more favorable impression on the candidate being interviewed. With an organized interview you are more likely to obtain the information necessary to make an informed decision. The primary purpose of an interview is to determine the candidate’s suitability of the role.

Proper questioning will provide pertinent information in evaluating the candidate. The interview questions we provide are designed to avoid some of the common errors in interviewing while encouraging the candidate to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in a candid an honest manner. You must always pay close attention to what is said during an interview and make notes of responses. Approaching an interview in this manner leads to insightful information and more successful hires. There are often two candidates present in an interview, the “real candidate” and the “candidate on display”. All candidates interviewed wish to present themselves in a favorable light and impress the interviewer. Whether the candidate is really the person projected during the interview is the interviewer’s responsibility to decide. Read more

Year End Tax Points and Recent Developments


(Some information was reported by The Kiplinger Tax Letter (December 2015)

Timing of year-­end contributions: Contributions made by check are deductible in 2015 if the check is mailed by year­-end. If payment is made by bank credit card, it is deductible in 2015 if the charge is made by year­-end. It doesn’t matter hen the credit card payment is made. If the donation is made with a retail store credit card, the deduction cannot be taken until the card is paid, even though it was charged in

Donations of securities and other property:

This is an excellent way to make a contribution without paying cash. Taxpayers can deduct the fair value of the securities on the date of the gift. Donating appreciated securities Read more