TaxConnections Members provide valuable insight into tax reform proposals. As these new tax proposals make their way through the House and the Senate, it is important to learn from highly experienced tax experts who have their eyes on the implications of any changes proposed or made.

Tax professionals are the people you can trust who understand these tax proposals. There is no better expert to look to than a retired tax expert like Do Amirian who recently sent me a copy of his letter to President Trump regarding Tax Reform Per House Bill (62% Increase for the elderly).  Retired tax executives are people who have the time and experience to see through the consequences of any new tax proposals. We need to learn from years of tax expertise!

Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO


Honorable President Trump,

The House will have significant adverse tax impact on the elderly, with significant medical expenses because of the elimination of the medical expense deduction.

For example, I, and my spouse Violet, will experience a federal tax increase of 62% under the House bill because of the elimination of the medical expense deduction.

Such a tax increase, an incredible 62%, is unconscionable under any standard of fairness.

Mr. President, please retain this critical deduction for the elderly, who count in the tens of millions of individuals.

Respectfully and success with your Administration,

Dro Amirian

Retired Corporate Tax Executive

Los Angeles, California


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