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Tax graduates work very hard to obtain a great education; they are then booted from the education nest only to struggle in finding a tax job. I was determined to find a solution to this problem and knew the only way to solve it was build it for tax graduates.  What I learned consulting to multinational tax clients for thirty years was the challenge they faced finding and connecting with a fresh group of new tax graduates each year. Hundreds of times, tax executives of major corporations would ask me “Where are the tax graduates? How can we find them?  If I could find an inexperienced tax graduate I would hire them but how do I find them?” The truth is there has always been a “Connectivity Problem” between students graduating from tax university programs and corporate tax management.

If you think students can attend job faires and connect with the hiring managers of a corporate tax department to find a tax job…well, it just does not happen that way! A company’s human resources team sends nontax people out to the university job faires to recruit. These representatives do not understand or speak tax. In addition, corporate tax executives are simply too busy meeting tax deadlines to attend recruiting faires on campuses. Then people may think “Well, human resources took my application.” No luck there for tax graduates or tax hiring managers either as this is where the big disconnect really occurs! What really happens is these tax resumes gets delivered to what I call the big black hole in the corporate universe; it is somewhere in a vast applicant tracking system space that never understands if there is a match or not. What is a tax graduate or any tax executive to do to find each other more effectively? Connectivity is now available because TaxConnections built a solution… .

Companies can now save thousands of dollars advertising on a niche tax site and tax graduates can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they will be in front of tax executives looking at them. Each tax graduate is encouraged to go to their virtual tax office and upload 3 examples of their writing into their personal Tax Library. This gives employers a look into tax projects tax graduates have worked on in school. Every prospective employer wants to see how well a person can communicate effectively in writing! Examples of written reports you completed for professors as a student are extraordinarily valuable tools to utilize when you want to get hired. As a new tax graduate with no work history in tax, use all your written projects in university tax programs to promote your body of knowledge. All your hard-won efforts in writing these reports for your professors will go a long way to promote your skills to a prospective employer! TaxConnections provides a valuable online Tax Library to upload your written reports to enable corporate tax leaders to see your capabilities and find you easily on!

I invite tax graduates and tax leaders to join TaxConnections and enjoy the many new innovations arising in our exciting community.

If you are leading a corporate tax department or tax consulting firm, get your professional profile on TaxConnections to attract new tax graduates to you.



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